Prepared by  Cöte divoire As part of the awarenes

first_imgPrepared by  Cöte d’ivoireAs part of the awareness campaign against pregnancies in schools, WFWP Ivory Coast sub section, Abidjan North gave two conferences at the Ecole Militaire Préparatoire et Technique Bingerville, a school of Excellency. The first lecture with the learners of the classes from the sixth to the fourth and the second with those of the classes of the third to the terminal.The first session began with the opening address of the Chief Commander of the establishment, Captain MELEDJE D. Antoine, Commander-in-Chief of the EMPT Military Training Division, who thanked the officials of the Federation of Women for World Peace for the choice of their school and the relevance of the chosen theme, which supports the efforts of the school. He urged students to pay close attention. Then the floor was given to the WFWP Director Abidjan North, Mrs. KONE Margaret to present WFWP.The Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Samson introduced the theme and the speaker Mr. GONHI SEHI Jacob, a Peace Ambassador.The speaker first gave the definition of each word of the theme and the purpose of this conference. He then explained to the students the four great spheres of the heart (filial love, fraternal love, parental love, conjugal love). He taught them that it is fraternal love (love between brothers and sisters) and filial love (the love that children give to their parents) that they must put into practice at school, in family and in the streets, without sexual relation. He insisted on their application in family, school and on the streets which will make each of them a good person in their entourage. But to get there, they will have to practice abstinence until marriage. This is to avoid AIDS, STDs and unwanted pregnancies because the condom does not protect 100% of AIDS but 60%. He insisted on sexual abstinence that will allow them as students to make a perfect school curriculum and a good marriage afterwards. He also explained the disadvantages of sexual debauchery and its consequences including unwanted early pregnancies, AIDS and other STDs, lack of intellectual concentration, academic failure, etc. leading them later to unemployment and juvenile delinquency.After a short break led by the artist SAMIBEAT, the second session began with the Representative of the Commander-in-Chief of the establishment Captain MELEDJE D. Antoine who reiterated these words of thanks and welcome to the officials of the SWOT and participants, and demanded special and diligent attention from learners throughout this session. Then, it was Mrs. KONE Margaret Director of the SWOT-CI Abidjan North to present to the assistance the NGO and its activities in Côte d’Ivoire. Following this, the speaker Mrs. YESSOH Hélène, National President of the SWMP-CI, after a brief introduction of the MC, began her speech with the theme “Preparation for a Happy Life”.The students gave their impressions in writing. They generally appreciated the conference and its content which is more than topical.Mr. GONHI S. Jacob through a moment of exchanges with the learners, answered their concerns while insisting once again on the practice of sexual abstinence for both girls and boys because it remains the only reliable way to save your school life and stay healthy. Mr. ADOMPOH, professor in the laboratory of the establishment has through his intervention as an elder, warned young students about the flaws and the risks of the use of the condom and these derivativesTo close the ceremony Captain MELEDJE D. Antoine in his speech thanked the Federation of Women for World Peace and especially the speakers who used language accessible to students and discussed practical situations of their daily life. He wished the Women’s Federation for World Peace a good continuation, while hoping for a similar new initiative within their institution in the near future.In all, more than 832 participants from all the halls benefited from this conference.Our next visit to their establishment as part of our activities is eagerly awaited.Reflections:ZOUIBONA Firmin Nahoufel , Tle: Enriching conference. In a word, we must abstain until marriage and be faithful for a successful family life, filled with happiness, respect and trust. Thank you very much, God bless you,KOFFI Yann Ezechtel,1ère C:  From this conference, I remembered that we must abstain until marriage for a healthy and happy marriageKAHUA Danielle Manuella ,3ème: In my opinion this session has been rich in advice and I hope that like me, my friends will understand that the future is building nowlast_img read more