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first_img RelatedHow to maximise your chances of getting the perfect flightFind out how to maximise your chances of getting the best food, a great view and the most space on your next flight.Revealed: flight-booking hacks that can save you cash in 2019Back in the day, smart travellers could make savings by flying out on Tuesdays instead of the weekend, or switching to smaller airports. But times change – and so do airline pricing models. We analysed three years of Skyscanner booking data, and discovered some surprising new money-saving tricks.5 stunning cities with hiking trails  Can’t decide between a city break and a hiking holiday? Now you don’t have to. Lace up your walking boots, leave the city behind and savour those bird’s eye views with five of the best urban day hikes. 1. Los Angeles to the Griffith Observatory – fly from £234 Photo… Catching an amazing view as your aircraft comes into land can catapult an average flight experience to an incredible one – in fact in a recent survey almost a quarter of respondents stated that getting a great view from an airplane is one of the top factors influencing their on board happiness.If you are one of them then read on to find out which routes offer the best views for snap-happy passengers. American beauty On a clear day some lucky passengers on flights from San Francisco to Washington Dulles, could experience the world’s greatest geography lesson! The route runs west to east across the whole of the USA from the Pacific to the Atlantic, showcasing the whole country from an incredible vantage point. Eastern delights In the Far East, while most passengers will book an overnight flight leaving Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, to arrive in the early morning, there are also mid-day departures from these cities, arriving in Europe in the early evening. These all-daylight flights are usually less busy, sometimes cheaper and offer fantastic views of magnificent scenery, such as the mountains of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan, fascinating views of Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, Uzbekistan and then the vast steppes of southern Russia, or alternatively the ever-changing colours of the Arabian Gulf. The Northern Lights Booking onto a long haul flight between October and March crossing the area between Iceland and Greenland increases your chances of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights. However flights to Scandinavia and Northern Europe can also catch a glimpse of these mystical lights. If you are below latitude about 60 North (Oslo, Stockholm, St. Peterburg) the Aurora will normally be seen above the northern horizon, so if you are head eastwards, get a seat on the left side of the plane, or if heading west, book a seat on the right. Read more about where to see the Northern Lights here.With thanks to Stephen Slater of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots. Stephen is both a pilot and a frequent flyer with a wide range of airlines around the world and has combined his own personal knowledge with the experience of a number of airline professionals.Check out our other guides to finding the perfect flight:*[ Which airlines offer the best food and drink?](” alt=”last_img” /> read more