Malaga negotiates with Victor “a friendly solution”

first_imgShaheen talked about other issues related to the current situation of Malaga:Economic situation: “The financial situation of the club is completely stable and that the management team continues to make the necessary changes to be able to achieve the return of Malaga to its corresponding position in the First Division. Since November the club has reduced its operating expenses in the amount of 939,138 euros and increased its income in the amount of 953,000 euros. Likewise, a new management structure has been launched to provide the necessary balance to the budget until the end of this 2019-20 season, as reflected in the audited financial statements that have been shared with LaLiga last December. LaLiga recognizes that the club’s plan is on the right track and we are confident in the path ahead and in the changes we are making. There is a set of consolidation measures and search for efficiencies that are being implemented every day. ”Winter market: “I work hand in hand with Manolo Gaspar, sports director of the club, in order to use this winter market to strengthen the team with incorporations and strategic adjustments. A good example of this is the incorporation of Sergio Buenacasa. We are convinced that the strategic signings of the first team will help to finish the season as high as possible in the standings at the end of this second round. With stable finances and the changes that are taking place in the club, we have the conviction that the first team will generate sports results that match the efforts of its players and their potential. Malaga wants to thank everyone’s unconditional support and patience while working hard to return the team to the place where it really belongs and should be. ”Viability plan: “We have had very productive meetings with LaLiga. The plan is long term, we work closely with LaLiga and all the steps we take are approved. The plan aims to strengthen the club in the financial aspect to have a stronger position in winter and also in summer. Mainly, what we have done is a review of the entire structure, contracts, to review the agreements so that it can be the most efficient use and the highest efficiency from the point of view of income. In the sporting aspect, we are working with Manolo Gaspar facing the winter and summer market, with the logical limitations derived from the rules trying to make the best use of the market. The changes that have been implemented in these two months have given the club enough stability, which will continue to compete until the end of the season. And that does not mean that no additional changes are going to be made to have greater efficiency. ”Loss of credibility of the property: “The goal is to work and demonstrate results. If the sporting results are positive, everything will help to improve. We want to show with actions the determination and the plan that we want to implement. The results are sure that they will be positive. ”APA demand: “The legal action you comment will not have an impact on the club and we will continue working without considering that.”Need to sell players: “The club’s plan is to strengthen the team, not to dismantle it at all. And both the plan and the actions will contribute to strengthening the workforce. ”Academy: “The Academy plan must be a medium-term plan, about two years. The idea is to have a strong Academy. The funds (4.4 million euros) are in the Foundation and will be dedicated to the sports city, the playing fields. It is something that is underway, is in discussions with the construction company and the team of architects. They are going to dedicate themselves to what is planned. We hope that there may be complete fields in the month of March approximately. The funds for this project are in the Foundation and will only be used for that project and for no other purpose. The original plan of the Academy has changed. In March there will be a field that can be used, with two soccer fields 7. The rest will not be in March, but work will continue. ” LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of January 10, 2020 The general director did not want to assure that Victor will not return to sit on the bench of Malaga, ensuring that “Negotiations with Victor are underway and will be guided by the best interest for Victor and the club. All options are open. We want to reach a friendly solution“.Shaheen said that as long as an agreement is not reached for the departure of Victor and his coaching staff, it will be his second, David Dóniga, who remains at the head of the team: “There has been no interruption or interference in the training of the first team, which continues to prepare for the next game under the technical direction of the club’s sports staff. Until the situation with Victor is resolved, there can be no other coach, so the current staff will be the one to lead the game. Whatever the final result, the plans are activated to meet any eventuality. ”The plan drawn up by the entity is that it be Sergio Pellicer, current coach of the subsidiary, who assumes the bench of the first team on a provisional basis when Victor and his coaching staff end their relationship with Malaga. The desire of the club is for Pellicer to lead Málaga on Tuesday against Ponferradina in La Rosaleda, although no possibility can be ruled out in this regard.Although in principle the club had communicated that no questions would be accepted, before the protests of the information professionals present, Shaheen finally agreed to answer the questions of the journalists. The CEO explained that the coach was removed from his position “to protect the club, Victor and his family“Regarding the economic issue, Shaheen said that the Al Thani have decided to suspend their salary indefinitely. However, this statement was not translated by the club’s new advisor and lawyer David Díaz, who served as a translator. “The issue of loans has been taken into consideration in this stability plan. I want to make it clear that the property supports what is being done and the measures being taken and the aforementioned plan. Other actions that have helped balance the budget are that both the board of directors and the owner have suspended their salaries indefinitely, ”Said the CEO.center_img Richard Shaheen, general director of Malaga, has appeared this noon to explain the official version of the club about the ‘Victor case’and communicate that your situation is being discussed with the technician at the head of the team.“Málaga and Víctor are in talks about sporting points of view and recent extra-sporting events in order to solve the situation in a friendly way for everyone. Málaga condemns the violation of Víctor’s right to privacy and will continue to offer his support to him and the authorities so that those responsible are judged. These extra-sporting circumstances have also damaged the reputation and image of Malaga. We will always do what is best and most suitable for Malaga and soon I hope we will reach a solution that will be communicated when it is reached, “said Shaheen.last_img read more