Apps to the Cloud: Last Chance to Win a MacBook Air

first_imgWe have some great comments in this month’s thread for the contest to win a MacBook Air. But today is the last day to get your insights in if you want to be part of the competition.This month we are asking:How do you move applications to the cloud?You will need a Disqus account to comment. Criteria are as follows: A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market alex williams Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Depth of understandingFactual examples to back up assertionsHow the conversation developsAccuracyStrength of argumentConcise writingOriginalityGood luck. We will announce the winner by April 1. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#cloud#Contests last_img read more

Always Be Comfortable

first_imgI received a few emails about my Always Be Closing post from yesterday.Some people thought that this was old-school advice of the kind that is no longer useful in today’s day and age. One email insisted that not only was closing no longer useful advice, but the better advice would be to insist that sales people never close. In his opinion, if a salesperson does his job well, he and the customer will just naturally arrive at the next stage together without anyone saying a word.But I don’t know a sales manager anywhere who will tell me that their pipeline isn’t littered with opportunities for which the salesperson hasn’t gained the necessary next commitment. What’s really old school is to pretend that most salespeople are like Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most salespeople are more “always be comfortable” than they are “always be closing.”In the old days, when salespeople sold product, always be closing was good advice. You needed to ask for the final commitment, especially when there wasn’t much at stake. Now, you have to gain many smaller–but still critically important–commitments. And you have to close for those commitments.The Seductive Long Sales CycleThe long sales cycle is seductive. You can take time and create value during multiple visits, and prematurely closing for the final commitment would destroy an opportunity. The seduction is that you can be comfortable and avoid conflict; if you ask and your client says “no,” you have conflict. When that happens, you have to deal with that objection.I’m certain a lot of salespeople would be happier with always be comfortable than always be closing. There is no way to understate the importance of gaining commitments. And there is no reason to pretend that you aren’t closing for the next commitment. We’ve softened the language too much. No matter how long the sale cycle, there are a series of commitments that you must acquire between target and close. If you create value it’s very easy and natural to ask for these commitments, and asking is in fact closing.Selling Isn’t Something Bad That You Do To SomebodySelling isn’t something that you do to somebody. Selling is something you do with somebody, and closing is agreeing together to move forward. It’s okay to ask for the commitments you’ve earned. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s necessary.last_img read more

Pontificating about the Corinthian spirit of fair play

first_imgShare via Email Pinterest Pinterest Share on Twitter Facebook Pinterest features Joniesta! Photograph: Jill Mead/The Guardian The Fiver Read more Share on LinkedIn Twitter With his ‘spygate’ PowerPoint, Marcelo Bielsa has enhanced his legend STRUGGLING TO CROWBAR A FOUR TOPS REFERENCE INTO THIS HEADLINE. OH, THERE YOU GOOne of the few benefits of being related to this tea-timely email’s book-writing, cricket-playing, pyramid-inverting, tactics-obsessed Wearside cousin Mackem Lobanovskyi 4-2-3-1 False Nine Wilson Fiver, is that we’ve been looped in on the whole Marcelo Bielsa phenomenon since before it became fashionable on Wednesday. While Proper Journalists were taking time out from trying to procure and publish sneak previews of England team-sheets to pontificate about the Corinthian spirit of fair play, our cousin took time out of boring us with his batting average and bowling figures to regale us with stories about the man they call El Loco.There was the time he started supporting Newell’s Old Boys because his dad was a fan of bitter rivals Rosario Central. There was the time he said he would cut off one of his own fingers if it would guarantee Newell’s a win over Rosario Central. And then there was the time he threatened a group of his own team’s fans who had gathered in protest outside his house with a hand grenade. And the time. And the time. And the time. The stories of Bielsa’s myriad eccentricities are legion. Until a couple of days ago, most people with little more than a passing interest in English football knew Bielsa as that foreign bloke who was doing quite well at Dirty Leeds while sitting on an upturned blue bucket, but now they are a little wiser. For when he is not doing quite well at Dirty Leeds while sitting on an upturned blue bucket, the Argentinian appears to spend every single minute of every single day on doing even better. Twitter STILL WANT MORE?Our aforementioned cousin on Marcelo Bielsa.Amy Lawrence on the growing clouds behind the scenes at Arsenal.Dancing players, a smart free-kick and Morton’s malaise: it’s Classic YouTube.If transfer window interactives are your thing, you’re in luck.The strange allure of the half-time football raffle. By Harry Pearson. RECOMMENDED LISTENINGFaye Carruthers is in Big Chair for the latest instalment of Football Weekly Extra.SUPPORT THE GUARDIANProducing the Guardian’s thoughtful, in-depth journalism [the stuff not normally found in this email, obviously – Fiver Ed] is expensive, but supporting us isn’t. If you value our journalism, please support us. In return we can hopefully arm you with the kind of knowledge that makes you sound slightly less uninformed during those hot reactive gegenpress chats you so enjoy. And if you think what we do is enjoyable [again, etc and so on – Fiver Ed], please help us keep coming back here to give you more of the same.FIVER LETTERS“In case anyone thinks would be great if more managers livened up their press conferences with a presentation, it’s worth pointing out that Sam Allardyce blamed a lack of PowerPoint facilities for his failure to land the England job in 2006, so not having to sit through presentations can also be a good thing” – Ed Taylor.“Entertaining though Brexit continues to be, the House of Commons could have avoided the no-score draw confidence motion on the government. Since Roman Abramovich decided to spend his hard-earned billions buying useless strikers for Chelsea, all general elections have only happened in years when Chelsea have won the Premier League (2005, 2010, 2015, 2017). That’s plainly not happening this year” – Robert Macmillan.Send your letters to [email protected] And you can always tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner of our prizeless letter o’the day is … Ed Taylor.BITS AND BOBSMartin O’Neill wants to bring Roy Keane with him to his new job at Nottingham Forest. “There’s a spot open for him and I hope it happens,” cheered O’Neill. “It may not, as he has a few things to sort out himself both personally and professionally.”The Premier League still can’t nail down a new chief suit after BBC suit Tim Davie followed Susanna Dinnage in snubbing the gig.José Mourinho has been trying out some punditry during the Asian Cup, offering up some fresh chat about his time at Old Trafford. “I consider one of the best jobs of my career [was] to finish second with Manchester United in the Premier League,” he tooted. “But I keep saying this because people don’t know what is going on behind the scenes.”Another £11m that Mauricio Pochettino will probably never see: Mousa Dembélé has moved to Guangzhou R&F.Kazakhstan have shown head coach Stanimir Stoilov through the door marked ‘Біреуін жасаңыз’.And just to underline how busy a news day it’s been, Jamie Vardy turned up for Leicester training dressed as Spider-Man.center_img It’s like Coldwar Steve was let loose on the composites. Composite: Getty Image; Alamy; Guardian Share on Facebook Oh, and if it’s your thing … you can follow Big Website on Big Social FaceSpace. And INSTACHAT, TOO!ANY EXCUSE Marcelo Bielsa Reuse this content Facebook Topics Share on Messenger Twitter Having been accused of – and subsequently admitting to – sending an envoy to peek at Frank Lampard’s Derby County training before their league match last Friday, Bielsa was rather bewildered by the reaction when FLDC, along with assorted doyens of the English press pack and numerous former players collectively gasped, clutched their pearls and swooned like Victorian ladies at this outrageous breach of … no rules whatsoever. A man with form for quitting clubs at the drop of a hat, Bielsa opted to call a press conference, but instead of announcing his resignation treated those lucky enough to be present to a 66-minute PowerPoint presentation showing: a) his meticulous preparation for games; and b) anyone in the world who was interested how to beat Frank Lampard’s Derby County.While Bielsa appeared genuinely bemused at being accused of skulduggery, his decision to go to extraordinary lengths to point out that those accusing him of it didn’t know the half of it has elevated him to the status of National Treasure. “I feel ashamed to have to tell you all this,” said Bielsa, before declaring that “I’m not cheating, I knew everything I needed to know” and leaving the room. The Fiver can’t be the only right-thinking person who also feels ashamed to have to tell you this – but we’re feeling queasy on the back of unprecedented goodwill and hopes for the success of Dirty Leeds.QUOTE OF THE DAY“It was strange having cameras around every day in the dressing room, physio rooms. Everywhere really. Sometimes you don’t realise and you’ll be yourself and obviously that came out in the documentary. I’ve had a lot of nice messages from people saying it’s nice to see some honesty and footballers for who they are” – Jonny Williams gets his chat on about Sunderland ‘Til I Die, Crystal Palace and life at Charlton. With mid-table power comes mid-table responsibility. Photograph: Plumb Images/Leicester City via Getty Images Share on Pinterest Share on WhatsApp Football Facebook last_img read more