Pokemon X and Y on course to become fastest selling 3DS games

first_imgPokemon X and Pokemon Y are already on course to set a number of firsts. The two games will be the first (core) Pokemon titles to appear exclusively for the 3DS, and they’ll also be the first Pokemon titles to see a worldwide launch. Typically in the past we’ve had to wait in the West for the games to appear after a launch in Japan.Now it looks likely that Pokemon X and Y will also be the fastest selling games on Nintendo’s 3DS based off of the pre-order numbers. Pre-orders went live in Japan on August 10, and just two days later 260,000 copies had already been reserved. To put that in a bit of context, when Pokemon Black and Pokemon White 2 were launched on DS, they had managed 1.16 million pre-orders (and then sold 2.63 million in two days). Dragon Quest VII on 3DS managed 836,654 copies in its first week on sale in Japan. Pokemon X  and Y are past a quarter million and we still have two months to go until they launch on October 12.It seems likely the one million mark will be broken long before we reach the October launch. And it’s not just because the titles themselves are proving must-have games. Nintendo is sweetening the deal in its home territory by offering a mini-Xerneas or mini-Yveltal Pokemon figure if you place a pre-order at a Pokemon Center for each of the two games. And for those new to the 3DS, Nintendo is also set to offer special editions of the handheld to support the release.This is a clear example of how a popular game can make all the difference to a platform. Nintendo needs this to happen not once, but a few times on their other gaming hardware in order to bolster sales of the Wii U. Do they have games that could do that arriving in the near future? Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, and Mario Kart 8  all have the potential, but they aren’t as big as Pokemon.last_img read more