How can I make dynamic move?

first_img Comments are closed. I’m a training co-ordinator with four years’ experience in the electronicindustry and would like to move into a different sector in a more dynamicdevelopment role. I have an HNC in training and development and am completingmy level 4 T&D (learner development). What should I study next? I have beencontemplating the Open University or trying to gain full CIPD membership. Clive Sussams, recruitment consultant, Malpas Flexible Learning You have approached the development of your career in a sensible way.Clearly in order to succeed in more senior training roles you will need toideally have achieved CIPD status via a qualification such as the AdvancedDiploma in Training and Development. The other important point is to start working towards broadening yourtraining skills by either gaining agreement with your employer to enlarge yourrole or, if prospects are limited, applying for more proactive jobs elsewhere.Once you have had some T&D experience you should find that your skills aretransferable among many businesses. Peter Wilford, consultant, Chiumento A CIPD qualification implies staying in the HR function and will entaillearning material like employment law, which is useful if you wish to undertakebroad management training. It is more general and might well give you a broaderbasis from which to pursue your career. Talk to the CIPD and research the options for relevant qualifications andcourses. Look at HR journals and magazines to see what qualifications arerequired by those recruiting. Compare the OU with other options. If your interest is more in specific areas of training, either technical orin areas such as presentation, negotiation or communication, there are a numberof good “train the trainer” courses. These may be enough to get youinto a more dynamic developmental role. After some experience, you may wish totake stock and decide whether to look at a further qualification in trainingand/or coaching. Jo Selby, associate director, EJ Human Resources While it is excellent to have qualifications, it is important not tounderestimate the value of real experience and to ensure that you have theright balance of both. Look to make your move away from the electronics industry, if that is whatyou wish to do, before embarking on further studies. At this stage of yourcareer, securing a role that will offer you greater scope for longer-termdevelopment and which will allow you to put your most recent studies intopractice is important. Once you are settled in your next position, you will be better placed toidentify which further qualification will be of most benefit to you for yourimmediate and future career. How can I make dynamic move?On 13 Nov 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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