first_imgGuruOn 28 Jan 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. This week’s guruNubile MEP faces uphill struggle to make M&A sexyThe European Parliament is often criticised as a dull, bureaucratic, staidhome for ageing MPs put out to pasture by their home countries. To date, the most exciting things to come out of Brussels are the periodicscandals over massive expense claims. But that is all set to change with a newcomic for the youth audience, designed to encourage more young people toconsider careers as MEPs. The star of the 32-page comic is pert, multilingual MEP Irena Vega, whoappears to have more in common with Lara Croft than Neil Kinnock or IanPaisley. Guru became quite taken with Irena as he read how she proved the importanceof the European Parliament by braving death threats to expose a corrupt chemicalbusiness. The Euro vixen then champions new legislation guaranteeing the safety ofEuropean water. However, Guru will be interested to see how even the nubile Irena can injectexcitement into topics such as European rules on data protection and mergersand acquisitions. Guru’s failing to balance the looksGuru, who is still battling to lose those extra pounds gained over anindulgent festive period, has been trying a revolutionary new diet that treatsweight loss like running a business. Every dieter who practices the weight-loss plan by Jim Karas (MBA andpersonal trainer) is CEO of their own body. Step one is to come up with a dieting mission statement and weight losstarget. The next step is to go public, tell people what you intend to do andset up your management team of friends and family to provide support. Under The Business Plan for the Body, revenue is food, expenses are caloriesburned and profit is weight loss. Investment is exercise and capital is muscle.All you need to do is crunch through the numbers and watch the fat melt away. Since starting the diet Guru has encountered a few teething problems –mainly because as his body’s CEO he does not appear to have enough influenceover the organisation. His stomach (currently finance director) is obsessed by revenue and Guru isconcerned that it is planning a complete takeover of the business. Tony gives a new definition to career pathGuru is obviously on the same wavelength as the Department for Education andSkills. Last week Guru highlighted the need for a greater emphasis on vocationaleducation and on the very same day the DfES outlined its plans to do just that.Guru had emphasised the problems that many highly qualified graduates facebecause their academic qualifications are not relevant to the workplace. He asked readers to contact him with details of the most unusual hard-earnedjobs they had undertaken while struggling to make the most of theirqualifications. The best so far has been provided by HR manager Tony Vaghela who as a keenyoung graduate in the early 1990s found himself working as part of aroad-digging gang in Kuwait. “A typical day started at 7am and finished at 7pm, with a three-hourbreak at midday due to the 45-degree heat. All for about 75p a day,”reminisces Tony. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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