Support non-Republicans for mayor and council

first_imgDear Editor:Since January of this year, there has been serious erosion of civil rights in our nation. The Republican president, unchallenged by the Republican majority in congress which has quietly sat by as the following occurred:Muslims were targeted for travel, legal permanent residents were detained from returning home, transgender military members were banned by the president from serving, the Justice Department tried to remove protections for LGBT citizens, the Education Department ordered reducing protections for victims of sex abuse on college campuses, bills to destroy health care were introduced. The president said that some of those who marched among Neo-Nazis in Virginia are “fine people” and he ordered the “Dream Act” suspended for almost one million residents. Rather than support millions of Americans in Puerto Rico, faced with the worst disaster in their history, this president would rather fight with sports teams.In almost all cases, the Republican majority in congress said nothing, in effect, agreeing with the president.In our upcoming elections we have seven candidates who have been identified as Republican: Joshua Einstein, Michael Flett, Jen Giattino, Jason Ellis, Laini Vogel-Hammond, Angelo Valente and Karen Nason.While our election is non-political, can any thinking Hoboken voter support people who are members of the party of hate? We have to think that if they were in congress, they would support the ugly agenda of the president and his cabinet. And what would be their agenda if elected to office in our city?I call upon my friends and neighbors to vote against these individuals and to support non-Republican candidates. Sincerely,Alan H. Cohenlast_img

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