BAE Systems retiree reflects on time with company

first_imgHayes says the changes he has seen in Endicott over the years has made the area flourish.  “He’s brought so much positivity to our company,” Peabody said. “His knowledge is one of the reasons why we have been so successful.” Hayes says the company went through major changes after the flood in 2011 that caused the company to move from Johnson City to Endicott.  Hayes says it’s the changes he has seen in his coworkers over the years that has made his time with BAE so special.  “The people that you work with they help motivate you to better yourself,” Hayes said. “All of our group pulled together to make it happen and for us to be successful,” Hayes said. “It’s actually been mind blowing where we are today and what happened to us in 2011.”  Hayes says during his time with the company he has seen a lot of changes, including changes in technology.  “I’m going to miss them but I’m ready for the next chapter,” Hayes said. “Changes in people,” Hayes said. “The older you get, the younger the crews are coming in.” Jessie Peabody, Hayes’ coworker, would say the same for him.  ENDICOTT (WBNG) — After 37 years with BAE Systems, Martin Hayes, product control planner, is retiring. “All good changes,” Hayes said. “Any change is good.” After 37 years, Hayes says he’s ready for the biggest change yet. last_img

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