With 300,523 ballots unaccounted for, the Postal Service defies a court order to locate them

first_imgThe big issue is that in some of the most hotly contested areas, like Atlanta, Georgia; Detroit, Michigan; and parts of Wisconsin, ballots had to have been received on Election Day. In Pennsylvania, the receipt deadline is Nov. 6, but that remains a point of litigation by team Trump. The USPS report to Judge Sullivan Wednesday morning is not encouraging. It says it delivered 82.2% of ballots in Atlanta, 61.3% in Central Pennsylvania, 66.3% in Philadelphia, 78.9% in Detroit, 72.9% in Greensboro, North Carolina, and 76.8% in Wisconsin’s Lakeland district. Did a large portion of the ballots not reflected in these stats just not get scanned on their way to elections offices? Who knows? That’s a big problem.A problem entirely engineered by Donald Trump and his loyal toady Louis DeJoy—who should have been impeached by the House way back in August and September when his malfeasance and his corruption were discovered. As it is, this is what we got. – Advertisement – x🚨BREAKING: New USPS data appears to show a failure to deliver mail ballots from voters across the country on Election Day. U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan will hold a noon hearing over USPS’ non-compliance with his order yesterday to rush deliver all remaining mail ballots pic.twitter.com/Zc8J5PEmPf— John Kruzel (@johnkruzel) November 4, 2020That might not be as bad as it looks on the surface, Vice reporter Aaron Gordon says. He argues that the USPS has testified that manual processes have been overriding the system, with ballots being pulled out by postal workers, hand postmarked, and sent out for expedited delivery manually, bypassing the exit scans. So out of the 300,523 ballots that aren’t accounted for, some could have been delivered that way. We just don’t know.- Advertisement –last_img

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