A different approach to the promotion of Split, Dalmatia and Croatia

first_imgThe first international conference and business workshop of special interest tourism SPLITB18B (Special Interest Tourism Workshop) was held from 21 to 2017 October 2 in the Hotel Cornaro, organized by the Association of Destination Management Companies of Dalmatia (UDMKD).It is a unique business and tourism exchange in the Republic of Croatia, a B2B event for tourism of special interests in which as many as 56 business entities from thirteen countries from three continents participated, of which 38 from the Republic of Croatia and the region (representatives of bidders) and 18 from Albania, Austria and Belgium. , Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom (customer representatives). “The aim of the workshop and conference was to establish business partnerships that will result in new tourist arrivals of guests of high purchasing power in the period before and after the season in the Republic of Croatia. This year we started as a pilot project, but the long-term concept is to have a workshop every year with a different topic, ie a concept in accordance with the demand and interest of the market, and the desire is that the workshop follows three topics“Points out Jurica Glavina, organizer and president of UDMKD, whose members are destination management companies from the area of ​​Split and Dalmatia.The topic of this year’s gathering was “Food & Wine” tourism, and the goal is to establish business partnerships that will result in new tourist arrivals of guests of high purchasing power in the period before and after the season.SPLITB2B is aimed at encouraging the development and sale of multi-day complex tourist products (package of arrangements, events and gatherings) in Croatia, and consisted of an educational, promotional and business part. Lectures by eminent experts on “Food & Wine” tourism were held in the educational area, while the business part was realized through a three-hour B2B workshop with full and independent IT support of matchmaking software. In the promotional part, the Split-Dalmatia County was presented to customers on a two-day “fam trip” as a tourist destination, and it included tours of Split, Omis, Trogir, Klis and the island of Brac.It is the promotional segment where business partners / agents will experience the whole destination themselves that is a very important element that is often absent at similar events. This is exactly the key to future cooperation, ie that foreign agents that we have to motivate and impress experience the destination on their skin in order to be able to present and sell it as well as possible. That is why Split B2B is an excellent rounded product with a focus on business workshops, ie B2B meetings of travel agents, which is extremely important.Unfortunately, there are very few workshops like this and they are often only a small part of a fair, and not exclusively a focus on B2B as is the case with SPlitB2B. Certainly a commendable business workshop, and I hope that SplitB2B will be a proof that there is a great need for it, that it will encourage other destinations and organizers to organize business workshops in all parts of Croatia.last_img

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