New instructions for catering facilities

first_imgHZJZ: Instructions for catering facilities Among other things, the rules and instructions for the operation of catering facilities have been updated. It is forbidden to serve food, drinks and beverages in the building.The customer picks up the purchase at the door, window or directly in front of the door of the object.It is necessary to ensure compliance with the highest hygiene standards and keeping the distance between a limited number of customers in order to reduce physical contact and maintain the prescribed distance of 2 meters between buyers, sellers and buyers, and sellers if one charges and the other issues.It is recommended, where not otherwise regulated, to install a partition / protection from plexiglass or other disinfectants of washable material in order to meet all the conditions and safety measures for the protection of buyers and sellers.If possible, payment by contactless cards is recommended.For the cash payment process, it is recommended that the customer first put the money on the counter and then take the expropriated balance and after each customer the counter is disinfected.The product (drink, meal, etc.) should be ordered and paid for in a place separate from the place of issuance / collection of the order (ie that one person takes the order and charges and the other issues the order), if this cannot be organized, the seller must disinfect hands between billing and ordering and disinfecting the billing area / counter between those two activities.Ensure that no crowds are created, and that clear instructions are placed in all visible places.If possible, it is recommended to ensure the flow of customers in such a way that the adjacent entrance / approach is separated from the exit / exit.In visible places, point out instructions and recommendations for adhering to the general rules of hygiene and a strict measure of physical distance.If a drive-in system is organized, it is forbidden to get out of the car and the measures listed under items 3, 7 and 10 must be observed. According to the new recommendations, it is allowed to perform catering facilities from the groups: restaurants, bars (cafe, pub, buffet, tavern, tavern and cellar) and catering facilities and facilities of simple services in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and strict measures of physical distance as follows:center_img / / / GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA PRESENTED THREE PHASES OF RELEASE OF MEASURES, FIND OUT WHAT AND WHEN EVERYTHING OPENS Today, the Croatian Institute of Public Health and the National Civil Protection Headquarters published recommendations for various economic branches in accordance with the phases of easing the measures presented yesterday.last_img

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