From the energy saving experience of virtual team strong


in the beginning of the text, in order to express the need, we can look at energy-saving can more clearly understand the theme I want to express. Energy-saving building orientation motivation comes from the desire of Internet users on hot event mining, discuss the atmosphere to form a good network hot online, is the core value of "hot polymerization and re creation of" discussion, forum theme mostly with amazing views and unique perspective to gather popularity. read more

Analysis of three ways to rapidly upgrade local forum’s new station popularity

operation of local forum is much more difficult than ordinary operation site, but once successful, often the profits will be much higher than the average website, so now there are many webmaster friends in the sights of temporary competitiveness has not been that fierce local website this sub industry. To engage in local sites, the most important is popular, especially the new local forum, if there has been no high popularity, people do not flow, posting amount is not high, it will soon become a virgin will eventually disappear No one shows any interest in, in everyone’s view. read more

Doing a station requires a sense of responsibility responsibility to society and yourself

first said to the slaves struggling at the site of the web, "HELLO," is our hard work that brings prosperity and development of the internet. But there is no doubt that in the website construction, some people walked into the misunderstanding.

mistakes are as follows:

1 people lack of ability to understand. People may not be perfect, but a person’s time and energy is limited, the structure of knowledge and experience is relatively fixed, the general thinking have a fixed pattern, you are not gods, your time and energy input is always limited, your ability is just one aspect of the. read more

Before the Spring Festival join the grassroots team of women webmaster talk about traffic

I made a website, a mystery! It takes time and spirit. Ha-ha。 But I didn’t do it myself. I bought it before the Spring Festival. Anyway, I got into it. I joined the team of grass and stationmaster. Read a lot about webmaster web site, female Adsense is less. I’m one of them. Do you have any friends who would like to hand me in? I don’t understand anything. Hey! Or more than their own in self-taught ADMIN5! Site began, to learn the knowledge of website promotion in many well-known sites, although many articles, but to speak in terms of seven or cannot do without the most important, I carefully sorted out roughly seven points as follows read more

Local website open your news window


, mentioned the cultural construction of local website, "local website", show your culture "sword". If the construction of cultural brand shows the accumulation and temperament of local websites, then the forging of news platform reflects the height and authority of local websites.

most local webmaster’s work focuses on local classification information, but the news is also an important part of local information. Here, the news is "window": first, the news is the local people understand the local affairs of the "window"; two, with the news tension, for the development of local websites to open a "window."". read more

How does the webmaster locate the core value of the website and realize the profit quickly Continue

last wrote an article on how to locate the core value of the webmaster, "quick realization of profit", and contributed to Admin5, which was recommended by hadron to the home page. At the same time by the industry’s many sites reprinted and recommended home page. Here, thank you very much for the admin5. on Adsense profit, express home here wrote a lot of articles. Often see the cattle man, Mou Changqing, Jiang Li, who said profit. Are they really profitable? Adsense profit is not so simple, several of these executives are also employed in major companies. It’s not as simple as you think. Today, once again to the last part of the article to supplement, improve the core value of the site and achieve rapid profits. read more

Bastard how to build a high quality high exposure independent blog


Wuhan SEO mixed kid first said, I’m not saying that my blog is of high quality, the reason to write this article, mainly because today I found my blog this SEO seems to have been not mentioned on the blog of the article, so it summed up his 5 months of experience the unique method and reference to some friends, because thousands of independent blog types, so the method is not the same, has recently been a friend of consulting me about independent blog things, I’m sorry I couldn’t help to what the friend, want to say is the establishment of an independent blog is very easy, but I want to build a independent blog high quality is not so easy, thousands of independent blog, real success is less. read more