The decoration design type of website optimization guide 2

is a classic case of Shanghai dragon industry, is the "Tuba rabbit decoration effect diagram" polymerization page can bring flow IP million level. Accordingly, you can engage in some special display slight skill before an expert, page (aggregation page). For example, tooling office decoration, store decoration, optimization and pleasant effect.

The second step: to work with ?

2. can optimize a home accident. Keywords Pyramid concept system, we all know. In fact, about 50% of the decoration company, rely on home page ranking. Do you know, the layout of several key words in read more

Talk about a few familiar Shanghai dragon profit model


Wang Shifan’s Tip: if the sale of the site, met an old client and a new customer will need to buy, personal advice is sold to new customers. Because if late for sth and old customers about the collapse, the volume of business losses will be very deadly, with two customers peer effect is not the same, let

two, how to make customers take the initiative to hire your

also uses "Hefei moving company" as an example, for example, "

online will share the Shanghai dragon profit model will involve a lot of friends, the idea of selling website, but only stay in the level of ideas, no in-depth study how to sell the read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to grasp the degree of the problem

we do internal optimization when the mind must have this awareness, that we’re not going to do to get better ranking, but what can be done to remove or change existing not >

for the link, we must first understand such a truth, when voting, voters are based on their willingness to vote to decide who is the winner, but there is another kind of circumstance is our head with a knife against the voters so that they were forced to choose. The first one is very good, very normal, we can put Shanghai dragon called natural link. But if the second is passive voting, we let the other sites is passive voting for themselves. We all know that the first link is very difficult, so we have chosen second kinds of links, but to do this for the love of Shanghai can be said to be illegal, since it is illegal things, is cheating, we should grasp the degree of love! Or found in Shanghai, is actually the same fate as can be imagined. The truth. read more

Comfortable high quality web content for the optimization of the significance

for the majority of users, browsing countless pages per day, each page impression for everyone generally have a difference, such as garbage station and a special website looks comfortable. So the website design and layout is the first impression to visitors, this is also an important factor in his decision to have the length of time of your website, this is the problem of jump out rate, of course, is an important factor affecting other bounce rate is said today: your net station has attracted. Content. If your website is on the Internet the same content, the user time to stay a maximum of not more than ten seconds. As some well-known blog industry, such as the moon, Lu Songsong, and other well-known software Fried Eggs niche blog, you’re in, could not only be ten seconds off, would you like me to savor every piece of useful articles on their own. read more

A brief analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon 2 URL optimization errors

unified entrance

today here saying is to experience the opposite. In the use of the user, different users may have different habits, some people used to enter the baidu贵族宝贝, some people used to enter www.baidu贵族宝贝, but their purpose is the same, that is to love Shanghai, but their target site is not the same, if you will not take the domain name to jump to WWW take the WWW domain name, it is contrary to a certain extent the user wishes, and search engine services for users, so do the Shanghai dragon must be considered is the first user experience, so today to tell the view is: URL entrance without uniform, with WWW or without WWW which should be selected by the user instead, we forced to jump. read more

A5 marketing team website right down flow analysis postprocessing 1

site is down right? This is many webmaster heart doubts. This is the general performance: the revision of the website, to try to solve the problem of right down. However, the error correction will not only bring the weight of hope of recovery for the site, even more will bring fatal one disaster after another for the website, presumably a lot of stationmaster had such a bitter. A5 marketing team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 He Guijiang of the Shanghai dragon) have a team to share, to facilitate the settlement, the better station long face. read more

Electric business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest preparations for the novice

according to the rules of the competition, only the top-level domain name in order to participate, so for many novice, the first problem is to choose the domain name and registration. Now more and more domestic and foreign domain prices vary greatly, so it can choose according to their economic situation. Personal recommendation GoDaddy registration, on one hand the price is cheap, on the other hand, as the world’s largest domain name registrar, service is guaranteed. And now also support domestic Alipay paid, no different from the basic and domestic registration. The tutorial can be found on the Internet, really don’t understand, you can contact me. read more

For a view of 6 22 and 6 28 event

that is for the original spam sites were excluded algorithm more strength, so understanding

! The two day of the Shanghai

here: 贵族宝贝bbs.zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/thread-6533-1-1.html

K has a large number of sites, joy and sorrow, be sure K heart unhappy, do not involve, also don’t relax! 14:11 yesterday, love Shanghai Lee published a statement, is also to the two station K that

A5 home page article "on the" love of Shanghai official 628 update to explain "some thoughts and suggestions", one called Nanjing gangster friend, see him that he loved Shanghai in this very objective analysis about the update, but many of my friends do not agree, that he is in love with Shanghai support, help in Shanghai say love… In fact, we don’t have to do this, but for a long time the webmaster of love in Shanghai has a lot of resentment, this is normal, because the love of Shanghai technology after all has not reached the ideal state of read more

With website optimization introduction which is the important factor


now, when people discuss when Shanghai Longfeng optimization problems, there is always someone upset complain, said Shanghai dragon looks is a simple network knowledge, but the longer, the more found themselves in control of something less, let alone master. Therefore, the Shanghai Dragon Master never dare to say a complete mastery of technology on site optimization, only the unremitting endeavor, in order to maximize the quintessence of more Shanghai dragon. So, many of the new Adsense to enter the industry, originally thought to quickly put the site optimization, but when the merciless fact poured cold water, began to think more in-depth study, will be all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge get confused and disoriented, in order to let the novice webmaster can quickly enhance their level of Shanghai Dragon and I have to explain in detail, what are the important factors that need special attention in website optimization. read more

To investigate the unfavorable factors of Links and the Shanghai dragon blog are exchanged

: a negative factor in the survival period of Shanghai dragon blog a lot of short

: > three unfavorable factors

two: negative factors with little experience, Shanghai Longfeng bloggers may too much attention to the details of the

chain exchange is one of our daily optimization is a key work, and for different types of sites, every industry has its related industry site exchange. And we also know a high degree of Links can be worth tens of spam chain. If there is a well-known Shanghai dragon blog you focused on Google webmaster tools Chinese blog friends chain, that is the Shanghai dragon blog zac. Early Zac blog uses two domain names, only in 2011 to replace the now Shanghai dragon Zac this is a domain name. We found that Zac in the old blog do ZhengZhan 301 redirect to the new domain name. Thus most of the weight transfer to the new domain name in Google! This Chinese administrator tools blog chain does not change the address. read more

What are the benefits of web traffic source diversification of Shanghai dragon

2: when the search engine update algorithm

we know how to try a new mode of drainage. It means that we start from now on will learn another new pattern of drainage. As we said before the love Shanghai know is a very good drainage way.

3: website traffic is diverse in some subconscious


1: the diversity of web traffic sources can make the search engine more love our website

love is the same, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, every adjustment, may give us the site to bring more or less fluctuating. Therefore, if you want long-term stability of the site can get good rankings, we must be diversified source of web traffic! The only way we can guarantee our website traffic stability. read more

What is the website by K website by K solution

second: the site is the reason analysis of K.

3, a large collection of content. We often see some news, every day to grab some news, can get good traffic, so many webmaster friends to follow a lot of collection of articles, although the acquisition of the article will also be included, also can get good traffic, but in a few months when you fall in love with the sea update, you will find a lot of articles the original collection has disappeared. So you will find more and more stations included > read more

The rational use of multiple search optimization of mobile station

with the mobile search volume is increasing, if you want to take a space for one person in the future if online marketing, mobile traffic is you can’t ignore a force. Although the mobile device and the network of a great leap forward, but when you are using mobile devices, regardless of whether you are using a tablet computer or smart mobile phone, one of the biggest drawback is not a large enough size to help you like the keyboard input text on PC devices. The use of small QWERTY keyboard or use a desktop computer to your input will be more difficult than the screen input mode. We must use different ways to deal with this limitation, you can be optimized through the following three aspects. read more

Novice webmaster how to spend the review period love Shanghai

novice webmaster just contact site optimization, will certainly look for the website optimization, see his new love Shanghai give weight is very happy, but often love Shanghai will have the audit for new sites, Shanghai love to give new beginning good rankings, but a month later will let into the audit period. Enter the website of love Shanghai review period is very normal, A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) encounter with the novice webmaster to talk about how to deal with this situation. read more

Out of the mix of Shanghai Dragon to see a bit too far

In fact, the >

, however, the current Shanghai dragon can be said to be very hot, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners did not follow the basic strategies to optimize the site, but in the pursuit of short-term rankings, especially the Shanghai dragon service outsourcing. The pursuit of short-term interests of the Shanghai dragon, not only in the black hat Shanghai dragon, there are also some white hat Shanghai Longfeng, it is the pursuit of short-term interests, one is not the correct understanding of Shanghai Longfeng strategy, on the other hand is the restrictions of objective conditions. Today is to talk about the white hat Shanghai dragon place without vision. read more

How to make your site to achieve the second included


what is the law? First, every day! Second, the best day frequency and time are the same. Some owners may not agree with second points, but still quite useful personal summary. I was at 10 points to 12 points this time send original, every time is seconds. Persevere, the spider love to visit my site.

rapid development of the Internet today, the new station also believe that many webmaster site emerge in an endless stream, it had a long period of time not included or included abnormal slow situation. Today the kitten to speak from my own experience. Now look at my personal station. You can compare the two figure. read more

Jedi a new model of website clenched dominance

there is an old saying, the crisis and the opportunity is often coexist, it is a good time to troubled hero. Have to say, love the sea K although many Webmaster Station greatly damage the effort, but it is not entirely without merit, which taste, can only be said to be Different people, different views. Especially in 2013, network world situation has changed, it is a good time to seize the opportunity of the webmaster. Xiaobian that love Shanghai K station still has some of the benefits of the wise webmaster can definitely be a crisis into a turning point. The love of Shanghai K station is actually destroyed Shanghai dragon industry "bubble" in the market, breaking the false prosperity. From the perspective of economics, only the production in order to obtain the actual benefits, but also to speculative short-term profit, also is not the direct production benefit, this will cause the bubble economy. Before the love of Shanghai K station, Shanghai dragon industry is in the stage of false prosperity. Webmasters get through the Shanghai dragon optimization and release the chain, ranking, profit. In short, the webmaster even sales have not done, but the use of Shanghai dragon bubble profit, without any production. But although this can obtain short-term benefits, but it is easy to produce waste. Once Shanghai Longfeng environment complex, interdependent, victims must be the webmaster, love is the sea K station but "scavenger" work. In 2012, some not what the substantive content of the website will blow, this time is a good time to the real content of the website takes up the. Many websites so some webmaster can be unable to get up after a fall, take this wave, vigorously promote their own websites. Or was optimized through Shanghai Longfeng profitable website has a certain basis, on this basis can be filled with the content of the website, the website will make an actual content of the site, in the 100 station are grey when the rise, determine their status. read more

T group of Shanghai dragon team effort and should

you can try to use the same kind of "language" to communicate. When you talk to PR when you may have to use simple phrases to describe. Another possibility is that cannot be explained clearly link weight. We can only use some of their more familiar language to communicate. Once you can achieve communication with the IT group level, you have to prove that you have a common goal. You need to tell them clearly, otherwise they will not know to do for Shanghai dragon ER and you have to get help from them what. You need to explain and clear what you are going to do, what do you need help to complete the task of Shanghai dragon? Why this company is crucial to read more

SEO novice how to get started quickly into the role


as everyone knows, search engine optimization, e-commerce, network promotion can not be underestimated as an important branch, along with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people hope to realize their value through the Internet, as a beginner, watching others weight and website ranking up, they inevitably be desolate, the novice in this case the fight will be completely broke out, in fact, do Shanghai Longfeng optimization has certain rules and skills worth novice reference and learning, the author through the following four aspects and detailed analysis about you. read more

Several effective methods on improving the site outside the chain

encyclopedia chain

here refers to the encyclopedia is not love Shanghai because of love through the Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia, with the chain very difficult to pass. We can get some Wikipedia website through search "Encyclopedia" keyword, which supports users to edit their own. Some editing and keyword related content and embedded into your own web site in these sites, usually through the audit.

The construction site of

2, the chain blog

here Q & a site is not love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer questions of large-scale comprehensive website. We can also use the above method to find some websites ask industry class, on these sites by answering questions for the chain. read more