Ricketts out, Sinclair now JFF VP

first_imgLong-serving Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) vice-president Michael Ricketts was unexpectedly ousted from the post at Congress at the JFF office yesterday. Ricketts, the Clarendon Football Association president and South Central confederation chairman, has been replaced by former treasurer Garfield Sinclair. Sinclair now joins St Mary Football Association president Raymond Anderson and St James’ Bruce Gaynor as the association’s three vice-presidents. NEW STATUTE Captain Horace Burrell, the JFF president, said Sinclair’s selection was based on a new statute by FIFA – the sport’s governing body – which requires national football associations to have a vice-president of finance in their administrative set-up. “Mr Ricketts is held in high esteem by the president, and he is still a member of the board. The only thing was that there were only three positions and not four,” said Burrell. “All four (nominees) are valued members of the executive, and in the end, everyone, including Mr Ricketts, felt we had to first go with the vice-president with financial knowledge, as we are handling in excess of half-a-billion dollars, and we voted for one who is versed in financial affairs,” he told The Gleaner.last_img read more

How Did Salamanders Migrate from North America to Korea?

first_imgSalamanders are not particularly thought of as world travelers.  A new species of lungless salamander of the family Plethodontidae has been found in Korea.  Almost all previous members were found only in North America.  To EurekAlert, reporting on a paper published in Nature,1 this is comparable to “discovering pandas in California or kangaroos in Argentina.”  See also the San Francisco Chronicle article reproduced on the UC Berkeley website.The new salamander poses a major mystery: How did the tiny lungless amphibians, less than 2 inches long from snout to tail tip, that live on land and breathe through their moist skin, show up in Asia, where all their distant relatives — who are unknown on any other continent — live in the water, mate in the water and breathe with their lungs?   (Emphasis added in all quotes.)Researcher David B. Wake, an evolutionary biologist at UC Berkeley, called this “the most exciting and unexpected discovery of my career.”  Since an enigmatic case had shown up in Sardinia, he suspects more will be found in between.  The species was named after discoverer Stephen J. Karsen, who teaches at the Taejon Christian International School in Chungcheongnam.  He found it about two years ago while walking with his class in the wooded uplands of South Korea with his students, inviting them to look under rocks.    Salamander expert David Wake said that herpetologists didn’t bother looking for such creatures in the far east:“People have gone on expeditions looking for terrestrial salamanders, in places like Kazakhstan and other Central Asian republics,” said Wake.  “They didn’t bother with northern China or Korea or Japan because we thought we knew everything that was there.  And so here (in Korea) they show up, and in the most surprising way, when some guy who’s a high school teacher from Illinois goes out with his class and says, ‘Let’s look for salamanders, let’s see what we can find when we turn over rocks and logs.’”Wake calls this the most stunning discovery in his lifetime.  “It’s so utterly unexpected, so completely unexpected.”  See also the story on Science Daily.     A press release at Southern Illinois University tells a little about Stephen Karsen and how he wound up looking for Korean salamanders.  The professor at Southern Illinois U that Karsen notified of the find is glad he is getting credit for the discovery, because “humility is a virtue, so I’m sure Steve’s shrugging off the fame.”1Min, Wake et al., “Discovery of the first Asian plethodontid salamander,” Nature 435, 87-90 (5 May 2005) | doi: 10.1038/nature03474.Major discoveries can still be made by laymen, even Christian laymen (perhaps better, especially Christian laymen, who believe God created everything, so everything under the sun is worth investigating).  All that is needed is a willingness to challenge orthodoxy and look where the experts say things cannot be found.  One’s worldview affects where one hunts for data.  If you think, “There are no lungless salamanders in Asia because they evolved in North America,” you aren’t going to waste time looking under rocks in Korea.  Congratulations to Stephen Karsen for illustrating this point.  May he encourage all of us to be observant and to challenge the “gospel” of scientific experts.    Evolutionists sometimes challenge Biblical creationists that animals could not have migrated around the world after the flood from Ararat.  Here we see that evolutionists have similar problems of their own.  We should also be reminded that some salamanders are living fossils, displaying no evolutionary change over 160 million alleged years: see 03/27/2003 story.(Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Night Caching in Portugal – A Lackey’s Mega-Event Experience

first_imgEditor’s note: Groundspeak Lackeys are traveling thousands of miles from H.Q. throughout the year to share smiles, shake hands, and make geocaching memories at nearly twenty Mega-Events worldwide. Arne Moen, aka, RandolphAgarn, attended the Lisbon, Portugal Mega-Event 12 years Geocaching – Portugal (GC35GH8). Arne has been a Lackey since 2009 and is a Software Developer. Here’s Arne’s account of his trip.Written By: Arne MoenArne (on right) with local geocacher and Olympian João CostaI was in Lisbon, Portugal to celebrate  12 Years Geocaching Portugal with local geocachers.I was delighted to meet all these geocachers from Portugal. Of course, I knew that there are geocachers all over the world. But to talk to them in person about FTF’s (First to Finds), Multi-Caches, and Trackables in person made it all more real.Everyone was very kind to me and I was excited to give away some Geocaching.com merchandise like Trackable tags. I strongly suspect I would have felt equally welcome without the swag. I met many interesting individuals and some really sweet dogs. I met a geologist who was born in Mozambique, an underwater archeologist, an Olympic athlete, a C-130 pilot, a cartographer, and many more individuals whose backgrounds we didn’t discuss. Each one of them was a treat to talk to.Geocacher by a cork treeWhile chatting with a geocacher, I recalled that a significant amount of the world’s cork – as in a bottle or on a bulletin board – comes from Portugal. I had heard that it was the bark of a tree. Though I had seen a lot of bark in my lifetime and I couldn’t imagine how the thing in the wine bottle was attached to the outside of a tree.I mentioned this to my new geocacher friend.  He told me cork trees can be found all over Portugal and immediately set off trying to find one in the park. A few minutes later he returned to bring me to a cork tree.  The bark was thick, and firm yet spongy. And suddenly I could see where cork comes from.Night caching in PortugalI found a couple of geocaches at the Mega-Event. But my first evening in Portugal I went out and found some geocaches with some new friends.We began our evening with a traditional Portuguese meal: cod, ham, and fried potatoes, covered with a kind of hollandaise sauce. We also enjoyed “vinho verde,” which means green wine in Portuguese. The greenness in this case is in reference to the newness of the wine. The grapes had been picked, squeezed and fermented in the last year.After our meal the four of use set out into the streets of Lisbon looking for geocaches. This was in an old neighborhood, between the eleventh century castle perched on the hill, and the Rio Tejo, the river from which some of the great explorers like Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco da Gama began their voyages of discovery.Ultra Violet Night Cache ClueWe started in front of an old cathedral across the street from our restaurant. There was a geocache, Catedral (GCZWBV), just down the street. As the guest, I was allowed to make the first attempt. I was nervous with three experienced geocachers watching me. I was still suffering the affects of from jet lag. I skipped over the geocache at first, then found it a few seconds later.The next geocache, Portas do Sol (GC1F9NG), was in a little square that overlooked the river. We took several seconds to enjoy the view before looking for the geocache.  We found the geocache in one spot and a second log book in another. This was my 100th find and my furthest find east of my home coordinates. It was a fantastic spot to hit a milestone.Then we went down the hill towards the plaza at the site of the former royal palace. This area of town was relatively new.  An earthquake and tsunami wiped out this neighborhood in 1755 so it had to be rebuilt. We knew exactly where the next geocache, No Paço do Terreiro [Lisboa] (GC13Z3E), was hidden from a spoiler photo. Before we were finished signing the log, a police offer walked up to ask us what kind of tomfoolery we were engaged in.Travel Bug haircut at the Mega-EventsI felt like I was back in high school, getting caught by an authority figure. Here we were, four adult men, each with full lives running around downtown in the middle of the night. Isn’t there something more we should doing with our lives?  No, it turns out. We were having an adventure. What could be better than that? We explained we were geocaching. He told us he knew what that was and let us replace the cache and let us go about our evening.All of the caches we found that night were traditional urban micros.  They were good geocaches. But the food, the company, the hunt, the adventure that evening, and the Mega-Event experience, made my trip magical.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedGeocacher Competes in the 2012 OlympicsAugust 3, 2012In “Community”11 Years! 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Always Be Comfortable

first_imgI received a few emails about my Always Be Closing post from yesterday.Some people thought that this was old-school advice of the kind that is no longer useful in today’s day and age. One email insisted that not only was closing no longer useful advice, but the better advice would be to insist that sales people never close. In his opinion, if a salesperson does his job well, he and the customer will just naturally arrive at the next stage together without anyone saying a word.But I don’t know a sales manager anywhere who will tell me that their pipeline isn’t littered with opportunities for which the salesperson hasn’t gained the necessary next commitment. What’s really old school is to pretend that most salespeople are like Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most salespeople are more “always be comfortable” than they are “always be closing.”In the old days, when salespeople sold product, always be closing was good advice. You needed to ask for the final commitment, especially when there wasn’t much at stake. Now, you have to gain many smaller–but still critically important–commitments. And you have to close for those commitments.The Seductive Long Sales CycleThe long sales cycle is seductive. You can take time and create value during multiple visits, and prematurely closing for the final commitment would destroy an opportunity. The seduction is that you can be comfortable and avoid conflict; if you ask and your client says “no,” you have conflict. When that happens, you have to deal with that objection.I’m certain a lot of salespeople would be happier with always be comfortable than always be closing. There is no way to understate the importance of gaining commitments. And there is no reason to pretend that you aren’t closing for the next commitment. We’ve softened the language too much. No matter how long the sale cycle, there are a series of commitments that you must acquire between target and close. If you create value it’s very easy and natural to ask for these commitments, and asking is in fact closing.Selling Isn’t Something Bad That You Do To SomebodySelling isn’t something that you do to somebody. Selling is something you do with somebody, and closing is agreeing together to move forward. It’s okay to ask for the commitments you’ve earned. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s necessary.last_img read more

CBI given time to probe Tej meeting murder accused

first_imgThe Supreme Court on Friday granted time to the CBI to file a report on its probe relating to news reports, photographs and videos showing former Bihar Minister Tej Pratap Yadav, son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad, along with the men accused of killing scribe Rajdev Ranjan. A Bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and D.Y. Chandrachud considered the submission of CBI counsel that two more days be granted for filing the fresh status report on the probe conducted on the alleged meeting of the accused with the then Health Minister.“List after two weeks,” the Bench said.In judicial custodyEarlier, the apex court had sought the CBI’s response as to whether it had probed the news photographs and videos showing Mr. Yadav with Mohd. Kaif and Mohd. Javed, accused of killing the scribe and who were then absconding. The accused are currently in judicial custody. It had then directed the CBI to file a status report on the probe into the allegations that Mr. Yadav sheltered them and the news reports that purportedly showed them in the company of Mr. Yadav and Mohd. Shahabuddin, jailed Rashtriya Janata Dal strongman and a co-accused in the murder case. The apex court had issued notices to Mr. Shahabuddin, Mr. Yadav and the Bihar government on the plea of Ranjan’s wife seeking transfer of the case from Siwan in Bihar to Delhi. The Supreme Court had directed the CBI to proceed with the probe and ordered police protection to the scribe’s wife Asha Ranjan and their family.Shift soughtMs. Asha had moved the top court seeking transfer of the probe and trial in the case to Delhi on the ground s that media reports had shown two absconding killers of her husband in the company of Mr. Shahabuddin and Mr. Yadav. She had sought relief, including a direction to the CBI, to take up the investigation forthwith in view of the fact that the offenders, Mohd. Kaif and Mohd. Javed, were spotted with Mr. Shahabuddin and the then state Health Minister, where several policemen were also present. Kaif had surrendered in the Siwan district court on September 21.Work of sharpshootersThe scribe, working with a vernacular daily, was shot dead on the evening of May 13 in Siwan town by some sharp-shooters allegedly at the instance of the then jailed RJD leader, the plea alleged. Despite being named by the family of the journalist, the Siwan police did not name Mr. Shahabuddin in the FIR as a key conspirator, it alleged. It also alleged that the RJD leader was irked over some reports by the slain journalist on the issue of murder of three sons of Chandrakeshwar Prasad. Mr. Shahabuddin was awarded life term in one of the cases.last_img read more


first_img Facebook Emily Andras (Christina Gapic/Courtesy of Syfy) Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Advertisement Should ‘Axeholes’ move forward, it would be a co-production between Emily Andras and the cable network.  Wynonna Earp creator Emily Andras is looking to expand her relationship with Syfy.Andras is teaming with the NBCUniversal-owned cable network to develop Axeholes, a meta drama that would be a co-production with Syfy.Axeholes follows a mismatched bunch of comic convention attendees who inadvertently get transported into the real-life world of their favorite fantasy TV series, Blue Bar’Bara. In the worst role-playing game ever, the unequipped party must learn to navigate a dangerous land of profanity-spewing battle axes, sociopathic fairies, disturbingly sensual dragons and a chainmail-bikini-wearing shield maiden as they struggle to find a way back home. Login/Register With:last_img read more