Three elements do the long tail structure content and overall weight

content: the number of long tail keywords is huge, if specially to study to develop long tail words, then carries on the comprehensive optimization is almost impossible, the long tail word many sites are derived from user generated content, not enough content to support almost impossible to see the power of the long tail. Can truly reflect the long tail effect site at least tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, millions of pages. So for many small and medium enterprises and personal web sites rarely experience the long tail effect. How to allow users to take the initiative to produce content is a must think about the problem, can join the Forum on the site, or to make special, can also engage in these activities, on their own if they update it is certainly not too realistic. Anyway, if you want to do the long tail must have a lot of content as support. read more

Experience sharing analysis graph is love Shanghai after punishment

there are many webmaster friends when site traffic when the fluctuation that is a little love Shanghai punished, actually a lot is just the owners own too sensitive. The following make a mind map to help you cope with the site may be punished for the love of Shanghai, we carefully analyze their site content and short-term behavior, and then make accurate solutions, not just after a problem everywhere seeking guidance, complaining and tucao. He is the best understanding of their own site, to analyze and think about the heart sink, that can solve most of the problems, it is not only confined to Shanghai Longfeng work. Click on the picture you can browse no larger HD: read more