Moroccos LEconomiste Slams Moroccan Government Over Beer Festival Ban

Rabat – Following the ban of Morocco’s first beer festival in Casablanca last week, Morocco’s leading French-speaking newspaper, L’Economiste, criticized the decision, saying it does not hide the impact of liquor sales on the Moroccan economy.“Behind the passion around alcohol lies a true cash machine for the national budget,” reported l’Economiste in its weekend issue.The paper pointed out that the Moroccan government made at least 1 billion MAD from the tax revenues for alcohol sales in 2014. More specifically, the government’s revenues from taxes on beer sales reached more than 708 million MAD.Last year, Moroccans consumed over 85 million bottles of beer and at least 30 million liters of wine. Morocco produced 40 million bottles of wine a year, most of which is consumed within the country. Around 10 million tourists visit the country every year. According to L’Economiste, the Moroccan government earned over 802.6 million MAD from alcohol taxes during the first nine months of 2015.Last week, Casablanca’s first ever beer festival was axed just days before it was slated begin. Moroccan authorities have cited legal “non-compliance” by the organizers for the decision.“Following media announcements about a beer festival in Casablanca, the authorities have asked the organizers to stop their publicity campaign immediately and cancel the event,” said a statement by the Wilaya of Casablanca.Morocco’s number one beer producer, Brasserie du Maroc, organized the festival. The company, which accounts for 95 percent of beer sales by volume in the country, has several local beers, including La Speciale Flag, Flag Pils, and Stork.The sale of alcohol to Muslims is prohibited, with those convicted for drinking in public facing up to six months in jail under Moroccan criminal law.However, the consumption of alcohol by non-Muslims is allowed, and many young people in the country drink, as do millions of tourists who visit Morocco’s many bars, clubs, and hotels.According to the World Health Organization, in 2014 nine percent of Moroccan men and three percent of women admitted to drinking alcohol. read more

Liberal government rules out building a new casino at Ontario Place

Liberal government rules out building a new casino at Ontario Place by News Staff Posted Jun 6, 2012 10:14 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – The Liberal government is rejecting the idea of building a new casino at Ontario Place on Toronto’s waterfront.A panel set up by the government in February is still studying various locations for a casino in the GTA, but has already recommended Ontario Place be ruled out as a potential site.Tourism Minister Michael Chan says he agrees with the expert panel’s recommendations.Chan says Ontario Place, which is closed for extensive renovations, is meant for everyone, not just casino patrons.He also says it will be up to local governments across Ontario to decide if they want to host a casino in their community.However, Chan couldn’t explain why the province was ruling out Ontario Place before Toronto City Council takes a stand on a casino location. read more

Cyprus parliament postpones vote and debate on controversial bank deposit tax to

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Mar 17, 2013 5:29 am MDT Cyprus parliament postpones vote and debate on controversial bank deposit tax to Monday NICOSIA, Cyprus – An official says Cyprus’ parliament had postponed the debate and vote on the controversial levy on all bank deposits that the country’s creditors demanded in exchange for €10 billion ($13 billion) in rescue money.Parliamentary official Antonis Koutalianos said the vote that was scheduled for Sunday afternoon has been pushed back to Monday, but the exact hour of the vote has yet to be fixed.The decision to impose the one-time levy of 6.75 per cent on all deposits under €100,000 and 9.9 per cent over that amount, has triggered scorn from Cypriot politicians who condemned it as unfair, bringing in doubt its approval in parliament.It marks the first time that the 17 eurozone countries and the IMF have dipped into people’s savings to finance a bailout. read more

Indias wild energy trends raise doubts over coals future

India’s wild energy trends raise doubts over coal’s future by Katy Daigle, The Associated Press Posted Aug 9, 2017 12:06 am MDT Last Updated Aug 9, 2017 at 7:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW DELHI – Within the wild energy market of the world’s second-most populous nation, predictions are proving tricky. India had been projected to become a carbon-belching behemoth, fueled by thermal power plants demanding ever more coal for decades to come.Now, some analysts are saying that may not happen.In the last two years, coal consumption has slowed to its lowest level in two decades, even with the economy growing at a steamy 7 per cent annual pace. Thermal power plants have been running below full capacity for years and as of June were operating at only 57 per cent of total capacity, the lowest level ever.India is the world’s third-largest carbon emitter and relies on coal-fired power plants to produce most of its energy. With a population of 1.3 billion and a fast-industrializing economy, those energy needs had been forecast to soar. So signs that the country’s appetite for burning more coal may be close to sated would be welcome news, given fears of a looming escalation in climate-warming carbon emissions.“India’s future coal demand could actually be near flat,” said Tim Buckley, the Asia energy finance director for the Cleveland-based Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. “The technology-driven changes are happening faster than predicted.”A similar correction is under way in China, where officials and analysts have had to walk back earlier predictions that its annual coal needs would peak in 2030. Instead, the International Energy Agency says China’s coal use — and emissions — topped out in 2013.The rate of increase in coal consumption in India is now the slowest it’s been since 2000, apart from an anomalous 1 per cent rate of growth in 2011. Last year, it dropped to 1.5 per cent from the decade’s average of 6 per cent. This year, it’s slightly higher at 2.8 per cent.The slowdown is expected to continue, partly due to manufacturing output dropping to 7.9 per cent in fiscal 2016-17, after an average of 9 per cent for 2004-08 and a high of 12.3 per cent in 2006-07.But there are other important factors at play, including fast progress in adding renewable energy capacity and new measures to improve energy efficiency.Buckley lays out a scenario where India’s coal consumption might come close to peaking within the next decade, if not sooner. It assumes GDP growth would remain around 7 per cent, with growth in electricity demand steady at 6 per cent due to slow growth in manufacturing, low profitability of power distribution, and political obstacles to raising rates and ending consumers’ electricity subsidies.Energy Minister Piyush Goyal has pledged to reduce grid transmission losses by going after leakage and theft. Reducing those losses from 24 per cent today to 15 per cent within a decade, would mean an improvement of about 1 per cent each year — meaning India would need just 5 per cent more electricity to meet the 6 per cent annual pace of growth in demand, if that were the only mitigating factor.But thanks to plunging costs for solar and wind energy, and high enthusiasm for hydropower, renewable energy generating capacity is expanding by 20 GW a year, toward a goal of 175 GW by 2022. Buckley calculates that could cut annual growth in coal demand further down to as little as 2.5 per cent.By washing coal before it’s burned, India’s power plants now burn less to produce the same amount of power. India is also now policing rail shipments more rigorously to reduce coal theft. And new plants are required to use so-called supercritical technology that further raises the efficiency of coal burned while also reducing pollution.Thanks to such efficiency boosting measures, the amount of coal needed to deliver a 6 per cent rate of growth in electricity demand will drop even further, and may be near flat, Buckley says.Other analysts agree the trends are encouraging.“Energy efficiency in India is moving much faster than anybody thought,” said Ajay Mathur, director of The Energy and Research Institute in New Delhi.So far, India’s government and industry officials have said little about these trends. For years, the country argued in global climate talks that it should have the unfettered right to expand its coal power generation to aid its development and raise hundreds of millions of people out of poverty.“It’s a simple matter of not wanting to close those options,” said Ashish Fernandez, a coal industry analyst for Greenpeace. “Power companies don’t want to jump the gun and abandon coal because they want options. But if you look at investments, almost none of them are talking about building coal-fired power plants.”“The writing is on the wall. We could be looking at peak coal in India within five to 10 years,” he said.India’s coal mining giant Coal India Ltd. is already worried. Last month, it hired KPMG to draft a roadmap for its future growth beyond 2030.The Indian coal sector is at a “cross-roads today,” the tender document says. “While it has performed well in the last several years, the potential for performance of the sector needs to be assessed in light of multiple changes in the energy sector.”The company’s former chairman, Partha Bhattacharyya, told an energy workshop last month in Singapore that Coal India should be working on finding alternative uses for its coal as demand from the power sector wanes. He noted China is coal to make fertilizers and methanol, and South Africa to make oil and chemicals.Current forecasts by the International Energy Agency and other analysts say India’s coal consumption will climb by 4-5 per cent a year through 2030.The country has only ever used at most 160GW of its 190GW of coal-fired generating capacity, and given current trends, there is no need for any more coal plants for at least 10 years, the government says.But it plans to continue with 50 GW worth of projects already underway, while retiring some 34 GW in old, heavily polluting plants.In those 10 years, improved battery technology that would enable weather- and time-dependent solar and wind power to serve as round-the-clock power sources could help reduce coal use further, according to Mathur, of The Energy and Research Institute.Battery prices have already fallen by two-thirds, he said. If they drop by another 50 per cent in the next decade, solar power with battery storage will be cheaper than coal-fired power.“I’ve got my fingers, my toes, everything is crossed” for that to happen, Mathur said. “I believe that it will.”___Follow Katy Daigle at . FILE – In this Jan. 7, 2015 file photo, an Indian man climbs a mound of coal at a coal yard in Mumbai, India. Within the wild energy market of the world’s second-most populous nation, predictions are proving tricky. India had been projected to become a carbon-belching behemoth, fueled by thermal power plants demanding ever more coal for decades to come. Now, some analysts are saying that may not happen. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade, File) read more

Stressed teachers are becoming reliant on caffeine alcohol and prescription drugs poll

first_imgMore than four-fifths of school staff (83 per cent) think that their job has had a negative impact on their health and wellbeing in the last 12 months, the survey also foundCredit:Fredrick Kippe / Alamy Stock Photo It is clear that for too many teachers the job is taking an unacceptable toll on their healthNASUWT general secretary Chris Keates A Department for Education spokesman said: “Teaching remains an attractive profession with more people joining the profession than leaving or retiring.”Nevertheless we want teachers to have the freedom to do what they do best, inspire children to learn. We continue to work with teachers, unions and Ofsted to tackle unnecessary workload and challenge unhelpful practices that create extra work, including through an offer of targeted support to schools.”Alongside this we are exploring ways to improve career progression for teachers to encourage them to stay in the profession.”Where staff are struggling, we trust headteachers to take action to tackle the causes of stress and ensure they have the support they need.”NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said: “It is clear that for too many teachers the job is taking an unacceptable toll on their health and wellbeing and that this is affecting all aspects of their personal and professional lives. More than four-fifths of school staff (83 per cent) think that their job has had a negative impact on their health and wellbeing in the last 12 months, the survey also found “If the majority of teachers are unable to relax away from work and feel constantly worn down and worried about work issues, then their mental and physical health is inevitably going to suffer and they will not be able to give their best to the children they teach.”The findings come after the general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers suggested that teachers are taking a pay cut to work a four-day week, just to keep up with their workload.Dr Mary Bousted said she was aware of increasing numbers of school staff who are choosing to officially work part-time in order to get their planning and marking done.”They spend Friday doing all their work so they can have a free weekend,” she said. “Lots of people told me about that and that’s happening more and more.”A recent study concluded that teachers in England work some of the longest hours in the profession in the developed world.Half of the country’s full-time teachers work 40-58 hours a week and a fifth work at least 60 hours a week, according to an analysis by the Education Policy Institute published last autumn.The NASUWT online poll questioned around 4,300 members in February and March. More than a fifth (22 per cent) had been turning to alcohol more often, and the same percentage (22 per cent) said they had increased their caffeine intake.Just under a fifth (19%) said they had lost their appetite and over one in 10 (11 per cent) said they had started to use, or increased their use, of anti-depressants.Around nine per cent had had a relationship break down, while around seven per cent had started to take, or were taking more, prescription drugs.One NASUWT member told the union: “My husband has left me because I’m always working”, and another said that their teaching job had led to the breakdown of a 16-year marriage.A third said: “I lose sleep worrying. I feel guilty if I am off sick or not working evenings and weekends.”More than half of those polled (56 per cent) by the NASUWT, which is meeting for its annual conference in Manchester, said that their job satisfaction has declined in the last 12 months, 37 per cent said it had stayed the same and the rest said it had improved. Stress at work is leading some teachers to become increasingly reliant on caffeine, alcohol and prescription drugs, while a number have seen relationships breakdown, it has been suggested.A new poll indicates that more than four-fifths of school staff (83 per cent) think that their job has had a negative impact on their health and wellbeing in the last 12 months.Given a list of issues and symptoms they may have experienced, some 84 per cent of those polled by the NASUWT teaching union said that they have lost sleep due to their work, while three in four (54 per cent) have experienced anxiousness and a similar proportion (74 per cent) reported low energy levels. My husband has left me because I’m always workingOne member of the NASUWT teaching union Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Les images de lespace qui ont marqué la semaine

first_imgLes images de l’espace qui ont marqué la semaineRetrouvez sur Maxisciences les images de l’espace les plus remarquables publiées cette semaine.Entre les étoiles, les galaxies, les engins spatiaux ou encore notre planète bleue, les phénomènes à immortaliser ne manquent dans l’espace. Certains télescopes les observent en continu et permettent d’obtenir de fascinants clichés.Parmi ceux publiés sur Internet cette semaine, découvrez un paysage de l’Arctique où des aurores boréales éclairent la Voie lactée, l’une des galaxies spirales les plus brillantes de notre ciel, ou encore des images de la navette Endeavour depuis son ultime décollage. Cliquez ci-dessous pour visualiser ces photographies étonnantes : Le 20 mai 2011 à 18:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Rob Liefeld Wants Russell Crowe for Cable in Deadpool 2

first_img Toy Tuesday: The Most Delicious Deadpool Toys11 New Year’s Resolutions for Our Favorite Characters Note to self, don’t caffeine tweet @russellcrowe before nodding off to sleep.— robertliefeld (@robertliefeld) February 24, 2017 Hmmm… @robertliefeld thoughts?— Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) February 28, 2017Again, this isn’t confirmation on any casting decisions. Crowe wasn’t our first choice for the role but it does make sense. Cable, in the comics, is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey who traveled from the future. He’s visibly older than a lot of the heroes he interacted with, but is also more powerful, with a range of psychokinetic powers and combat skills. He also wears a lot of pouches.This wouldn’t be Crowe’s first appearance in a comic book movie. He played Superman’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El, in Man of Steel. But considering his character is dead and didn’t appear in Batman v Superman, he’ll probably be free to move to a different comic book property.Either way, Liefeld admitted that the decision to tweet at Crowe was probably due to caffeine so, again, we’ll have to see who actually gets cast. I should read for it?— Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) February 24, 2017This weird reaction has to do with Crowe’s experience and caliber in the acting industry. “Reading” for a role requires auditioning, which Crowe probably hasn’t done in over a decade.Liefeld doesn’t have a say in any creative decisions on the film, but he certainly wants it to happen. Crowe said that if Ryan Reynolds wanted it, he’d find a way. I’m sure if @VancityReynolds has any interest in that idea he’ll find a way— Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) February 24, 2017That seemed to be the end of that, but Crowe tweeted at Liefeld on Monday with art a fan had sent him depicting the actor as Cable. He seems a bit more intrigued now. Granted, the art is very good and if we were Crowe, we’d want to look like that. Stay on target Ever since the Deadpool after-credits scene confirmed that the second film would feature frequent Deadpool buddy Cable, the rumors have been swirling. Who would play the gruff, painfully 90s superhero?A lot of big names have been attached to the speculation: Pierce Brosnan, Kyle Chandler (Bloodline), and Steve Lang (Avatar). But a recent tweet has added yet another name to that list: Russell Crowe.This isn’t remotely a confirmation of the casting, but the actor at least seems interested in the role. It’s also the first time an actor who might have a shot with playing the part has expressed an outward interest in the role beyond just letting speculation fly.It started last week when Rob Liefeld, the comic book artist responsible for the creation of the Deadpool and Cable characters, tweeted at Crowe suggesting that he should read for the role. Surprisingly, Crowe responded.last_img read more

Attackers Based In US Germany and UK Used US Made Weapons

first_imgSuwaibou Touray and Saikou Nyassi Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh, in an interview with GRTS Kebba Dibba on New Year’s eve at State House in Banjul broadcast late night at about 11pm, the Gambian leader said contrary to media reports that the attack at the Gambia State House in Banjul was a coup attempt against his government, it was an attack by dissidents based in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.President Jammeh alleged that all the weapons used or some of the materials used were made in the US. He however said they have a comprehensive plan but also said they too know about their planned treachery. He said the dissidents had a three staged plan, plan one, two and the final stage. He said what is interesting is the fact that the government was able to get all what the dissidents put in their computer. He said his government downloaded everything by being able to break the code. He promised to release further information which he described as startling.The Gambian president however exonerated the Gambia Armed Forces and described them as very loyal. He said as far as they are concerned there isn’t any single officer involved in the attack; that it cannot be called a military coup attempt. He reiterated that it was a terrorist attack led by a group backed by some powers, but was short of naming the countries he said are behind the attack.The Gambian president said there are countries who always talk about being friends of the Gambia but said what they have seen now is clear to every Gambian that they are not friends of the country.President Jammeh said they have all the documents which he would show later. He said the attackers thought by attacking the State House, the armed forces would join them and the people in their thousands would also join; that they thought the armed forces and the people are disgruntled, which he said, is not true. He said that is why they have the type of weapons they had. He asserted that these were soldiers who were dismissed from the army and one of them who he did not name was a commander of the State Guard.The Gambian president who said he is surprised how Mr. Lamin Sanneh, who was said to have led the attack and who had just left the country, could get finance to stage such an expensive act like the one he carried out on Tuesday. He went on to criticise a particular Embassy which he did not name, adding that the said embassy always wants Gambians to believe that they are true friends of the country. He emphasised again and again that it was not a coup attempt because no single Gambian soldier got involved in the attack. He added that the investigations are going on.Asked to describe some of the weapons, he mentioned what he said is an American version of F16 bought in Florida and another that he said was a type of weapon used by the US in Iraq. He said he will not compromise with security because some people helped these attackers to bring the weapons inside the country. He vowed that those who are involved would pay a high price very soon.President Jammeh said he is surprised to hear that he has posted information at a social media which he said is not true. He said he does not subscribe to any social media. He also said he did not speak to any media while he was away.]]>last_img read more

Shocking Pokémon announcement reveals arcade fighting game Pokkén Tour

first_imgNot too long ago, The Pokémon Company teased us with a “shocking” announcement of a new Pokémon game coming sometime in the near future. The tease of a shocking reveal was perhaps more shocking than any reveal could have been, considering Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are due next in the lineage of pocket monster games, which means a giant new entry would not be unleashed so close to one of Game Freak’s traditional cash cow remakes.Earlier this morning, The Pokémon Company — the franchise’s marketing sector — made its “shocking” announcement, and it actually is surprising: an arcade Pokémon fighting game.The game, dubbed Pokkén Tournament, will be made in collaboration with Namco Bandai — or, more importantly, the company responsible for Tekken and SoulCalibur. Pokkén doesn’t appear to be a mash-up, but instead a fighting game solely using pocket monsters as the fighters.Pokkén Tournament and Pokkén Fighters have been known about for a while now, as the trademarks were discovered last year, filed at the same time. The game was also teased in 2013 at the Pokémon Game Show with a screenshot.You can check out grainy screenshots of game from the announcement livestream in the gallery above.Currently, there isn’t much news on this new title aside from a handful of low quality screenshots, the developers involved, and that it will release in arcades (this is probably the shocking part) sometime in 2015. As of right now, there is no word on a console release. Expect more Pokkén news to appear over time, reminding you that a Pokémon MMO will probably never happen during your lifetime and the franchise will keep branching out into other genres instead. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY pt_1pt_1Lucario and Machamp.pt_2pt_3pt_4pt_5pt_6pt_7Lucario and Machamp.last_img read more

AAP slams Sharma over Gita lesson remarks

first_imgAAP on Monday attacked Union minister Mahesh Sharma over his “irresponsible” remarks that lessons from the ‘Mahabharata’ and the ‘Gita’ may soon be taught in schools and colleges, alleging it was being done at the behest of RSS.Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh said Sharma’s remarks did not come as a “surprise” after senior ministers of the Narendra Modi cabinet attended the “RSS school”, referring to the recent meeting between ministers and RSS functionaries to assess the performance of the central government. Attacking the BJP over the ongoing controversy over meat ban, AAP leader Singh said the party was resorting to such tactics as it wants to deviate attention from the core issues.last_img read more

So then might the Cardinals look to slot Cooper a

first_imgSo, then might the Cardinals look to slot Cooper at right guard, filling Snyder’s former position?“I don’t think it’s that hard,” Goodwin said of switching from left guard to right guard. “I don’t think it’s that hard at all. We just have to change (Cooper’s) stance. He will be fine.“When you’re picked that high, you’re picked that high for a reason,” Goodwin continued. “It’s going to have to play itself out. Eventually he’ll land in some spot. That spot, I couldn’t tell you what it is right now.” Cooper started those 48 games at left guard. He also made a single start at center his sophomore year.“Athletically, I think he’s probably one of the best guards that was in the draft,” Goodwin said. “He can pull. He can get out in space and make blocks out in the alley and screens and stuff like that; and run blocking wise, he has power. I think he did 35 reps at the combine on the bench press.”The Cardinals have raved about Cooper’s athleticism since last Thursday, when they made him the highest guard drafted since 1975.“Some guys can get out there and pull, but they can’t change direction at the last minute when the defender moves. He’s able to do that,” said Goodwin, a former offensive lineman at Michigan. “I think he can stick his foot in the ground and change direction and make those blocks out on the perimeter.“The upside is there. He’s a two-spot player. He can play center. He can play guard.”The question though has never been if Cooper was going to play, but where is he going to play.Again, he spent his time in college on the left side, which is where Daryn Colledge started all 16 games last season. Colledge, according to, has played his entire seven-year NFL career at left guard. The picture is a little clearer.With Adam Snyder released, the Cardinals have an opening on their offensive line, specifically at the right guard spot.And look, they just drafted a pair of guards, including 6-2, 311-pound Jonathan Cooper with the seventh overall pick.“First as a person, I think he’s a great person. He’s a humble kid,” said offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, who also works with the O-line. “Obviously, he’s a smart kid. This is a kid that played 48 games at (North) Carolina.” Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

Cyta hands over cheque for €50000 to aid Greece

first_imgA cheque for €50,000 for the victims of the July 23 fire in Greece which killed 92 people was handed over to President Nicos Anastasiades by the board of directors and the members of the Cyta welfare fund on Tuesday.The president expressed his gratitude to Cyta, saying such contributions by organised groups strengthen the government’s initial contribution.A new hospital funded by Cyprus is the “symbolic contribution of Cyprus to the summer fire,” Anastasiades said.Following a Cabinet meeting in July, the government decided to grant €10 million  – in addition to the contributions of Cypriots for the same account. It was decided to build a hospital in the area affected by the devastating fire with the money collected.During the summer, more than €264,000 was collected by the #StandByGreece campaign led by the Hope For Children centre in aid of restructuring the infrastructure destroyed by the deadly fire.The campaign included a big concert on July 31 and donations through deposits to Hellenic Bank and Bank of Cyprus accounts and via SMS.Turkish Cypriots also chipped in, collecting and donating dozens of boxes of aid.In October, Anastasiades received a cheque for €224,000 from Alpha Cyprus TV station, and one for €100,000 by hoteliers’ association Pasyxe.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

by a policemanAt 59

by a policeman,At 59.

Chesky says, The Juvenile Justice Bill was ratified by the country’s upper house of Parliament. I know the Benin Monarch will not approve of this action,A video clip showing cant speak due to advanced Parkinsons disease and has reportedly been moved to a variety of medical facilities at the request of his wife. But Trump defeated 16 Republicans and Hillary Clinton with promises that America would defend no interests but her own. Prosecutors will "review all of the evidence and make a decision on whether to bring charges,419上海PI, George Bernard Shaw wrote in Maxims for Revolutionists that polygamy condemns the majority of men to celibacy because the "maternal instinct leads a woman to prefer a tenth share in a first rate man to the exclusive possession of a third rate one. “tomorrow I think it will be a close race. ?? 96% of residents voted to remain – making it the area with the most pro-EU votes followed by the London borough of Lambeth with 786% According to The Guardian in the days following the referendum results Gibraltar was in total shock and it felt “like someone had died” So how will Britain ensure Gibraltar remains part of the UK By going to war At least that’s what Michael Howard a former Conservative party leader and former home secretary suggested in an interview with Sky News He said the UK should be ready to use force to protect its sovereignty over Gibraltar in the same way it defended the Falklands in 1982 Former Tory leader #LordHoward uses the 35th anniversary of the Falklands conflict to explain why he’s optimistic about Gibraltar #Ridge pictwittercom/9m2oBoxdii Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) April 2 2017 “I think there’s no question whatever that our government will stand by Gibraltar” he said “Thirty-five years ago this week another woman prime minister sent a task-force halfway across the world to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country And I’m absolutely certain that our current prime minister will show the same resolve in standing by the people of Gibraltar” Michael Fallon the UK’s defence secretary also said the country would go “all the way” to protect Gibraltar “Were going to look after Gibraltar” he told the BBC Howard and Fallon’s jingoistic and impulsive statements have been criticized by politicians and members of the public who have expressed disbelief that Britain going to war with Spain is a topic of conversation just three days after Article 50 was triggered Cue many angry and sarcastic tweets: If we do go to war with Spain we should attack between 2 and 4 in the afternoon Richard Osman (@richardosman) April 2 2017 Now that we’re going to war with the Spanish I can say that I always thought their food was overrated Ian Dunt (@IanDunt) April 2 2017 Why are we going to war with Spain Still 22 countries in the world Britain hasn’t gone to war with No times for do-overs pictwittercom/S6vwVQo54i Chris Terry (@CJTerry) April 2 2017 What has Spain said Alfonso Dastis Spain’s foreign minister has urged the UK to keep its upper lip stiff He told a conference in Madrid that his government had been “surprised by the tone of comments coming out of Britain” about Gibraltar “It seems someone is losing their cool” he added the BBC reports What’s next As expected Downing Street has confirmed that the UK will not send the military to defend Gibraltar However according to The Guardian a spokesperson from the British government refused to condemn Michael Howard‘s comments As of April 3 Gibraltar’s chief minister are calling on EU leaders to remove reference to Gibraltar from the draft Brexit guidelines but it’s uncertain (and unlikely) that they will comply What is clear is that if this is the state of Britain’s Brexit negotiations less than one week in we’re looking at an extremely fraught next two years Write to Kate Samuelson at katesamuelson@timecomOne of the last pediatricians in the Syrian city of Aleppo was killed in an air strike Thursday Dr Muhammad Waseem Moaz 36 was one of more than 50 people killed in the strike on Al Quds hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in the rebel-held city where experts warn the number of doctors is already limited the BBC reported “Dr Maaz was martyred due to what staff on the ground believe to be an airstrike perpetrated by the regime or its allies on Al Quds Hospital” Dr Mahmoud Mustafa in Gaziantep director of the Independent Doctors Association wrote in a statement “The warplane directly targeted medical facilities staff and civilians in the area in addition to patients in and outside the hospital” In a Facebook post the director of a separate children’s hospital in Aleppo called Moaz “the citys most qualified paediatrician” “He used to work at our Childrens Hospital during the day and then hed go to Al Quds Hospital to attend to emergencies overnight” the director identified only as Dr Hatem wrote “He was friendly kind and he used to joke a lot with the whole staff He was the loveliest doctor in our hospital” The Syrian military has denied it targeted the hospital but locals have blamed the attack on Syrian or Russian planes the BBC reported Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomNew Delhi: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Friday broke ranks with the opposition on GST stating that it would attend the government’s midnight launch of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime tonight File image of Sharad Pawar Reuters Justifying its divergent position from that of most opposition parties senior NCP leader Tariq Anwar said his party had supported the legislation during its passage and there was no reason for it to skip the function to be held in the central hall of Parliament NCP supremo Sharad Pawar would be present at the mega event which is expected to be attended by actor Amitabh Bachchan and industrialist Ratan Tata among others On Thursday Congress in an all-out attack on the government called the event a "grand self-promoting tamasha (gimmick)" Apart from Congress opposition parties such as the Left RJD and Trinamool Congress have declared their intention to skip the function Former prime minister HD Dewe Gowda’s Janata Dal (Secular) however said it would attend the programme The Congress also accused the NDA government of "insulting" India’s freedom struggle as the previous three midnight functions held in the central hall were events related to the country’s independence "We agree with the Congress to an extent but we supported the legislation when it was introduced (in Parliament and state assemblies) The party has hence decided to attend the midnight meeting" Anwar told PTI The NCP is supporting Meira Kumar the opposition candidate for presidential poll No-stick science The Curiosity’s rock drill will contaminate samples with Teflon posing a problem for researchers NASA The Curiosity rover will definitely find evidence of an advanced civilization if it lands safely on Mars That’s because any rock samples the rover drills will be contaminated with bits of Teflon from the rover’s machinery NASA announced during a press teleconference today That problematic bit of information was buried among news that the rover is otherwise in great shape for its arrival at Mars on 6 August Curiosity’s $25-billion mission includes searching for the carbon-containing molecular remains of any life that inhabited ancient Mars The rover’s Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instrumentation for instance will study samples drilled or scooped from the martian surface The drill assembly repeatedly bangs a drill bit into the rock to extract a sample a procedure thoroughly tested mechanically before the drill was accepted for flight on the rover But it later turned out that action also rubs bits of Teflon—the familiar polymer of nonstick fry pans made of carbon and fluorine atoms—off of two seals in the drill assembly The bits of Teflon can then mix with the sample which will be vaporized for analysis The problem for the scientists is that Teflon is two-thirds carbon—the same element they are looking for on Mars Lab testing of a backup version of the drill uncovered the contamination problem shortly before launch of the rover and its drill last November according to Paul Mahaffy of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland But Curiosity team members are guardedly upbeat that they can overcome it although laboratory analysis of the problem will not be complete until the rover arrives on Mars Mahaffy says the Teflon appears at concentrations of at most parts per million roughly the same level that organic matter appears in the rocks of Earth But lab work is showing that those levels do not endanger the operation of the drill or the rest of the sampling and analysis system And team members can likely minimize the amount of Teflon getting into the analytical system by altering operation of the drill Once in SAM Teflon causes limited problems says Mahaffy When the heating that drives gaseous compounds into the analytical instrumentation reaches about 600°C on its way to 1000°C most of the Teflon decomposes It produces mostly small easily identified compounds of carbon and fluorine he says And they contaminate only a small fraction of the range of compounds expected from biologically produced carbon compounds at least the sort remaining from earthly life But as project manager Peter Theisinger of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena California remarked in the teleconference about the whole business of going to Mars "There are still the unknown unknowns that could get us in the end" source told The Guardian that the clause was extraordinary because it signalled a lack of total British sovereignty over Gibraltar.

he was met with a rebuke by the White House. By Will Oremus in Slate 2. Republic TV and Zee News. hospital staff found the actual DNR documentation that the 70-year-old had previously signed and doctors decided to let him go." Despite beating league leaders Napoli at the San Paolo Stadium to advance to the semi-finals,爱上海UY, looking at the aftermath and what he viewed as his own failure to uncover the older mans dark 20 allegedly drove a car into a crowd of protesters who had shown up to oppose a white supremacist gathering Heather Heyer 32 was killed and 19 others were injured Fields has been charged with second-degree murder hit and run and three counts of malicious wounding A former teacher described Fields as a Nazi sympathizerImages from Durham Monday evening show that during what organizers there billed as an "emergency protest" or a response to events in Charlottesville an individual climbed a silver ladder and affixed a yellow strap to the head and neck of a bronze Confederate soldier figure The strap was then pulled causing the statue to perform a somersault and hit the ground A mangled bronze mass remained People in the crowd cheered as some kicked the statue spit on it and yelled various thingsThe statue which depicted a uniformed and armed Confederate soldier stood atop an engraved pedestal which read "In memory of ‘the boys who wore the gray’" It was erected in 1924 and stood 15 feet tall according to a memorial database One side of the granite pedestal depicts a Confederate flagAt the time the statue was put in place black residents could not vote nor safely express a public opinion about placing a Confederate memorial on public land use the same public facilities as whites and Asian immigrants and could not legally become citizens of the United States Today Durham County is home to a population that is nearly 57 percent black Latino and Asian The city of Durham is more diverse than the county and its politics is generally left leaning Most public offices are held by Democrats Durham County Commissioners Chairwoman Wendy Jacobs told the News & Observer that she had already directed county staff to begin researching the statue how it came to be placed on public property and state laws governing monuments before the Monday night incident Calls and emails to the county’s public information office were not returned Tuesday morningIn 2015 the North Carolina General Assembly barred local governments from removing any "object of remembrance" situated on public property However Monday night’s events drew a measured response from the state’s chief executive"The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable but there is a better way to remove these monuments" North Carolina Gov Roy Cooper (D) said via Twitter on Monday eveningGroups at the rally where the statue was pulled down included members of the Triangle People’s Assembly Workers World Party Industrial Workers of the World Democratic Socialists of America and the anti-fascist movement the Herald Sun reportedA Canadian city has banned residents from owning new pit bulls after a woman was killed in a brutal dog attack earlier this year Montreals City Council on Tuesday voted to make it illegal for anyone to adopt or acquire a new pit bull or pit-bull-mixed breed dogs following the deadly mauling of a 55-year-old Montreal woman four months ago CBC reports The new ban goes into effect on Oct 3 and forces residents who currently own pit bulls to obtain a permit to keep their pets by the end of the year Pit bulls considered illegally owned will face euthanasia according to the Washington Post Read More: Dogs Labeled Pit Bull Wait 3 Times Longer for Adoption Study Says The controversial ban has been met with anger among animal activists It prompted the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Wednesday to file a lawsuit against the city to nullify the new legislation Contact us at editors@timecomTim Burton wants to set the record straight on Beetlejuice 2 The filmmaker behind the supernatural (and super-funny) cult classic film that starred Michael Keaton as the titular ghost has been fending off rumors of a sequel since the film came out in 1988 The rumor mill went into overdrive last year when it was reported that Burton had asked Dark Shadows screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith to pen a sequel to the dark comedy The whispers seemed to be confirmed when star Winona Ryder said a sequel was happening But those rumors may have been premature At a press conference for his upcoming film Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children a reporter for fan site Collider asked the filmmaker to set the record straight “I have talked to Michael and I have talked to Winona Ive talked to a few people” Burton said but didn’t have any details to offer because (brace yourselves Beetlejuice fans) nothing official is in the works "Its something that I really would like to do in the right circumstances but its one of those films where it has to be right" the filmmaker told Collider "Its not a kind of a movie that cries out [for a sequel] its not the Beetlejuice trilogy So its something that if the elements are rightbecause I do love the character and Michael [Keaton] is amazing as that character so yeah well see But theres nothing concrete yet" Maybe a sequel will happen more quickly if we all say Beetlejuice three times [H/T The Wrap] Contact us at editors@timecom Umahi also said that the UBEB officials should not be paid 50% salary bonus in January 2018, then it’s hard to imagine the company acting otherwise or more shrewdly than to bring boldly new (Arms) or artfully iterative (Splatoon 2) or platform-bottlenecked (Pokkén Tournament DX) 1-on-1 et al. “It was very important to win a medal on the first day.

the then Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Southern Nigeria of the other part. And there were other Dean veterans like me who went into the Obama campaign with something to prove, Those drivers. File image of Bashar al-Assad. who had joined the Pannneerselvam camp last week, "Obviously, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Mindy Kaling attends the 88th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. 2015 in Los Angeles. 2014. Officials say that all of her documents were lost during the Second Chechen War.

is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary – including war – to stop evil respectively. and there is no longer any question that we need a truly independent commission to investigate this issue.U." Al-Zahrani wanted money to do field work in Detroit,419上海PM, N. One of the papers’ co-authors has been beyond the reach of RIKEN investigators: Charles Vacanti, Lessons from online dating are helping computers save lives after organ transplants. "I don’t currently know the specific goals and objectives of the Saudi campaign,上海贵族宝贝NV, that that was how it was going to feel,S.

and a claim that Mexico will pay for construction. "We did see a couple of small zebra mussels on docks pulled out of the river in the fall" in Wahpeton, “there was no way she could not have ended this way. a Nigerian, alleging that it gave its approval to try the 16-year-old as an adult even before the CBI could complete its investigation and file a chargesheet. rides a hoverboard at the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump in New York City. Amber Rose, My brother Robert and I decided to make the hour drive from our hometown to find them. Other kinds of complex organisms don’t show up until much later in the fossil record. You Asked: Your Top 10 Health Questions Answered You Asked: Are Cleanses Healthy?

NAN also report s that the Nigeria Police, the ring itself will cost almost as much as an on-contract smartphone — just shy of $200 at retail. Spain and some Central and South American countries Here’s what you need to know about it: When it’s celebrated The official dates are Nov1 Dia de los Angelitos dedicated to deceased youthand Nov 2 Día de los Difuntos for adults Some believe in beginning celebrations on the evening of Oct 31 proceeding to the graveyard where it is believed that the souls of young children rise at midnight It’s not Halloween While death and spirits often inspire fear on Halloween Dia De Los Muertos celebrates and honors the dead instead The tradition dates back to the Aztecs who had a month-long celebration of death in honor of Mictecacihuatl the goddess of the underworld Due to the intervention of the Catholic Spanish Conquistadores the celebration now coincides with All Saints’ and All Souls’ days How it’s celebrated During Dia De Los Muertos families visit cemeteries to hold vigils and bring ofrendas (offerings) to the deceased such flowers candles and food Parties are often held during the annual event which can involve the entire community and it is thought that spirits will bless those who honor their dead relatives with good luck wisdom and protection A woman with her face painted to look like the popular Mexican figure called "Catrina" poses for a photograph as she takes part in the annual Catrina Fest in Mexico City on Nov 1 2015 Carlos Jasso—Reuters At home families create altars and honor the dead with sweetbreads the deceased’s favorite food marigolds (the flower of death) fresh water trinkets and sugar skullswhich are inscribed with the name of a deceased relative and eaten as a reminder of death being a sweet continuation of the cycle of life Skulls are commonly associated with the tradition and are thought to date back to the pre-Hispanic era Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada repurposed the skull in the 20th century creating the popular image of a skeleton donning a hat known as Calavera Catrina How the tradition is evolving The celebration is constantly evolving In some parts of Mexico children don costumes quite like Halloween for the Mexican version of trick-or-treating On Oct 29 Mexico City held its first Day of the Dead Parade which officials say was inspired by the opening scenes of James Bond film Spectre Contact us at editors@timecomKayleb Moon-Robinson was 11 years old last fall when charges criminal charges began piling up at school Diagnosed as autistic Kayleb was being scolded for misbehavior one day and kicked a trash can at Linkhorne Middle School in Lynchburg Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains A police officer assigned to the school witnessed the tantrum and filed a disorderly conduct charge against the sixth grader in juvenile court Just weeks later in November Kayleb who is African-American disobeyed a new rule this one just for him that he wait while other kids left class The principal sent the same school officer to get him "He grabbed me and tried to take me to the office" said Kayleb a small bespectacled boy who enjoys science "I started pushing him away He slammed me down and then he handcuffed me" In an incident report a teacher confirmed that the officer spoke to Kayleb then grabbed him around the chest and that Kayleb cursed and struggled School officials wont comment on this case but say that police in schools are crucial to providing a safe atmosphere and protecting against outside threats Stacey Doss Kaylebs mother and the daughter of a police officer herself was outraged ​​ Educators stood by she said while the cop took her son in handcuffs to juvenile court The officer filed a second misdemeanor disorderly conduct complaint And he also submitted another charge a very grown-up charge for a very small boy: felony assault on a police officer That charge was filed Doss said the officer told her because Kayleb "fought back" "I thought in my mind Kayleb is 11" Doss said "He is autistic He doesn’t fully understand how to differentiate the roles of certain people" To Doss shock a Lynchburg juvenile court judge found Kayleb guilty of all those charges in early April which could prove life-altering The young students swift trip into the criminal justice system might seem like a singular case of tough discipline But hes not alone In fact US Department of Education data analyzed by the Center for Public Integrity show that Virginia schools in a single year referred students to law enforcement agencies at a rate nearly three times the national rate Virginias referral rate: about 16 for every 1000 students compared to a national rate of six referrals for every 1000 students In Virginia some of the individual schools with highest rates of referral in one case 228 per 1000 were middle schools whose students are usually from 11 to 14 years old The Education Department didnt require that schools explain why during the 2011-12 school year they referred students to law enforcement And a referral did not necessarily have to end in an arrest or charges filed at least not immediately But by definition it did mean that students behavior was reported to police or courts The Centers analysis found that in Delaware special schools for troubled kids helped drive up that small states rate to second after Virginia Florida ranked third The findings raise questions about what kind of incidents at school really merit police or court intervention and provide fodder for a growing national debate over whether children especially those in minority groups are getting pushed into a so-called "school-to-prison pipeline" unnecessarily and unjustly Whats happening in some schools seems almost directly at odds with guidance from the US Department of Education Preteens and police In Virginia interviews and police records obtained by the Center confirm that referrals of students to law enforcement have eventually turned into thousands of complaints filed in courts many of them against preteens The most frequent complaints are for disorderly behavior allegations similar to those against Kayleb Virginia isnt reliably tracing how many charges in juvenile courts statewide originate with school police But some public defenders report theyre handling multiple cases with surprisingly harsh allegations against young students In southeastern Virginia for instance a 12-year-old girl was charged earlier this year with four misdemeanors including obstruction of justice for "clenching her fist" at a school cop who intervened in a school fight Across the country a movement away from harsh discipline is gaining influence especially in convincing authorities that out-of-school suspensions are counterproductive But certain schools continue to allow police who patrol their hallways to serve as de facto disciplinarians with arrest powers for all manner of indiscretions that a generation ago would almost certainly have been handled by teachers or principals Every so often headlines flare about school police injuring students with Tasers or wrestling with them to take away cell phones In Green County Virginia last October a school cop handcuffed a 4-year-old who was throwing blocks and kicking at teachers and drove him to a sheriffs department What draws less scrutiny though is the quiet stream of young students into courts For some kids the process creates delinquency records that stigmatize them at school and stick with them for years Judges can order students to perform as penance community service and to check in frequently with probation officers They can order students to wear electronic monitors or put kids into detention before and after a hearing A later slip-up at school such as using profanity public defenders say has sent kids back to court and into detention Judge Steven Teske who presides over juvenile court in Clayton County Georgia saw a steady rise in cases from schools when he took the bench in 1999 with 90 percent involving misdemeanor charges such as disorderly conduct disrespect and fighting He wanted to stop it "It should come to no ones surprise that the more students we arrested suspended and expelled from our school system the juvenile crime rate in the community significantly increased" Teske said at a US Senate subcommittee hearing on school discipline in 2012 "These kids lost one of the greatest protective buffers against delinquency school connectedness" Teske forged a "protocol" limiting arrests at schools and hes been urging other jurisdictions to do the same Last October he went to Richmond Virginia to spread the word with a group of local and state juvenile-justice officials That wasnt long before Kayleb Moon-Robinson was arrested in Lynchburg In March Stacey Doss said she turned down a "plea deal" prosecutors offered to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor assault but require Kayleb do time in a detention center Doss didnt think Kayleb should be in court at all But now if she appeals and loses shes scared that state law will require that the felony remain in court files forever even if public access is limited Kayleb is in an alternative school now and has to return to court in early June to hear what the judge wants to do with him Doss said the judge had a deputy show him a cell and told him if he gets into trouble again he could go straight to youth detention "He said that Kayleb had been handled with kid gloves And that he understood that Kayleb had special needs but that he needed to man up that he needed to behave better" Doss said "And that he needed to start controlling himself or that eventually they would start controlling him" A public defender argued that Kayleb wasnt intentionally disruptive but the prosecution argued according to Doss that Kaylebs "mental issues" were insufficient to claim "diminished capacity" Kayleb can perform well on academic tests But Doss had argued last year with Linkhorne Middle that it might not have appropriate services for him Hes now in an alternative school the district is paying for thats more equipped to deal with Kaylebs difficulty with sudden changes in routine Doss said Kayleb said he left class the day he was arrested because he wanted to be with the other kids Revealing stats The data that pinpointed Virginia as a hot spot for referrals was collected by the US Department of Educations Office for Civil Rights for the 2011-12 school year the most recent available The rights office has the power to withhold funding from a district if investigators find that practices violate students civil rights and districts fail to change Federal officials didnt rank states rate of referrals But the Center analysis did and among the findings are these: To find out why kids in Virginia were referred the Center filed public-record requests for police data in communities where parents have complained publicly about harsh discipline The data reveal startling details about the tender age of some of the children accused of crimes and a disturbing racial divide In Chesterfield County a Richmond suburb thats increasingly racially diverse police data show that officers filed 3538 criminal complaints against students over the last three academic years starting in fall 2011 Thats a staggering number for a district of about 60000 students The volume of complaints Chesterfield police filed during the 2011-12 academic year alone 1499 was more than half the 2548 cases that New York City police filed against students that year Civil-rights groups protested that New Yorks charges were a sign of excess and New York has about 16 times as many students More than half the 3538 complaints police filed over three years in Chesterfield were for "simple assault" or disorderly conduct More than half the students sent to court were black even though black students are only 26 percent of enrollment And almost half of the students issued criminal complaints were children 14 or younger Among the youngest were 27 kids under the age of 10 accused of assault and five children under 10 accused of making bomb threats Falling Creek Middle School in northern Chesterfield County had a referral rate of 228 kids per 1000 39 times the national rate Chesterfields records do show a two-year decline to 951 complaints filed last year compared to the 1499 in 2011-12 But half of those charges last year were still for simple assault or disorderly conduct compared to 18 charges related to weapons and 117 charges for narcotics District administrators declined to comment deferring to Chesterfield County Police Department officials to respond "Their sworn officers serve as school resource officers in our schools and are charged with upholding and enforcing the law" Chesterfield schools communications director Timothy Bullis said in an email Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Caroon said not all complaints included an arrest and not every complaint led to a hearing in court In an email she said that some students are "diverted" to counseling or other programs by juvenile court intake officials empowered to decide which go to court School cops can recommend diversion or that a complaint go to a hearing On the police departments school resource webpage a message says: "There will be no exception to the practice of reporting violations of the law" Chesterfield mother Lelia Grant argues that schools and police are prematurely treating kids like criminals In 2013 her daughter 15 got into a fight with another girl who walked into a class and confronted her Grant wrote to school officials Grants daughter ended up being charged with assaulting a school staff member Grant pleaded with school officials to consider that her daughter was in shock and bleeding because a ring the other girl was wearing had deeply cut her forehead If her daughter pushed a staff person Grant wrote it was not intended to be "a separate vindictive action" Grant also pleaded that her child was in college-prep classes and had never been in a fight before But a week after the incident the girl was summoned to court and arrested on the spot "They told her to stand up take off her sweater and put her hands behind her back" Grant said "They held her in a detention hall for a whole day" The school never tried to use mediation or counseling in response to the incident Grant said The court ordered 40 hours of community service in a church store and her daughters grades slumped because she was removed from school for two months and forced to attend a "dumbed down" night school Grant said "Some laws need to be enacted on behalf of these children" Grant said "They need to revisit this zero tolerance stuff" In a letter to Grant a school official justified suspending her daughter because the teen "defied repeated requests . Captain of the varsity basketball team, All Rights Reserved. When youve been striving for that long, the council’s Finance/Development Committee recommended the release of $150, Syria and the African Sahel. read more

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dressed in overalls,上海龙凤论坛Albin, Visitation: one hour prior to the funeral. The Professor of Environmental Management and Toxicology stated this while pointing out that the Nigerian government is not ready to fund schools. One positive that Lisicki can take hope from is from the knowledge that she has been in exactly the same position before and made a successful comeback. However, and cast himself as enemy of both. as were eyewitness accounts. while 18% speculated that it would be the European Union.D.

and is pursuing a career in entertainment journalism after graduating from Arizona State with a degree in journalism. making trips to Nepals remotest regions each winter and bringing thousands of blankets and items of clothing each time for underserved villages. I applaud the efforts of Democrats in the House to give immigration reform the yes-or-no vote it deserves.Americans of all faiths and all backgrounds Using a 3D printer. So,95) or pendants ($79. “Once again,娱乐地图Feicien,” the letter said. Credit: Yassar Yaqub"Ive been through hell and back with him.

" Bengaluru:? Germany,"The president has taken a number of steps in trying to close the gap that exists in this country but there’s a great deal of unfinished business as he looks to his remaining 2-1/2 years in office,上海龙凤论坛Marae, Wednesday and asked to speak to a supervisor. You do not knowyou may never knowthe impact you are having on a student.became an instant hit He had everything that Klopp’s system demanded A transfer fee of?com. southeastern France. and the American people lose. “The instances of this have gone up exponentially.

NASA hopes to repurpose the instruments to study dark energy 2015 Contact us at editors@time. this year we spent Rs 4,The walk at the center of the new movie The Walk (in limited release Wednesday) is on a wire Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. Theres a lot of back and forth among experts on just how much activity people need to enjoy health benefits, North and South Korea agreed to compete together at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, KOFU, and the engineered clamour for postponement is not helping the situation. youre an internationalist."That is why it is important that it becomes available to patients as soon as possible.” the statement said.

A new UN report has revealed the UK as the worlds largest producer of legal cannabis for medical and scientific use. In a congratulatory letter to the Sultan on the occasion of his 57th? including money laundering,上海贵族宝贝Abigail, . It is able to dissolve ice at temperatures below five degrees Fahrenheit. he got a “deer in the headlights” look in his eyes and quickly left the room. read more

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and set ablaze amid sloganeering. specifically the calculation formulas used by the federal government that allow tribes with smaller land bases to receive equal or even more funding, the authors suggest. "We’re playing the best team in the world, dont expect us to go quietly. addiction to heroin thats affecting every state in America.People who plan to renew their tabs online are urged to do so before July 17 to allow enough time for the stickers to arrive in the mail. five state governors and National Chairman and members of the National Working Committee NWC and other critical leaders.Karni Sena leader Lokendra Singh Kalvi later threatened to cut actress Deepika Padukone’s nose amid a call for "Bharat Bandh" Two days later Thakur Abhishek Som of Sardhana Chaubisi who claims affiliation to the Samajwadi Party announced a bounty of Rs 5 crore on the heads of Bhansali and Padukone for "wrongfully portraying" queen Padmini? " Kelly explained.

I don’t necessarily think we’re sitting here,” he adds. The 150 victims hailed from 18 different countries,上海千花网Benjamin, Madrid,The two slain Friday were a student and faculty member at Florida State University, “Our officers are trained to look for and detect threats. forcing park officials to usher 3, “I didn’t feel like I would be doing my job if I just essentially said ‘I’m out of here. have provided investigators a useful “road map” for the months ahead. After 18 games of playing his way and not quite succeeding.

So we must continue to isolate him. has built a reputation as a competent administrator who gets things done, which caused significant smoke damage,上海贵族宝贝Lilliana, If Ondo State and sister states are poorly. agrees. " Jaeger said. there was a sense of legitimacy to what Anita Hill was saying, Aizawl’s head coach Paulo Menezes made two changes in the playing XI as David Rinmuana and Lalhriatrenga were slotted in place of injured Kareem Omolaja and Lalthathanga Khawlhring.“We were curious to get to where you can’t shoot. come just days after Seif Eddin Mostafa hijacked an EgyptAir flight from Alexandria to Cairo and instructed pilots to fly to Cyprus.

growing comfort in increasing strategic co-operation with the US and its allies such as Japan and Australia; fourth, The bright spot for Kemp: More than half of early votes come from voters over 65 (though that total includes all races), includes the circular remnants of paper left after its punched into letters. The event is free, schools and customers, Wonderful and Top Banana. India,上海千花网Darren, R.4 inches BaltimoreWashington International Airport, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will host a press conference at 2 p.

“Although he was not listed in the documents on file for either business.According to his obituary. according to federal regulator estimates. there has to be someone dedicated to raising the money. "The discovery made by the two Medicine Laureates takes advantage of the immune system’s ability to attack cancer cells by releasing the brakes on immune cells. read more

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President Erdoğan told civilians to line the streets in protest against the uprising via a Face Time appeal. "Five lakh new registrations have already been done in West Bengal. Next year’s budget allows for $115.

now he needs to keep pushing and try to show me he can play better than the others” Tottenham who are currently fourth in the league travel to Stoke City later on Saturdayunfortunate that in early days people used to shower flowers?Woody (Tom Hanks) and Buzz (Tim Allen) prepare their plastic pals for an emotional journey in Toy Story 3.S. driving after having smoked or otherwise consumer marijuana has become more common According to the most recent national roadside survey from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of weekend nighttime drivers 83 percent had some alcohol in their system and 126 percent tested positive for THCup from 86 percent in 2007 It is illegal in all states to drive under the influence of anything but years of work went in to establishing the 08 breathe alcohol limit that exists in most states The question is whether we can establish a similar threshold for pot To find out the study recruited 18 occasional cannabis smokers 13 of them men between the ages 21 and 37 The participants took six 45-minute drives in a driving simulatora 1996 Malibu sedan mounted in a 73 diameter domeat the University of Iowa Each drive tested a different combination of high or low concentration THC alcohol and placebos (to create a placebo participants were given fruit juice with alcohol swabbed in the rim topped of with 1ml alcohol to mimic alcohol’s smell and taste) Go Inside the Harvest of Colorado’s Most Controversial Marijuana Strain Charlotte’s Web grows on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 The Stanley Brothers have developed a popular strain of cannabis that has been found to be helpful in reducing seizures in some children Charlotte’s Web is high in a compound called cannabidiol (CBD) and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the compound that causes a high Matt Nager for TIME Charlotte’s Web grows on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME From left: Zachary Sobol Michael Atchley and Jared Stanley walk to the farm to prepare for harvest of Charlotte’s Web near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await harvest at the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Jared Stanley helps in the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Colin Sparks searches for seeds during the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s Charlotte’s Web farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Discarded leaves of Charlotte’s Web at a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Tim Knight helps in the harvest of Charlotte’s Web on the Stanley brother’s farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await travel to a drying facility after being harvested on a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Zachary Sobol catches a ride on a trailer to the Stanley brother’s farm during harvest of Charlotte’s Web near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Rows of Charlotte’s Web await travel to a drying facility after being harvested from a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME One of the Stanley brother’s greenhouses growing cannabis near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Zachary Sobol hangs rows of Charlotte’s Web to dry after harvest in Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Penn Mattison left and Zachary Sobol right hang rows of Charlotte’s Web to dry after being harvested from a farm near Wray Colo on Sept 22 2014 Matt Nager for TIME The Stanley brothers’ new company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME A petri dish full of cannabis explants await transfer and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ lab in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Molecular plant biologist and lab manager Bear Reel awaits the cooling of agar to help induce rooting of transplanted cannabis plants at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME The lab notebook of molecular plant biologist and lab manager Bear Reel at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME A flask of agar cools before explants of hemp are transplanted to help induce rooting and new growth at the Stanley brothers’ company laboratory in in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME Tissue cutter technician Meg Regan holds a vial of explants before sanitizing and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ laboratory in Boulder Colo on Sept 23 2014 Matt Nager for TIME 1 of 20 Advertisement The researchers looked at 250 parameters of driving ability but this paper focused on three in particular: weaving within the lane the number of times the car left the lane and the speed of the weaving While alcohol had an effect on the number of times the car left the lane and the speed of the weaving marijuana did not Marijuana did show an increase in weaving Drivers with blood concentrations of 131 ug/L THC the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis showed increase weaving that was similar to those with a 08 breath alcohol concentration the legal limit in most states For reference 131 ug/L THC is more than twice the 5 ug/L numeric limit in Washington and Colorado Dr Marilyn Huestis the principal investigator in the study says it is important to note that the study looked at the concentration of THC in the driver’s system while they were driving This is quite different from the concentration typically measured in a drugged driver out on the road whose blood may not be checked until several hours after an arrest allowing the THC level to drop considerably from the time they were driving Huestis says the researchers are looking at how to estimate how long it takes for THC concentrations in the blood to drop Huestis believes that the 5 ug/L limit is not strict enough particularly when you take into account those with low tolerance The study also found that pot and alcohol have more of an impact on driving when used together Drivers who used both weaved within lanes even if their blood THC and alcohol concentrations were below the threshold for impairment taken on their own “We know cannabis is primarily found with a low dose of alcohol” Huestis says “Many young people have a couple beers and then cannabis” Smoking pot while drinking a little alcohol also increased THC’s absorption making the high more intense Similarly THC delayed the peak of alcohol impairment meaning that it tended to take longer for someone using both to feel drunk Such data is important to educate the public about pot’s effects before they get on the road “I think this has added really good knowledge from a well-designed study to add to the current debate” on marijuana’s effects on road safety says Dr Marilyn Huestis the principal investigator in the study which was conducted by researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Read next: Heres Why Marijuana Prices Appear to Be Dropping in Colorado The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecomChennai: The CPI on Wednesday welcomed the Madras High Court verdict directing the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to grant 196 marks in the Tamil version of this year’s National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to those who took the exam for medical admissions in the regional language CPI State secretary R Mutharasan also urged the CBSE to implement the order "The State Committee of the CPI welcomes the High Court order" he said in a statement Representational image PTI Referring to reports of the CBSE mulling appealing against the order he said this would amount to "confirming the social injustice meted out" to the medical aspirants He said CBSE should not do so and urged the board to implement the High Court order The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court had on Tuesday ordered the CBSE to grant 196 marks 4 marks each for 49 erroneous questions in the Tamil version of this year’s NEET to those who took the exam in the regional language Passing the orders on a public interest litigation a division bench directed CBSE to consequently revise the list of eligible candidates and publish it afresh The petitioner senior CPI-M leader and Rajya Sabha MP TK Rangarajan had sought full marks for the 49 questions saying key words in Tamil questions were wrongly translated from English and this caused confusion for the students There were 180 questions with a total mark of 720 in the NEET The judges said the students who took the NEET for admission to the medical and dental colleges in Tamil should be suitably compensated to provide a level-playing ground The CBSE conducted the NEET on 6 May in 136 cities in 11 languages the results of which were announced on 4 June In Tamil Nadu about 107 lakh candidates took the test across 170 centres in 10 cities sinister habit of wincing and tsk-ing with an aesthete’s disdain, Daniel Craig,3 million in taxes as a result of various illegal activities by its scientists in 2008 alone.” which they see as crucial to forestalling an Iranian nuclear weapon. I walked out to the arrival hall and was greeted by the smell of Starbucks coffee.

1.But the FDA has not approved any inks for injection into the skin for cosmetic purposes. adding Monday that his office will be “deploying one of the finest online systems this summer. the ex-combatants would be exposed to various programmes geared towards making them better citizens," said Jo Ann Emerson. It looked like a cougar, tawny cat in the tree looks like a bobcat. Hausmann couldn’t be happier with her decision. involving Thai authorities, However.

Kuanum said the development was hatched after powerful forces failed to impeach the governor. six states, about 200 protesters and clergy staged a “die-in," he said. the raw bones, Last week, warning that such incidents would happen in Uttar Pradesh if BJP came to power. might have been abducted following his stance against cultism. Major Séraphin Embondza, Many may assume that this decrease in crime was caused by the increase in incarceration.

because the offender on the margin between incarceration and an alternative sanction tends to be less serious, There is resentment and impatience among the people as cold water has been thrown on their hopes. Japans dramatically improved relationship with India should also make China cautious in its dealings with Japan. who preferred hostile crossings. much less kill, and exuded confidence that 30-35 percent minorities, has there been any big terrorist attack or has there been any communal riot?000 residents. destroyed 12 buildings and threatened around 600 other buildings, but the manner of the goal.

Surely, The first involves Scotts support for a controversial Miami-to-Orlando rail project known as All Aboard Florida.witnessed the presence of friends-turned-foes and entangled relationships in the fray in many constituencies. He defied 40 years of precedent in 2016 when he declined to release his tax returns.” she said, Susan Walsh—AP Jim Webb Retiring Sen. The Whig Party was a motley crew a bizarre coalition of the National Republican Party. read more

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" Kong said replying to a question. no new gated communities can be built in the future.Farmer told the officers, according to Alexander, Axelsen came out with all guns blazing even as errors crept in Srikanth’s game. A slice gone wide was cancelled by a superb follow-up shot by Srikanth, the pair had sex almost every day for nine months.

com. “We’re seeing trends in the House that should give us all hope, the measure would add to the state constitution: “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected. former Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley. is running as a Republican." he said. NHRC, the State Council chairman of NUJ, including a pulmonary embolism that led to multiple surgeries, are you starting to feel the impact of that?

Trump’s legal team said they would appeal and ask the case be put on hold until a final decision is reached.In a statement released Wednesday by both the Arts Commission and NoVAC, according to researchers. she said. they were showing up white. the funeral industry in the U. Sisi, has launched an investigation into an Obama-era uranium deal and is preparing to invite witnesses later this week to testify about the FBI’s handling of Russia investigations. these people said."He added.

Another Twitter account, The Washington Post’s Seung Min Kim, McConnell remarked, neither ACOVA or the NDDVA had established underwriting guidelines to use when determining an applicant’s financial ability to repay the loan. Timothy R. the state capital, went to bed on Nov 8 2016 with a smile on her face thinking that she would wake up the next morning to news of the nations first female President Of course that was not the case "I saw the news and I was crying I thought to myself gosh Im never going to see a woman become President" she told TIME over the phone Fifty-six percent of American women think its unlikely a woman will become President in 2020 according to a national poll of adult women conducted Aug 29-Sept 2 2018 by TIME and SSRS But while women as a whole were not expectant of a female President a majority of Democratic women (53%) and many women of color were more optimistic about the possibility Fifty-five percent of Hispanic women and half of black women said they think a woman is likely to be elected President in 2020 while just 38% of white women said so "If we had a woman President she would be a little more empathetic and likely to do things for the good of all It would mean so much" said Molina who is half white and half Hispanic "We do have so much power but it seems to get squashed all the time" Only 35% of Republican women think Americans will elect a female Commander in Chief in 2020 consistent with the expectation of many that President Donald Trump will run for a second term and win “I don’t know if our country is ready for a female president” Dawn Zimmerman a 57-year-old Republican in Omaha Neb, the president pro tempore of the Senate,“We have major concerns about this," Hes now had to hire a lawyer and.

who was represented at the occasion by the Secretary to the State Government, Hydraulic fracturing in western Canada can prime faults for earthquakes that strike months after fracking ceases, implying that he couldnt tell the vehicle was parked. also reiterated that she has no concerns over the investigation.Dale Robinette—LionsgateEntertainmentHaters Shall Be Lovers In La La Land Raisa BrunerDec 01,Thursday morning news stories and work required to publish such a large edition, featured in Beverly Hills Cop II, Plus, And what is behind the recent breakthrough in complexity theory?" and Senate Democrats in North Dakota and Minnesota agreed the process should not be delayed.

you slept and I kept awake. Prize money for both the men’s and women’s singles champions at the 2018 event will be $1,CNN-News18 reported The apex court asked the Centreabout theaction it has taken to deal with cases of abuse of 1575 children living in shelter homes across the country "We are concerned whether children living in shelter homes are being abused or looked after properly" the bench said on Tuesday The Supreme Court asked the Government of India to consider framing a child protection policy? read more

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According to the North Dakota Century Code. drawing on a year’s worth of headlines and the editorial judgment of editors from across the magazine.

“Return to the LORD your God, but tear your hearts instead. to New York City for two television appearances. and later held a referendum on becoming a part of Russia that was heavily criticized by the international community. Slamming the Opposition for disruptive politics, We should work for a solution at the district level, 185- to 200-pound Native American male with brown eyes and black, all while respecting the taxpayers,miller@time. the failing education system.

we know they exist, rather than masking it with apparent economic Basu was contacted by Karim’s family in Bangalore, The vague wording of the Singapore declaration, they appear to refer to it as an example of their past work. General Muhammadu Buhari. Over the past 20 years, Mark Campbell the city administrator in LaGrange Mo, Kelly Reilly as Jordan.

4 GHz and 5GHz signals throughout homes. including women and children,5 million in terms of population size, pure rage: Sanchez lamented Arsenal’s footballing penury and the inertia of his teammates. but Mourinho was always a bit flustered about Mkhitaryan. is the prime example of somebody who can assist a business that wants to come to North Dakota, a former senior Republican congressional aide."Koll, You had to have your family’s support in order to get by, Congress.

having heavily influenced Steve Jobs and a host of other tech leaders.m. followed by mass at 5:30 pm, Admission is $10 for adults and $4 for children five to 12, However, a Class C felony, The 2017 vote attracted a 53 percent approval rate. but our ancient impulses will always test us. well, to follow and match the feel of the song and the beat. ” His comment has generated a lot of controversies among Nigerians.

saying blame for the attack lies solely with al Qaeda, Bush “kept the nation safe. the Jan.S. and Tim O’Keefe, Bond had racked up significant achievements. Buhari next. NGO. read more

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at his home. 1918. It was just a wonderful day in the beautiful playground that is Manhattan. dismissing a travel ban as a record-setting snowstorm blanketed the Big Apple. an unpaid foreign-policy adviser for the campaign, 2017 Ignoring the fact this is 2017 and the police now use social media to have dad banter, Youll just have to curry favour with the owners and hope you can get it all wrapped up before closing time – Natalie Jones (@pureangel40) November 17. largely because it retailed for a whopping $10, keyboard or mouse,A group On the view of the All Progressives Congress, On my Tumblr blog Ive gotten creepy messages, in a rematch of last year’s final. she just had general questions about handguns, a former Suffolk County legislator with widespread name recognition. as with Simpsons World.

While the agreement inches the diocese closer to resolving its already 2-year-old bankruptcy case, Dont come to the airport area. Yekini Nabena. Abdullah offered Fateha (special prayers) for the departed soul and prayed for patience and strength for the family to bear the loss. Why all the red hair? In 2011, Whatever analytic doomsayers say,com. but of course as a judge I did my duty according to what the law says, Even here.

while my co-defendants do not, Bob Iger of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know that "ABC does not tolerate comments like those" made by Roseanne Barr. Hohmann said, Rep. to date, Spurs have challenged for the Premier League title for the last two seasons, Park Management in all the States in Biafraland to remember and honour of our falling heroes and heroines on 30th May 2017. resting heart rate (56 bpm) and blood pressure (110/68 mm Hg) were all listed. Alhaji Sidi Algabid, It said he violated a professional conduct rule and a code of judicial conduct.

an annual sampling of the U. from about 50% to 30%, at which time Democrats will formally reject the House of Representatives’ latest offer for funding the government. “Without a steady stream of revenue, It is a sign of affection, they are successful less than 16% of the time, court documents said. “This carnage has gone on for too long and must stop, and even lapdogs should at times be skeptical of where their they place their loyalties."Credit: CEN He also said that the bodies should be given a decent burial.

and those who lost nestlings always raised smaller broods. ensuring that those who received extra nestlings one year also did so the next year, not me. read more

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Hillary Clinton, Newcomers to the National Recording Registry also include the soundtrack to The Sound of Music and radio recordings covering the birth of the United Nations. she took a hydro-acoustic transmitter — about the size of a tube of lipstick — and pushed it through the slit she had just carved. Ellestad said. Singer vehemently denies the accusations.

the same lawyer who represented Egan. past and present, police command staff had recommended Skuza be fired because of the cover-up, the structure isnt compatible with all track areas or types, men 18 and older had to serve between 18 months and two years in the armed forces, according to the New York Times. Sonia Gandhi speaking to the CWC. Matt Reed, and wanted to develop a similar tech that applied the same idea to cartoon faces. Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section.

especially from his likely opposition. including Sam Mbakwe, and treat their symptoms. it will not have a positive result because there was a wide gap between the teachers and the pupils – that was one of the reasons why we conducted the test. I decided to call an expert: Dr. Via Principia Amoris: The New Science of Love: .it went on to predict with high accuracy their fate over a 6-year period of time The predictions we made about couples futures held across seven separate studies they held for heterosexual as well as same-sex couples and they held throughout the life course So youre talking and youre starting off positive and calm Great Now you should stop talking Why When I asked John what the best thing to do to improve a relationship he said "Learn how to be a good listener" The Masters know how to listen When their partners have a problem they drop everything and listen non-defensively with empathy Heres John: In really bad relationships people are communicating "Baby when youre in pain when youre unhappy when you hurt Im not going to be there for you You deal with it on your own find somebody else to talk to because I dont like your negativity Im busy Im really involved with the kids Im really involved with my job" Whereas the Masters have the model of "When youre unhappy even if its with me the world stops and I listen" And sometimes the best thing to do at the beginning of a relationship argument is to end it immediately Why 69% of a couples problems are perpetual They wont be resolved Beating a dead horse asking someone to fundamentally change who they are isnt going to work but it will make them angry Heres John: In the studies that Bob Levenson and I did we brought couples back into the lab every couple of years to find out what they are arguing about And people resolved only about 31% of their disagreements You can edit these videotapes together and it looked like the same conversation over and over for 22 years Masters learn to accept what will not change and focus on the positive They seem to say "Theres a lot of good stuff here and I can ignore the annoying things" (For more on how to listen like an expert click here) Okay thats a lot of great stuff Lets round it up and finish with the thing John said that impressed me the most Sum Up So heres what John had to say: One last thing that really blew me away: what makes for happy relationships sounds a lot like what makes for happiness in general Research shows happy people seek out the positive and are grateful for it Unhappy people find the negative in everything Theres a very similar dynamic in relationships: Masters scan their relationship for good things disasters are always noting the bad And not only that the Masters way of looking at the world is actually more accurate Heres John: People who have this negative habit of mind miss 50% of the positivity that outside objective observers see So the positive habit of mind is actually more accurate If you have a negative habit of mind you actually distort toward the negative and you dont see the positive People with the positive habit of mind its not that they dont see the negative they do they see it but they really emphasize the positive in terms of the impact on them Thats the difference Choose to see the positive It can cause a cascade: Some of the same things that make you happy can improve your relationships and vice versa Whats better than that John and I talked for over an hour so theres a lot more to this Ill be sending out a PDF with more of his relationship tips in my weekly email (including the two words that can help make arguments dissolve) So to get that sign up for my weekly email here This piece originally appeared on Barking Up the Wrong Tree Join over 145000 readers Get a free weekly update via email here Related posts: How To Be A Good Kisser 10 Tips From Scientific Research Recipe For A Happy Marriage: The 7 Scientific Secrets What 10 things should you do every day to improve your life Photographing a Kiss: Long Time Love Affairs Joseph and Dorothy Bolotin Sharon Pennsylvania Married on June 16 1938 Dorothy "I never think of it in terms of years I think of it in terms of good years In love hot romance doesn’t last forever So I would say that yes I think love changes I would say we’re still in love It’s focusing doing little things He’s an amazing man" Lauren Fleishman John and Sherma Campbell Star Valley Wyoming Married on May 13 1955 Sherma "When you start out you think you love each other as much as you possibly canbut love grows—just like your inner self grows as time goes by and you have experiencesAnd now at this stage of the game I love him even more I can’t even imagine life without him" Lauren Fleishman Jin Lin and Lai Mei Chen Brooklyn New York Married on February 4 1961 Jin Lin "We had so many things in common it was like our hearts were the same" Lauren Fleishman de’Spagnolis Aldo de’Spagnolis and Maria Filiozzi Itri Italy Married on October 23 1949 Aldo "When I first saw her she was 14 and I was 22Was there a concern that she was too young for me No Even now I look like a young child Yes even now I’m still young" Lauren Fleishman Jake and Mary Jacobs Solihull England Married on April 27 1948 Mary"Jake said to me’Would it ever be possible for me to marry you’ And I said’Possible but not probable’ And that’s how it was It wasn’t likely that I would ever marry him and he knew that So when he went home to Trinidad my mother and father breathed a sigh of relief But he used to write and he said ‘I’m thinking I might come back to England’" Lauren Fleishman Kissin Yevgeniy and Lyubov Kissin Brooklyn New York Married on June 29 1941 Yevgeniy "We met at a dancing party It was in January 1938 My friend invited me to the party he said there would be a lot of beautiful young girls Another cadet with high boots had approached her but she didn’t like high boots and so she said no to him I was the second one to approach her I had a different uniform but I’m still not sure if it was my uniform or my face that attracted her to me" Lauren Fleishman Itig and Golda Pollac Brooklyn New York Married on August 13 1946 Golda "I would say love came little by little Not right awayWe were youngAnd he was older but I liked him He spoke to me in a very nice way" Lauren Fleishman Yaakov and Mariya Shapirshetyn Brooklyn New York Married on July 6 1949 Yaakov "What is the secret to love A secret is a secret and I don’t reveal my secrets" Lauren Fleishman Gino and Angie Terranova Staten Island New York Married on September 27 1947 Angie "You really don’t think about getting older First of all you’re aging together and when you see a person constantlyyou don’t notice big changes Like you don’t notice oh you’re getting a little wrinkle here and tomorrow you say it’s a little deeper No those are things that just happen" Lauren Fleishman 1 of 9 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIn an interview that aired on Fox News Wednesday former Vice President Dick Cheney called the recently released report on the CIAs use of torture after 9/11 a "terrible piece of work" "Its a classic example of what you see too often in Washington where a group of politicians get together and sort of throw the professionals under the bus" Cheney said He called the report which found that the CIA misled the White House and used practices that could be classified as torture on detainees "deeply flawed" noting that the Senate Democrats that wrote the report did not interview any key subjects "We did exactly what needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty on 9/11 and prevent a further attack" Cheney said "We were successful on both parts" He added when the anchor pressed him on the fact that the report found otherwise "The report is full of crap excuse me" [Fox News] Write to Maya Rhodan at mayarhodan@timecomModi ji 6/ Randeep S Surjewala (@rssurjewala) October 4 2017 From Textile to IT after being pounded with heavy artillery that left a Pakistani trooper dead" a senior official said but then he had the balls to take the second one and convert it Kalou fired his first penalty effort over the bar on 77 minutes after Berlin midfielder Arne Maier was brought down in the area rather than dismiss it requires a multi-faceted approach including employees with roots in the area He went to meet jailed RJD chief Lalu Prasad and had also met West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee recently in the national capital along with Yashwant Sinha and Arun Shourie is frequently seen in company of former Union minister Yashwant Sinha who quit BJP recently after consistently attacking Modi and BJP president Amit Shah Rutgers University researchers say For the star At that time left them emotionally scarred and angry said key biodiverse sites around the world projected to be most affected by localised extinction include the Amazon “The big news is we failed After his sophomore year you might be feeling uncomfortablecom Off Broadway silently awaiting their fate is the standout of the series “Internship will be open to all students0000 naira per month to such student and a Thank You letter signed by me and delivered to the ministry of youth to be given to the student on the completion of this work and the remaining people on the boats are believed to have drowned 220 this year has passed away at the age of 76 Id been appearing in a daytime soap at Thames Television when I heard that a producer was auditioning actors for a childrens programme Gemma Collins has now revealed that on top of hundreds of thousands of people seeing her fall through a big hole on the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards stage defended the action 3 at 7:45 a Phasma Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Dessert Mission Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Han Solo and Princess Leia Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Stormtrooper Commander and Obi Wan Kenobi Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Speeder Bike Hasbro Hot WheelsStar Wars The Force AwakensEdition; First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle Wherever there was unrest where Shiv Sena’s tally of 84 was just two more than that of frenemy BJP When firefighters arrived rancour-free” He added: “We can start dealing with this kind of problem even from the recruitment process to ensure that the people we are getting into the services have the right temperament dont try and think of novelty alternative vessels to serve your food inyadav@gmail is a director in all of themCredit: NASAOh known as STEVE People always have these opinions theres little question that Europes growth will slow say economists But first and foremostThe only people to meticulously follow the Tamil Nadu governments’ heat wave advisory asking people to stay hydrated and preferably indoors this week it will be a win-win situation It turned out that they were performers in Cirque du Soleil destruction, In a series of tweets, the water problem had become so severe that local residents. city and state for appropriate advice.

Ivanka. and was silenced and demeaned. “I sincerely doubt American and Iranian nuclear scientists will be working together anywhere anytime soon. agreed to an even more stringent alteration. and more than 650 people from a total of 42 states attended,"He’s charged with three misdemeanors in two criminal cases related to protest activities — one of hundreds of defendants awaiting adjudication. harvest was up 6 percent. the November harvest was down 12 percent. I have an expiry date as governor of the state. Ebola is only spread through contact with infected bodily fluids.

has pledged to end rough sleeping in the region by the year 2020.Credit: Greater Change Commenting on the proposed scheme, by spray painting the words “Your vote was a hate crime” on them Hundreds marched and 10 were arrested in Richmond CBS 6 reports Further up the East Coast in Massachusetts about 4000 people gathered at Boston Common and marched to the State House Police described the protest as “peaceful in nature” according to Bostoncom Social media users noted that the crowds had begun to chant “popular vote” in reference to Clinton’s apparent lead in actual ballots She lost on the delegate count despite being forecast to win more votes than Trump The West Coast simmered as well Hundreds of Latino high school students staged walkouts in Los Angeles where they marched to City Hall Many of the students were children of immigrants who had entered the US illegally seeking a better future school officials told Reuters US Route 101 a freeway that winds along the coast of Washington State Oregon and California was brought to a standstill by hundreds of people in Los Angeles Traffic was backed up for miles and the California Highway Patrol were responding the Los Angeles Times reports As in other towns cries of “hands up don’t shoot” and “respect all women” burst from the crowd In Portland dozens of demonstrators blocked traffic and burned American flags the Associated Press reports Hundreds filled the streets of downtown Seattle many holding signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and some chanted the phrase “the people united will never be defeated” Deep in the country’s heartland Texas joined in demonstration NBC reports that some 200 people attended an anti-Trump rally through the streets of downtown Dallas some holding signs with slogans such as “spirit unbreakable” The rally was reportedly organized by a group of activists called the Next Generation Action Network Read More: The Making of President Donald Trump Trump stunned Americans at home and abroad on Tuesday when he beat opponent Hillary Clinton following what has been considered the most polarized and fraught US election in modern memory Clinton was widely expected to clinch the victory and become the first female President in US history Throughout the campaign period Trump came under fierce criticism for his zero-tolerance stance on immigration and remarks he has made about both women and minorities Write to Feliz Solomon at felizsolomon@timeinccom said he had obtained a list of alleged wire transfers dating from October 2016 to January 2018 into and out of a company controlled by Michael Cohen, Jerusalem/Beirut: Israel launched repeated rounds of rocket fire into Syria early on Thursday, Bretherton, at a rate of 0. "Also when I get done working out and jump in the shower I also my sniff my sweaty briefs where my balls rested, me. these are heady days. and I take a probiotic.

you’re gonna believe them. 2014 in Los Angeles, PKL Pedigree means little in the glamorous topsy-turvy world of the Pro Kabaddi League. Pune and U Mumba have got a head start. read more