Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools is chicken ribs

for this problem, everyone’s first reaction: certainly useful ah, it can regulate their chain, prevent spam links etc.. More conducive to the web site in the search engine’s friends.

outside the chain of tools?

removed from the network, the grassroots webmaster dinner on Shanghai Longfeng networker, the main object is the love of Shanghai people. Love any time Shanghai little action affects everyone’s nerves. This is not March 1st rejected outside the chain of tools online just appeared, the webmaster friends into the search engine the whirlpool, you need so tired? read more

Site optimization aspects should be paid attention to

in the website optimization, should always have such a thought, not for the website optimization Website Optimization and content, the pursuit of natural, outside the chain of the pursuit of natural, not deliberately artificial, along with the development of search engine, search engine more and more intelligent, added to the article and the chain of keywords, the search engine can easily judge out, and take corresponding measures, or not included, or to reduce the weight of the page, on the site optimization of long-term development is very unfavorable. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization how to grasp the degree of the problem

we do internal optimization when the mind must have this awareness, that we’re not going to do to get better ranking, but what can be done to remove or change existing not >

for the link, we must first understand such a truth, when voting, voters are based on their willingness to vote to decide who is the winner, but there is another kind of circumstance is our head with a knife against the voters so that they were forced to choose. The first one is very good, very normal, we can put Shanghai dragon called natural link. But if the second is passive voting, we let the other sites is passive voting for themselves. We all know that the first link is very difficult, so we have chosen second kinds of links, but to do this for the love of Shanghai can be said to be illegal, since it is illegal things, is cheating, we should grasp the degree of love! Or found in Shanghai, is actually the same fate as can be imagined. The truth. read more

1 years love Shanghai weight do 6 share

a lot of people operating Links are associated with their web site on the front page of the chain in fact here we swap, it is best not to do the station link to others, the home pages and separate operation. Here we say a point I think things will transfer the weight to home page, the same page will transfer the weight to the home page. The inside pages can also exchange friend chain with others, remember.


is for a period of time, the love of Shanghai is not what weight to 6, but the stuttering problems the author think it can share. The first screenshot attached Adsense data website: read more

The online travel website channel brand a hundred flowers contend in beauty is the key to the user

go to a strange city, watching the scenery, with the usual totally different taste local variety of attractive delicacy, travel for life have a great temptation, in the modern people is full of competition and pressure at any time in recent years, travel has become people to relax and relieve the pressure of choice, the online travel industry rapid development. According to the statistics show that in 2010 the domestic online travel industry reached 32 billion, compared to 2009 increased by 42%, and this year the growth rate is expected to be not less than 30%, while the online travel website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain continue to emerge, can be said that the online travel industry has entered into a blooming spring flowers. read more

Analysis of SEO novice to do five elements of the chain must know

mentioned the website SEO chain, presumably many novice do SEO optimization of the first reaction is blog review, BBS post, BBS delivery articles and so on. Think of some of the SEO in the middle are garbage means, many people still use, but the final result is quite tragic. In the SEO external link construction, there are many good search engine optimization method, worth our learning. Today and to talk about the SEO novice to do the five elements of the chain must know.

one, manual is the most cattle mass software read more

Speed is beautiful simple will be happy

"speed is beautiful, simple will be happy"

yesterday have friends made a very good proposal, suggested that the relevant documents attached to the "fever download, we discuss midnight evening hours, 2 boxes of beer, it reached a consensus: at this stage does not provide training for file downloads, trouble, little significance.

, just look for a file on the computer and practice it. Let’s make the page a little bit simpler, take a little less action, and make the video a little richer, and let it go a little faster and a little faster. read more

My opinion on website promotion profit

today, there are many ways to take office, including the Internet, a practical tool for home work is not a dream. The easiest and most popular way to make money through the Internet is to build a website. Choose a theme, online CMS content management system, and get a template, and then prepare hundreds of articles, this station can be hung on the internet. However, how to profit through this station? Below we start from the station should pay attention to the problems and profit way,

traffic: whether you’re an enterprise station or an information station, "content is king" is always the golden rule. Baidu like originality, users prefer originality, a can provide them with fresh and useful information station, will give the user a good impression, and often come to visit, become fixed flow. read more

Be vigilant! Spam messages may be fatal to your web server

A few days ago a friend said

feedback to us to open our website particularly slow, and he wants us to help him do site and site operation and maintenance services, so the feedback for us is really not what good things, I began to think he was the first reaction is to open our network so slow, and I’m here because often open their own websites so do not feel how slow. Then I looked at ctrl+F5, who was slower than a snail. I realized the importance of the problem at the moment.

with my intuition on these problems, the first is to realize that the server is out of order, because it is not possible to increase the number in the past few days in our site traffic, also may not be because we have program faults such as dead circulation. At that time I feel very helpless, we own this does not appear because see before me on the Internet that solutions to the problems, such as we have to modify the site program so it is unlikely to cause the website programming error, has not changed the configuration of the server so it is unlikely to be the fault of WEB server configuration the. read more

From PR0 to PR3 on the experience of maternal website one month Bao Le Amoy

as the 80’s father, because of the double vowel identity and occupation, I have been pondering the sake of a maternal and child class WEB2.0 website, this website can be collected after 80 parents need common wisdom, to settle down parenting experience, can serve as a platform to bring convenience to 80 parents. This is the reason for the birth of Bao Le amoy. After the Spring Festival in 2010, from the website development, by April 1st, from PR0 to PR3 GOOGLE to update the PR value (real gift: April Fool’s Day P), also before and after a month’s time, although is not what special record, but also want to record, give some reference and help for some new adsense. read more