Why a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learners lack of execution Two steps to fix

Answer: because the

here, I gave all Shanghai dragon friends saying: "when you work, when you are in hesitation and doubt their own pay, do not know how many people are to give up, insist!" in addition, today Sunday saw an article today’s headlines at home inadvertently, though this article is about how to lose weight in the title, but in fact there is no weight loss method, but to teach you how to insist on doing one thing, I read, I feel very interesting, like talking about success. read more

nterpretation analysis of the influence of anti chain changes

(1) love Shanghai algorithm changes, it is difficult to deep, I will not say.

(2) followed by the love sea index database and database connection, in fact the chain first into the index library, through the audit will determine in the database, the database will not enter the chain normally lost, if you get the data and query tools by domain:…… data inconsistencies… Well prepare data fluctuate at any time, because now a part of the chain may not directly delete audit.

this week work summary, that found that the chain is reduced, we can query, according to common sense, to reduce the possibility of anti chain is very low, basically because the anti chain is by my own hands personally, and the quality of the individual did not feel bad, but before the chain around the main industry forum posts or blog or love Shanghai intimate quiz quiz, but in fact, the chain did reduce. Of course, I in the process of sending mail, this has lasted more than 1 months, advise you here in the next, bulk mail cannot be estimated, software company 800RMB buy, only sending and collecting mail function, the second is the bulk of the tracking number, but I accept to add your own email address address and several times, I did not receive mail, but also in the analysis of 51 sites in the background, I don’t see any mail from the mail address, so the success, we simply fail to grasp, only know that it has no effect. read more

HR Qiu Yongsheng Shanghai dragon novice job

also has some problems in the work of the Shanghai dragon recruitment, small Q has been a profound reflection on what is called Shanghai Longfeng proficiency? What is the Shanghai dragon master? Then the Shanghai based Phoenix

how to improve their level of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to expand their ideas, which are worthy of working in the company to work in Shanghai Longfeng thinking, these are important factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng occupation career.


assistant always complained to me, the company. read more

n the Sina blog on the blog the chain

– page set

, a chain of

is added to the list of components, add keywords and link

: final renderings

blog there is no need to worry the chain, because the love of Shanghai is not included, do come to do up, wait for many visitors, blog high level, to seconds or the time included the appropriate to do outside the chain, multiplier.

custom components The old

3. update frequency to a fixed

Two, the maintenance of

this is common sense, according to the Wuhan Shanghai dragon.

read more

Methods attract spiders summed up the solution to the new sites included problems

due to some new website, love Shanghai included less poor, so many webmaster headache, exhausted all methods, the effect is still not ideal. To solve the problem after all, problems, and coping methods, following after their do stand experience, summarizes several methods to solve the problem, new sites included.

is often seen on the Internet, netizens said, "content is king, the chain for emperor" slogans, Xiao Bian realized the importance of the content on a website, above all, there is no good website content, basically even garbage station, there is no doubt that everything is going to experience the punishment from the user. This is the king. So, we made the article on the website, originality and readability, can attract readers come next time reading, or income favorites, in this respect, can make the original web site content and a good user experience, this website can be counted as fresh blood, new nutrition. Like this, if you love Shanghai not included, the sun rises from the west is not strange. Love Shanghai more and more focus on user experience, pay more attention to the original, this is all obvious to people. So do the dumpster friends, your website is not included, or included, or included, and to eliminate, reason to believe she was clear. read more

The love of Shanghai know some unknown little secret

love Shanghai index tool is a very good keyword analysis tool, it can find out the daily search volume keywords, we can identify which keywords is an easy job to do flow according to the tool, which is worth us to do the key word search volume, but a lot of people respond Shanghai index tool provided is love no, for example the keywords website search volume is around 1800 to 3300, when we put the key words do love Shanghai first, even if the words no love Shanghai auction, the daily search volume tends to be a lot less, according to the actual observation of most of the owners, IP may only search every day 30% of the index, that is to say if we put this website keywords to the first love of Shanghai is our site The flow may be only 540 to 990 or so, many owners believe that this is a relationship with some people’s search habits, such as the construction site in the search keywords love Shanghai news, or in the web search only don’t click caused by the actual flow of website and the Shanghai index deviates from the great love. read more

Website optimization needs from the user point of view


user experience Optimization and search engine optimization is essentially complementary to each other, the search engine on the web crawl mode, the value judgment on the website, all from the perspective of the user, any improvement of user experience, is to improve the search engine. Optimization of search engines, but also will benefit users.

will flow into real customers, enhance corporate image and visibility, and search engine optimization is brought to the site flow, flow into the determinants of customer or user, if the user that web content and services cannot be satisfied, the optimization to bring traffic can not be transformed into effective and stable the customer, this optimization has no meaning. read more

Noble baby analytics several useful flow segments

Traffic sources


I once wrote an article about the block optimization, recommend everyone to see, after the first two steps of the flow out of our segments, each search engine of Shanghai Longfeng traffic statistics, but this is not enough, we need to know every search engine traffic in Shanghai Longfeng, respectively, by what types of URL traffic, for example, love Shanghai, the website of the important directory with the AA, BB, CC directory, we want to segment the love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng flow of the three directories below URL, such as the website of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love flow down, you can clearly know is AA drop directory or BB, CC directory, directory, combined with the included URL, on site traffic declined to make a scientific judgment read more

Keywords ranking on the first page only need three points a

planningThe design of

. The degree of attraction: such as the title of my blog: "in 2014 the case of search engine optimization of prospects: Links how to change?" the title of this is to attract users to click; because I grab the user looking for information that desire; everyone is when writing articles must reflect the importance of the article in the title on a little more work to do; everyone in the Links article; I will use a "2014 search engine optimization is one of the future" because some users are aware of the Internet a lot of writing about Links article, why I want to see you; because the time is now 2013, everyone want to know what is the optimization of 2014; love Shanghai algorithm will be how to change these! Everybody is looking for a desire. You do not believe you can see the number of reading 300 Doyle read more

The latest of several mining methods recommended in 2014 long term

A few days ago

love Shanghai auction (promotion)

drop-down box and relevant search results search


this is the most effective mining long tail word, the real user consultation is the best method of conversion, most sites will be set up to the window, the user can timely solve the problems encountered, can narrow the distance between the user and user related issues, consulting as long tail word is again good however, the conversion rate is very high. Problems related to user consultation, can pick out key words from then on, finishing, you can order a original articles of their own. read more

A good choice of space is the fundamental of all website promotion optimization

what is not cheap can account for. Don’t for a penny, let oneself of the efforts to pay water flows east. If you are very strong commercial website, would you suggest to buy a server, either, for the space business qualification. In this way, can do is in place, in addition, in terms of service could be solved in time. This is better than cheap hundreds are strong.

second, do the optimization of the site, the space must be stable

third, find a certain quality of service

The space

had heard many people say that the spatial stability is very important, especially for the promotion of the site space is not looking for cheap or free space is not stable. Although the beautiful child knows it. But overall, not really aware of the space is not stable, let you completely to the collapse of the situation. Do network promotion also have more than one year. This year is the brainchild of. Not what site is K or drop right problem. So the space requirements will not be so strict. Recently, the school made a website, suddenly no data. After a month of hard data are gone. This really makes me collapse. From this thing I have summarized. read more

Scarcity and repeat the search engine is included to duplicate content

net, and the net is divided into different areas, different industries and different enterprises and different sites, which is composed of many different small nets, an article in a network with a network, do not represent the other there are, especially a a good quality, the audience, the timeliness should exist in each network and get good treatment, the equivalent of a good book, from the United States, many people love, so there will be various countries different publishers to buy copyright, each country each district people can see and can very good to choose to buy, do not need to go to the United States to buy some. read more

SEMFLY my secret sharing optimization of Shanghai Dragon

, the choice of keywordsKeywords

is now the Shanghai dragon optimization method is too general and too general, so now Shanghai dragon too traditional, and the traditional way of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method do effect is very slow, so we work a lot of time, and the effect is also very slow, so when the Shanghai dragon Er encounter such things when there are some will lose confidence in ranking, so Shanghai Longfeng method requires entrepreneurs need to change, a new optimization method instead of optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng ancient, let everyone on the effect can be faster, and can also save us a lot of work, may have some friends here. Doubt? Since said to reform and innovation of Shanghai Dragon technology, so in the end how to reform? In fact, the reform of the truth of Shanghai Dragon Technology of the root This work did not become more and more change is how we work from reducing the workload, and can quickly achieve the effect, which is what we really change the place, of course I do in Shanghai Longfeng work designed a set of procedures, I would say that we are beginning to do and, one day I work, Shanghai dragon defines how the crap, here to share with you my experience. read more

Fuzhou Shanghai home love makeup school into optimization of thinking strategies


(2), keywords and long tail keywords search

website optimization process, a good website optimization strategy of Shanghai Longfeng can optimize the result depends on the future of marketing. (Fuzhou makeup school 贵族宝贝rumenwang贵族宝贝/) Shanghai Longfeng strategy for enterprise site optimization is very important, for some of the relatively large flow of the site, it is especially important to develop a good strategy for Shanghai dragon.

(3), long tail keywords keywords distribution and planning read more

Gao Wenliang some opinions on Shanghai dragon training industry

for these two kinds of people, do not want to eat a big fat man all do, and now the training industry competitiveness is relatively large, if at the time of fledging two groups are doing it must be a problem, because when you start the team certainly not many people, could not every day lecture, also is that all students are class together, don’t you want to have people who started to speak Shanghai Longfeng level how analysis of a website? Or to the second classes of students speak what is outside the chain of read more

Shanghai dragon has entered the popular era and tools it

now, all walks of life are beginning to pay attention to the website of Shanghai dragon, start planning their Shanghai dragon team and departments, in some medium-sized city, Shanghai Longfeng cost is not too high, there are a few computer network, few people can intervene, Shanghai Longfeng promotion resources are more and more popular, especially in Shanghai dragon tools, more flexible, is Shanghai dragon has entered the popular era and tools it.

in Shanghai dragon in each transition strategy, there are some websites do not wind down the weight of the site itself unshakable, very high, of each new page can add Dudangyimian, training the weights of the website is not a short duration of time things, need to continue to insist, continuous efforts, for the website, regardless of the ups and downs are never abandon. read more

The breadcrumb navigation structure examples to help you simplify site

, of course, not all of the navigation can be used to simplify the breadcrumb navigation. Breadcrumb navigation should be used in accordance with the operating logic of linear thinking under the guidance of the user. For example, if the user wants to see our NBA live video, so our users may not care about entertainment gossip, may not care about football or tennis what news events, then the linear navigation bread crumbs can well meet the needs of users. Or because the page space or access set > read more

Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools is chicken ribs

for this problem, everyone’s first reaction: certainly useful ah, it can regulate their chain, prevent spam links etc.. More conducive to the web site in the search engine’s friends.

outside the chain of tools?

removed from the network, the grassroots webmaster dinner on Shanghai Longfeng networker, the main object is the love of Shanghai people. Love any time Shanghai little action affects everyone’s nerves. This is not March 1st rejected outside the chain of tools online just appeared, the webmaster friends into the search engine the whirlpool, you need so tired? read more

Site optimization aspects should be paid attention to

in the website optimization, should always have such a thought, not for the website optimization Website Optimization and content, the pursuit of natural, outside the chain of the pursuit of natural, not deliberately artificial, along with the development of search engine, search engine more and more intelligent, added to the article and the chain of keywords, the search engine can easily judge out, and take corresponding measures, or not included, or to reduce the weight of the page, on the site optimization of long-term development is very unfavorable. read more

The analysis of competitors to improve Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills

finally: the chain for the importance of the website I believe we all know, the chain analysis of competitors is the key site optimization, because maybe you don’t know much about this industry, do not know what relevant forums or.

in the operation of a Shanghai Longfeng optimization project, the first thing is according to their own website for relevant competitor station, find out their optimization keywords, the construction of the chain structure, method and so on, through effective analysis of competitor station to optimize their station will get better effect. Especially in the new Shanghai Dragon don’t know how a optimization scheme can be considered relevant information search keywords to see lower in some rival search engines in front of the site. Many novice Shanghai dragon to ask so study how to analyze competitor station? The Yishui Shanghai Shanghai dragon and all that should be analyzed from the aspects of: read more