Two tools easy fix for the high quality of the chain resources troubles

from the above we can investigate the A5 day included the number of articles, if one looks like very powerful website, every day included scanty, that is to give up, this tool also can judge a site recently a day, a week, a month, a year of love for Shanghai related domain, hard to find the chain resources you, whether a little thought? Yes, we can look at those rankings so good website, where every day to send the chain, how? If you have a little bit of help? If you can feel good.

Webmaster Tools !

the first tool is: the

! !

this is the most important tool you can see recent a day, a week, a month, a year how many articles were included in this website, so we can use the features of this tool, how to judge a site included the effect of



Hello, there was a time not to A5, do not know that the webmaster friends have a good time? Today to bring you the topic is: "the chain resources for high quality only requires the use of two tools", we all know that Shanghai dragon cannot leave the chain resources, have powerful outside chain resources and for a promotion or a website weight keywords ranking promotion, will ease, as the chain resources, you mind immediately shows: blog, forum, catalogue, ask a number of chain form, but easier said than done, really do it you will encounter problems, such as in Shanghai love search: "to send the chain Forum immediately tens of thousands of forum appears in front of you, but what things are good or bad, today will give you points Enjoy, I was outside the chain of resources and how to use the two tools for high quality, I hope you can give love



has a simple judgment on a website weight, is not enough, because some sites, although it looks very strong, but the real included or rarely, then we will use the second paragraph tools to judge

second tools: love Shanghai advanced search tool

it is the A5 web site, we can see that PR is 6, included the number 140000, love Shanghai related domain is 490000, YAHOO link 125931…… And as long as you have a little common sense, you can easily determine the weights of the site, when you find such a website, you can take it as our object outside the chain of

this tool for engaging in Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster friends, be familiar with it, but if you have a lot of friends make good use of it? Just take it as their own website, query the reverse link with the fact that we can expand: simply enter a web address, how weight you can probably discriminant this website: let’s take a look at

What about the Links

to say some big websites Links, such as some industry portal station station. This station we see the number of Web sites included need. Because of the large web pages directory, deep, high weight website structure, good website, included the number of good will. Low weight website, the structure is a good web site, may not be included. So, should be included in the number of parameters the weight of a large site, a parameter is Links we change the.

included in the site of

The snapshot

website today included the number



website today included the number is the site of the last 24 hours included the number, by using the advanced search love Shanghai, can be found in this website today included the number. If a new website today, can be included in a few minutes, or 24 hours included, said.

The second is to change the

some people say that for Links to change among web site, actually I have little sympathy for this argument. The first thing to say is if we change the enterprise class Links when. This number included as to the death card we don’t change the link condition. Because of the general business station is very small, the page is not more. Where can I say so much included, general enterprise stand optimization 3-4 keywords, general optimization home page. The weight of the website are basically focused on the home page. So long as the enterprise stand ranking is very good, good flow. Even if included low can also change the.

QQ every day on the line, you see a lot of group flashing, these are my Links group. Links has been a good way to the source of the chain. But Links does good to improve the site’s ranking. But everything has a good side and a bad side. Links is such a good Links can quickly improve your site’s ranking, but if you change the Links is not good, then your website ranking is no good at all, even the great harm. It is Links what is good? If the evaluation quality of a website, or see several main parameters:

I don’t know what time for Links people begin to pay attention to the website snapshot, want to know why the website snapshot is one of the main parameters of Links, so we’ll take a look at what is the meaning of the website snapshot. The website snapshot refers to the search engine (such as love Shanghai, noble baby etc.) when crawling the web data, a cache on the web page, when users encounter sites not open, can view the information on the website. If the snapshot date of a site close to the current date, and often update, so we can believe that the search engine is paid attention to this website. To prevent this website when open, visitors can see this latest web site through the website snapshot. So, the new website snapshot is an important factor for the Links.

Analysis of the site should be how to choose keywords

first, the website will have a theme, such as I do is talent network, or do the repeater or other etc.. This theme is you want some.

is composed of two long tail keywords set of keywords to add some set of words generated. The long tail keyword search volume small, high conversion rate. Is the need to slowly development key set.

pan refers to those really relevant and your site theme, but the search volume is amazing, but the low conversion rate of keywords. The competition degree is high, difficult. Is a secondary consideration set of keywords.

has a theme. You need to prepare the divergent thinking. Think of all the Related words as much as possible. Do not look on the Internet, as far as possible to use your imagination. Then you can also ask your friends. Say you want to find a job you can search time? What do you want to buy what will you search.

now you have got a fuzzy set of keys. This time we can proceed to the next step, you according to this keyword set search, find all natural top three websites. And so it will be added to the collection site keywords you have in. You can collect these sites through the observation site of title and Keywords tag keyword. The two step is completed, you can put your key set into 3. Keywords pan, and the most accurate keywords, long tail keywords.

Keywords The

whether your company has a site formed or are preparing to start a website, so for you, first you have to choose a set of keywords. This set of keywords will be your work after a center of gravity.

if you have carefully read the Shanghai dragon tutorial, so you should have a preliminary understanding of Shanghai dragon. But left Ge personal experience is limited, I do not start from personal station. I first started is the enterprise station. I will introduce my personal experience. That just took over how to choose keywords when a web site.

I say below is how I choose this set of keywords.

keyword is the human brain to think, or used by others. We need some tools to help us check the left trap. Here I recommend the use of the KeywordsExpress0.8 version, free. You can try to use to use, it is a single function. Is the selection of the relevant keywords. You can now set all the result of the expansion of the set of all included in. Remember, in the collection of keywords must be related to your website theme. Perhaps the repeater and review the teacher notes automatically read machine is really relevant keywords. But he and you.

refers to the precise keywords coincide with the website business, search volume. Keywords high conversion rate. This keyword competition than pan keyword low, moderate difficulty. Is the best set of keywords.

A month on the Shanghai home to share the experience of love words

home page seventh! !

two some can be made to address the place, leaving a link to this page, I mainly use the soft paper and favorites.

three in the above two items at the same time, should also pay attention to the chain of home, so as to reduce the weight of the home page.

a day to update the original article, the article try to appear "schizophrenia treatment" of the word, and the word to do hyperlinks, links to this article page.

, I found a web page with four or five key words, and the emergence of the word frequency is not very high, and the site is not new, what title could not be changed, so if you use the word home to do a short time may not have good rankings, so I decided to do the content page, I find a story about the word good article from the site, then start focusing on this article made optimization plan. I mainly divided into the following three steps:


now this word is on the first page to keep a few days, in the two recent update didn’t come down, you can go to Shanghai and I love.

I am now responsible for the medical website, officially took over the site at the end of December 2010, the station was built in June 2009, has spent a year and a half, not a new station. When I took over, I first analyzed the whole website, see the website keywords, website of two types of disease: focus on depression and schizophrenia, the keyword is mainly the two kinds of disease treatment. I love Shanghai and view index, found the "treatment" index of depression is very high, but the competition is fierce; and "schizophrenia treatment" index is not high, but in the light of love Shanghai promotion four or five hospitals, explain this word or a certain market, so I decided. The first "schizophrenia treatment" of the word.

so, every day in accordance with the plan to do the work, to the half a month later, the content page on the second page ninth love Shanghai, I was a little excited, slowly rising to second on page third, and then began to between third and ninth is wandering back and forth, not on the first page. But I still unremittingly add some high quality of the chain, finally, when the update in the new year after love Shanghai, I love this page on the Shanghai

this is the first article in 2011, first of all to do obeisance to an old age, I wish you in the new year of life to a new level of

2010 is my Shanghai Longfeng career is the key for a year before, because for Shanghai dragon, I only basic theory without practice, and in 2010 a year, I was in a step by step through its own website to Shanghai dragon to deeper understanding, of course, under their own hard work, my website has also made certain achievements. Today, I put my site keywords on the front page of experience to share with you.

Optimization of division of Shanghai Longfeng million a month I share a few years after private expe

well, this is the way, here to talk about my experience.

2004, a man came to Hangzhou to find a job

my name is A Liang, I am a Shanghai dragon optimization division, in 2004 entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, it should be said that Shanghai is a group of people of Longfeng earlier in China. But I am more introverted, not good at communication, so not many people know.



had to change to another XX company in Hangzhou, mainly to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to optimize the enterprise main station. At that time, at more than 60 is responsible for the corporate website, in package optimization, mainly love Shanghai and Google Google, the effect is still very good. Optimization technology is not much change, to Links, main station. So until the end of 2012, the position from the ordinary Shanghai Longfeng do Shanghai Longfeng director.

At the end of 2012

introduction: optimization division Liang is a has ten years of experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization division, from 2004 to enter the industry until 2013 resigned yourself the next private single optimization, from the beginning of the good income back to 2014 through the cloud customer network said of an aged person, orders, to now have a monthly income of million or more, below we share the experience of the master sour, sweet, bitter, hot.

(Taobao is not only the seller, Shanghai Longfeng orders is also very hard to

said that you so early in the Shanghai dragon in this line, with you in the same batch, now home early or gone, what are you still doing the Shanghai dragon? Can only say that they did not grasp the opportunity.

in 2006, due to personal reasons to get married, buy a house, a lot of pressure,

I am a student in Yiwu asked if I’d like to help his friend.

has recently been looking at Pine brother blog, saw a lot of things resonate, write their own filled with a thousand regrets, so these years experience…

because I am introverted, so the idea is not so active, the company has been very loyal, never take private one, there are a lot of customers during the let me pick up their private single to do I have been refused. In fact, as long as a little change, would not now be.

at the time of the Internet, online music website only know what, at that time little video. It is the interview into a large website, ALEXA was ranked 1000 in the country within the daily flow when a channel is over 2 million IP website channel responsible person, is actually the Shanghai Dragon technology optimization, also at that time into the door, the momentum is enough, after entering the company for half a year, traffic rose is very soon, I got the company Shanghai dragon quarter technology competition first prize.


How to solve the instance share Shanghai dragon team demoralized problem

have a common rival

training team pride

from February this year, Shanghai issued a statement declaring love do not believe Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site, many industry practitioners feel the development prospect of Shanghai Longfeng industry will be quite optimistic, so all kinds of contradictions, all kinds of negative apparent mass K 6.28 is a direct result of optimizing the company some strength is not very strong direct close, these things have led to a lot of difficulties facing the disintegration of the team, in fact, these words are sometimes said to myself because they hear, I also met, his team also had falling apart, but I feel as a leader a team, not only to perfect, but the key is to have a good attitude, at any time of the whole The team on his shoulders, and today I will share my time is how to re draw back the morale and lax.


The battle of

will stimulate people’s passion, this sentence is all right, we usually lazy, not unity, largely because we don’t have a common purpose, is the so-called disagreeable conversation half sentence, you can communicate with each other in different direction, the topic of little, so to solve their own problems in a team first of all, I give them to develop a common goal, that is to get rid of XX, from the chain Commissioner, to the network supervisor, everyone thought to be unified, to be clear, that is in the shortest time, the most effective way to defeat one optimization company, to grab orders, and this obviously very effective means.

team to improve the selection threshold of

The same

this is a key step, because there is a relationship between a person’s work efficiency and often work when he was very passionate mood, if he was working, then work out the positive effect is very ideal, so we must try our best to cultivate team possible pride and team culture, will show some of the more successful the case, and give your team the right culture, like our own team, I will give you about our past achievements and existing development advantages in the morning every day, every day to remind you, because I believe that the only way to let you in the right direction to run, the bottleneck will make me the team through the development of the industry.


who do not give orders, why choose you, is because you have the ability to own special, so in daily team construction, don’t engage in false set it, something will open, the key is to enhance their professional skills, for the novice recruitment is also not with the patient, just invite a novice to do, after all, who do not want to free training novice, so when the recruitment focus on actual combat experience and capability based two must enhance their strength and team selection threshold, don’t think casually into the company.


According to the observation on the chain support website ranking drop

Do rankings estimated that the road is blocked by the chain, The


I also found that make up the ranking the chain fell off, such as by gathering copy of the website, content is very poor, but very strong links to do site has been largely affected. The author is doing product website, that was in love with Shanghai are some of the top websites, and later found some keywords 200-300 index is actually some trade website shop in there. A product name usually have a few top-level domain name to do, but after it was found in Shanghai in search of love is only one top-level domain, the other is some other platform. A friend of mine and said now to a site outside the chain, the site is down right, love of Shanghai estimated natural links to handle. At the beginning of the year when Google had done so, now Shanghai keep up with love.

No. 23 love Shanghai official release of the "super chain cheating algorithm upgrade is estimated to take effect, No. 26 love Shanghai during the day in the big update, upgrade the algorithm affects many websites. Considerable influence, home a few words are found just observe great changes, such as the Shanghai dragon word home page and second pages have undergone tremendous changes, some of the old station is down, not up the website up. Like Shanghai Dongguan Shanghai dragon dragon training, the word love Shanghai home page and the second page has changed a lot, visible the update affects the ranking of many sites. According to my observation and communication with friends summed up the upgrading of the biggest characteristic is to take out those with the chain stack ranking website.

algorithm and the algorithm upgrade upgrade in June 28th is not the same, June 28th upgrade algorithm directly to the website K to zero, and in August 22 just to moisten things silently, just put your site right down, you have a web site keywords ranking. This is the same, according to the Shanghai dragon vane data is the announcement the day before yesterday, the number 22 station K reached 1.25%, and released after the algorithm did not appear to today’s large-scale K station, according to the K data of Shanghai dragon vane station is in a decreasing trend. Just a pity that Shanghai dragon vane failed to develop right down the data, but the Internet is right down a large number of a large number, perhaps love Shanghai don’t want such a thing happen again in June 28th. With the head of a confrontation, engage in tens of thousands of webmaster click bidding, so take this relaxed approach, that is right down.

content is king, the chain for the emperor synonymous sentence of Shanghai dragon era has passed. Of course, this is not to say that the chain had no effect, but the effect is decreasing, and useful links is less. Even worse is if the hair is expected to be spam links love Shanghai optimization that is excessive, drop right. So here you might ask, this part of the chain weight will disappear where to be divided, the majority of Shanghai dragon Er believe this is most concerned about the topic.


Four tips on how to improve website ranking

third: choose the long tail word instead of keywords

: the first website search engine included

second: adhere to the original pseudo original from

in recent years, Shanghai dragon is one of the most frequently mentioned words webmaster, indeed Shanghai Longfeng do well, for example a website is a great help. Here is the optimization keywords >

rule is an objective existence, not to transfer to the will of the people, so people must be in accordance with the law before they can get social recognition. People are so, the search engine is even more so. A website to often let search engine to visit on time included his own site, so webmaster must follow the rules with their website. I’ve had some webmaster, for your own website with no new rules, they have free time with the new look, not available in place. Just imagine, if the love of spiders in Shanghai on time came to your site, and your site is not to give it some new content, so it will be included on time? The answer is obviously not. Included a web site, the spider crawling rules, is badly affected by the weight of the website. So according to the law with the new website is a necessary prerequisite for the content included in the search engine rankings, is the necessary guarantee.

update rules on timeThe

believe that every webmaster want to site ranking can be superior to others, because a top-ranking website can get a relatively stable flow, the flow will slowly into the income of the website. For each stationmaster, income is a website to live on the capital, is also a cornerstone to the maintenance of the website. But how to improve the ranking of a website? This is the webmaster to pay great attention to the problems, but also to a problem of the webmaster brains, because it is not only for the webmaster endurance test, but also on the skills of a test. For the new station, master the skill ranking is more important, because it determines the development of the site and head of the faith.

below you and I talk about for a new web site should be how to improve the ranking of the top four tips:

see the label, many owners should have doubts, why must the pseudo original original? Can I also have a website traffic and ranking, and I want so hard to write original articles? There is no denying that the pseudo original within a certain period of time can bring benefits to the website, but the benefit is temporary. You know love is a tough Shanghai spider and clever guy, it only love the taste of fresh instant things, you can fool it temporarily, but you cheat but it’s. When your content is it included after, after a period of digestion, the original content will be retained, a pseudo content it will be abandoned without guest brush out, and could give you a website on the label. So only the original spider can seize the heart, let it trust your website, on your website, website weight slowly went up, the ranking came.

Five key reasons to love Shanghai and solving method of abnormal snapshot

two: love Shanghai search engine to determine your site has suspected of cheating, mainly refers to the site keywords stack, the website of Shanghai Longfeng excessive, hidden links or black chain etc..


solution: this relatively simple, remove too much unnecessary words, let your web site keywords as reasonable distribution in the page of text, pay special attention to the website’s head and tail don’t put too much words. Remove the excess of Shanghai dragon traces, such as delete duplicate too much unnecessary link chain to the home page and part of the page, get rid of repeated excessive use of H1 and H2 tags, as for hidden links and the black chain, I believe we all understand, general direct removal can, I will not say here.

three: the site has more serious violations, including Trojan virus spread, pornographic and vulgar and state laws and regulations policy does not allow the content.

: your web site title, description, page template style or important content sections to do all or most of the modifications.

solution: if not necessary it is best not to arbitrarily change the website title and description etc., especially some new or old station originally weight is not very high. I recently built the www.0574movie贵族宝贝 movie website online third days will blindly change a specific situation is the original title, is to do the ranking of Ningbo movie tickets, cinema in Ningbo and several other key words in the front, the name of the site in Ningbo on the movie network by location, then think about the name of the web site or on the front well, it changed a bit, did not expect to do so with the result that, until now, only to love Shanghai also included a page, love Shanghai search results show that the title of the website also holds just on the line that day is really too late for regrets. Hope you don’t make such a mistake again, is absolutely the The loss outweighs the gain. Truthfully in want to change the site title, at least to reach a certain weight on your website and love Shanghai snapshot has been updated every day on the premise of this change, the probability of problems will be much smaller.

recently saw the forum friends are constantly complaining about his site every day to update content and insist on the chain, but the site of the Shanghai love snapshot date is often appear problem, even back in a long term fixed day does not change, eventually leading to the site keywords ranking drop, exchange Links difficult. So what is the reason causing the abnormal situation? Here I do this simple analysis, I hope to help you! I believe most of the webmaster friends know, love Shanghai for abnormal snapshot indicates that your site has some problems, of course, the premise is this abnormal situation is not because of love Shanghai’s own adjustment algorithm error or database issues, there is a long-term update content of the website is not to mention. In general, can cause abnormal lead to love Shanghai snapshot, snapshot date back and fixed reasons mainly include the following five aspects:

1 years love Shanghai weight do 6 share

a lot of people operating Links are associated with their web site on the front page of the chain in fact here we swap, it is best not to do the station link to others, the home pages and separate operation. Here we say a point I think things will transfer the weight to home page, the same page will transfer the weight to the home page. The inside pages can also exchange friend chain with others, remember.



is for a period of time, the love of Shanghai is not what weight to 6, but the stuttering problems the author think it can share. The first screenshot attached Adsense data website:

improve the website


when the site operation for a period of time, the operation of this website is probably about half a year in operation, the website traffic reached a bottleneck, how can not break. When we need to solve the problem, rather than continue to numb according to the original plan of operation. First, we need to analyze the background data of the website, keywords ranking from traffic sources and can pick out the main mining. Here the author is through ranking method to improve the long tail word keyword to increase website traffic. Because of the long tail word competition as target keywords so big, and basically all the inside pages of the rankings, so the operation is easier. I love Shanghai products by weight of the long tail word corresponding to the page for the construction of the chain link and do well in the station on the long tail keywords on the page, then the auxiliary project page to improve the page to grab. Through these operations can greatly enhance the long tail keywords website ranking, do not believe that friends can try hands-on.

to the website more page crawl, will be more frequent the spider into the page. Here the operation method is: 1, to write web pages are not grab links into the appropriate topic; 2, submitted to the soft, soft Wen submitting articles will be reprinted, which can improve the introduction of the number of spiders. Only the page to be made only to produce long tail keywords.

the first to talk about the website first is how to operate. The initial site there must be a lot of content, of course, is the original content is very difficult, the operation is through the acquisition of the relevant content of the site, and then modify the pseudo original, make the website started about 100 to 1 thousand of the content. Some people may not agree with the way that it became a garbage station. But this operation is to prepare for the follow-up to a lot of long tail keywords, although the middle risk site is love Shanghai punishment, have been punished, but insisted on white hat manipulation during the operation of the site, will soon recover.

clever operation

is the author of the above on the site. "

The operation method of

met the bottleneck of the solution