My opinion on website promotion profit

today, there are many ways to take office, including the Internet, a practical tool for home work is not a dream. The easiest and most popular way to make money through the Internet is to build a website. Choose a theme, online CMS content management system, and get a template, and then prepare hundreds of articles, this station can be hung on the internet. However, how to profit through this station? Below we start from the station should pay attention to the problems and profit way,

traffic: whether you’re an enterprise station or an information station, "content is king" is always the golden rule. Baidu like originality, users prefer originality, a can provide them with fresh and useful information station, will give the user a good impression, and often come to visit, become fixed flow.

sharp navigation structure: in the design of the home page and choose the website template, pay attention to user experience, and they are not easy to use, how can you make others like it?.

again, what’s the website’s profit form:

?The theme of

website: not only the name of the station, but the positioning of the station, the style of expression, the original intention of your website and the long-term planning. Don’t make a garbage dump for short term profits. It will stand long and be steady. It will bring you more than just a big profit return.

advertising alliance: a higher flow of the station can be adopted, through differential advertising to earn profits.

: Taobao promotion is zero cost a popular way to make money, you will feel a popular commodity in the Taobao online, provide a copy of the advertising pictures or text links in the promotion website, blog, space, each link will have your application number, between the buyer through your link address of traded goods you can get the goods selling price of 10%~~35%, it is said that some owners of appreciable gains, personal station can try.

registered member level charges: is to provide superior service and ordinary members, which is common in the novel: network, download station, some stations even if gold and silver membership membership to further charges. The above is my website and promotion process of some suggestions and summary, if there is anything wrong, I hope you all forgive me,


original text from:, Chengdu Neverland Island children’s photography station owner, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation,

Site 19 days Baidu experience included


website was established in May 17, 2008, because I usually see some people’s teachers, educational resources websites to collect fees, use up a bit inconvenient, so the establishment of educational websites ideas, and pay in action.

1. domain name selection. Because it is educational, the domain name is best associated with EDU, using the ENAME.CN meter tracing tool, spent half an hour, painted it, containing 5 pure letters of EDU only 10 came. It feels easier for IY to enter. Meaning can also be made into I (love me) y (easy) Feel that the combination of Chinese and western is not good, simply name "iy education network".

2. site program selection. Before the choice of moving easily, very powerful, very stable, very good, use a lot of people (praise). But see webmaster nets are using DEDECMS. So try to use it and feel that the PHP environment is really faster than ASP. There is moving SEO is not very good, DEDECMS feel better, or this is also included in one of the reasons for fast,


3. content, all hand-made, although the content is roughly the same. Lesson plans and so on, I don’t want to change the original text to pseudo original. But in the title of a little effort, so that the use of educational friends to facilitate the use of content organization is also very clear, in a word, oriented users.

4. increased the chain, the site opened to the search engine often go to the forum, made the relevant postings. Friends to the station to apply for a few links.

from the domain name to GG, YAHOO, Baidu are included, only 19 days.

what did my friends say? I didn’t do it:

1. to Baidu know, stick it hair post. Think, as long as Baidu often go to the website, send a post, spider will climb, no need to go there hair.

2. did not submit to the search engine.

3. did not load Baidu’s search, news, and other codes.

also felt that Google and Yahoo included very quickly, probably because I went there and submitted a It was better, not only included very well, but also came more than 20 IP. Baidu included today, it came traffic.

Talk about the 2 days Baidu was included in the know-how

a lot of people up on the site immediately after submit application to Baidu, the general audit needs 5-7 days, during the audit process there have been some need to modify, change in which, after a long wait, not good review, thousands of surprise.


my personal website on the audit has its own understanding, in the process of the establishment of the website, Baidu spider is also on the Internet to find a new target, how to make your site spider noticed


1. the first increase in the chain, ADMIN5 is a good choice, but it requires strict scrutiny, but it is also a challenge to all the webmaster, refuse to prevent spam! ADMIN5 every day will be N site collected, these sites in Baidu’s weight is not too low, so the spider down soon you came, secondly, I personally feel that sina BLOG is also very good, Baidu update in the Sina BLOG this quickly, this should be all the webmaster may know.

2. links, through the relationship to get two school websites, PR=4 home links, which virtually also increased the chances of Baidu rapid inclusion.

3. server stability.

4. own website also should be updated in time, I every day with the new two times.

so BLOG every day to write 4 articles, sooner or later the two papers are in connection with, so I on 25 May, Baidu filed a website for 28 am I to be included, ha ha, this article hopes to help some of the webmaster.

Say that is the development process of Amnesty’s website Myspace roller coaster



Myspace and Facebook

‘s hatred

type site a site can innumerable, in similar talent shows itself depends on the product experience, product features, market, marketing and luck. Some sites of the body we can see a mountain does not allow two tigers of the momentum, but the recent trend of some Internet companies seem to be given another answer about the survival and development of the site.

, let’s see Myspace. Myspace, the founder of a large social network, was founded in August 2003, and in the short 10 years, it has experienced a roller coaster growth process. Two years after the site was launched, it won the crown of the world’s largest social networking site and surpassed Google in 2006 as the nation’s largest web site. But it was good times don’t last long 2008 years, Facebook knocked to the ground, and never climbed up from the Internet this ring. Trees fall, people push, from ideas, to technology, to patterns, to operations, everything is wildly denied. The reality is cruel, but seeing new people laugh, and they smell old people crying, Facebook this victory is crazy to nibble at the entire market, and together with Twitter become a new benchmark for social media.

2011 Myspace was sold to Specific media news group and Amy, Grammy double best singer Justin (Justin Timberlake). The deal changed Myspace completely. In February 2012, they announced the addition of 100 new users in January. Now the Myspace can no longer compare with Facebook, not because of their size, but their goals. He now competes with other online music providers like Spotify, whose relationship with Facebook is more like collaboration. Based on Facebook user data, Myspace set up a vertical music entertainment circle (which seems to coincide with its birth has music descent).


MySpace Music player

Myspace accepted the waving the banner of open Facebook zhaoan. It’s from the Facebook, and it’s not a shame, but this brings new opportunities. It’s stupid to know that without diamonds and porcelain. Fame, money, the amount of users which are not rivals Facebook, to be worse, even to mention Facebook shoes are not qualified, what also do get Facebook opponent? What advantage is Myspace now? There are 42 million > in its music library.

Please ask Baidu theme promotion through skills

N now many people want a Baidu theme promotion through the number! Do you know why? Because it’s too good money! It’s too difficult to go to trial! Here is my friend and how please through Baidu promotion theme

!The application for

1. Baidu Union, many of my friends are not Baidu Adsense, Baidu alliance address is as long as you have a certain flow station, such as 100IP/ days can apply for Baidu alliance. Obviously, becoming a member of the Baidu alliance helps improve the rankings on Baidu. (but that’s only one factor in Baidu’s ranking), so you have to apply for the Baidu alliance, whether it’s for traffic or for money.

1.1 application conditions, as long as your station is not illegal, do not cheat, do not involve sensitive issues, through the probability of 100%.

of course, you are applying for Baidu alliance search business (currently has search business, theme promotion, Internet cafe business, four software business), search business is the lowest threshold in the Baidu alliance. This is not the search business is not making money, according to my friend and I experience a single click on the price of the search business can reach 0.2RMB but because many sites traffic from Baidu, so the user will rarely let Baidu search box, so click on the search box is generally very low, but once the user has to click is therefore, the search of ore price is high. What is more important is to let Baidu search box that you stand in a shorter period of time, such as the station of a page B put the Baidu search box, then it box page A more attention than the Baidu block caused no search. Here for everyone to extend, if your website is full of GG advertising, may not be Baidu like, put the search box of the third reason is Baidu search box is to apply for Baidu theme promotion necessary premise.

summary 1.1, that is, search box, this business is easy to apply, it is also necessary.

1.2 what kind of station can apply for Baidu business?

many friends have noticed that the Baidu alliance now requires the world’s 50 thousand largest station to apply for its business.

but this is only a principle. We Chinese often say, "this problem should be XX in principle." that is to say, it is not absolutely true. In the last month, I have successfully directed 2 friends to apply for the Baidu alliance, especially the successful application of Baidu theme promotion.

1.2.1 is a professional site, English level 46, it was ranked 2 million in the world, but for Baidu search business and place the code after about 10 days, to promote the theme of business application down. The theme promotion business passed his IP in less than 1000/ days. So I guess: professional site for Baidu alliance can reduce the standard appropriately.


Tianya problem where advertising, and mobile power moderator slow start

I global skyline community for more than ten years, has more than one vest account inside, inside know a lot of good friends, with countless good posts inside, also made many views over millions of posts on the inside, I even have a post to update for 8 years……

, as a senior user of the Tianya community, I’d like to talk about the end of the world community and your current problems:

first, talk about the advantages of Tianya community

1, Jianghu high status,

before micro-blog did not appear on the Internet public opinion is the absolute horizon heavy, many hot topics from the end of the world, the human search from the end of the world, and even many corrupt officials are due to Tianya post sparked public opinion and step down. In the Internet, public opinion is convenient, and its rivers and lakes status is very high.

2, diving cattle more than

Tianya established ten years, many expert in various fields before the global forum, which Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon, often can see niubable post. Some of the posts have been on for years.

3, it’s fun to watch,

Tianya forum, the first page of 200 replies, and later became 100 replies, this way allows users to browse the post for a long time without turning pages, you can see very cool.

two, talk about the serious problem of Tianya community

1, business models have problems, advertising to scare away users

this is the most serious problem facing the world, although the Tianya forum have good traffic and popularity, but the user login user center, up and down around the middle are all advertising, no place can let the mouse, the user mode of rape annoying ads.

to the post page too, then I want to look at the horizon of the post, did not go directly to the horizon, some third party website, the website to Tianya essence posts are automatically dehydrated, it seems very easy, not too many ads bother, can even download a post finishing the TXT document to the mobile phone watch.

Tianya now uses ten years ago Internet traffic thinking, in order to make money, use advertising to rape users, users scare away.

do the Internet, the most important thing is user thinking, if the end of the world can work hard on the user experience, consider the needs of users, making money and profit are very simple things.

2, the moderators have too much power to drive away too many core users

core users are the life force of a web site, and those users in the Tianya community are those who can write good serial posts. Because of these people spent a lot of time free writing good post, just make the Tianya community attracted a lot of users, every day glued to it.

but the rights of many moderators in the Tianya community are too high, even higher than some in the Tianya community

300 thousand how did I do with the WeChat subscription number

I spent nearly 7 months will be a WeChat subscription number to achieve 300 thousand users, this result can be said to be a general, with those of millions of users for which I is not worth mentioning, but I feel I put too much time, I worked very hard, I feel very the sense of achievement, here I will talk about how I get the 300 thousand users.

2014 to September I contacted WeChat subscription number, with a week’s time to WeChat and subscription numbers make clear, and then find a lot of information and articles, didn’t know how to engage in a number, that Taobao spent 10 yuan to buy one, but a few days later I found the subscription number can be apply myself, I used to buy the number how to start with a little bit of research, all functions which are to feel about it, then I will apply for a time, when is this positioning and micro signal name I want to have 3 days, finally came up with a a name is a joke – Crazy pupil positioning network, because this kind of localization is the audience is the most widely, I was in no hurry to do promotion, because even a beginning has no content, you go to the promotion effect be worse.

I spent 2 days to collect material, find the classic, all are doing their own typesetting, made for a week, so it will not every day, not because of worry, and the content of the quality is poor, when thinking about how to provide better content I don’t want to use WeChat subscription number to how to make money,. Because I know very well, you have to subscribe to the number of more people concerned, you have a large number of fans, must have thought you bring benefits. Just like micro-blog, you’re big, and you have enough fans. The same is true of micro signals.

so, for a new number, how to do the more people concern? The first micro signal positioning your is quite significant, which will concern you, who will become your fans? I said at the beginning of the article, WeChat’s position is very important, therefore, if you want to be developed female users, then your account name should be on the women, such as women, women like the boudoir secret, of course you also want to publish content about women, for example, can be installed in Conghua products, clothing, beauty thin body next time. Your days after the profit measures are also more clear. I like this "crazy pupil", will compare hybrid profitability measures after a little, not as for what kind of users, not limited to men or women.

I was doing before the data, so you know where we can obtain more and more users and fans, I am very clear, until I made about ten days after, I had a micro signal, which is a website of my long group number is more than 100, in which I often mix. So they all know me, I said I have a test, then my two-dimensional code sent to the group, let the Brothers online attention, results in less than ten minutes, forty.

Going out to bask in an ordinary webmaster over the total income

himself since 04 years into personal webmaster this line, six or seven years passed, and finally experienced the cold winter, see spring, I bask in these years in the network of income and expenditure.

04 years, working with others, by the way, made a stand of their own. Purely interested in doing, do not know how to make money, but also did not want to make money, into the virtual host 100 yuan, domain name 100 yuan, income of 0, 04 years total income of 200 yuan.

05 years continue to invest 100 yuan: virtual host, domain name 100 yuan income; income: SMS platform website embedded more than 600, but because the SMS platform partner is a liar, has been dragging for various reasons do not pay a penny, did not want to come back, in vain. The total income for the 05 years was 200 yuan.

06 years continue to invest 100 yuan: virtual host, domain name of 100 yuan, the first half was closed due to the illegal content site, the first station died, go-slow, from the station. Start playing domain names in the second half, invested about 200 yuan. The total income for the 06 years was 400 yuan.

began to maintain 20 or so domain names in 07 years, invest 1000 yuan in year, begin to build of big Jingzhou net ( in second half, fictitious host cost is 100 yuan, the website does not have any income. Total income of 07 years – 1100 yuan.

08 years

hand domain reached 50, with about 30 CN domain name, CN was only 1 yuan, so the investment is negligible, domain name investment is 1000 yuan, second, third sites have on the line, the virtual host costs reached 400 yuan, the second half of the first website of Jingzhou began a little income and the income of about 700 yuan, the other to sell a domain name to earn 200 yuan. Total income of 08 years – 500 yuan.

09 years in domain name maintained in 50 or so, because the price is part of the domain name, the domain name investment reached 1500 yuan, fourth, fifth, sixth websites that hire independent server costs 5000 yuan, the first half part of the site to start to earn a total of about 1800 yuan, but the income of the day lasted only 3 months the server was, hackers, hard disk data all destroyed. After 5 months’ rest, I made a comeback. The website program has been restored two, two have been done again, and another 200 yuan have been purchased. The total income of 09 years is 4900 yuan.

10 years CN domain renewal is no longer a discount, really could not afford the hand, the total number of domain names in half, only 25, domain name investment 1450 yuan. In addition, the number of websites I have reached is 10, and the cost of renting an independent server is 10000 yuan. Since entering 2010, keep for years and finally restore justice, part of the site played a name or place gradually in the industry, and the site regardless of quality or quantity have a new leap, has finally made substantial profits. The website received 600 yuan in January, 1800 yuan in February, and 3000 yuan in March

I just need the most effective traffic!

online after the site, the webmaster began to stare at traffic, a little drop in traffic, for the webmaster, that’s all heartache. But, please, webmaster, are these traffic important to you? If your website has more than 1 million traffic every day, do you have to? In fact, this is not the case. Our website only needs the most effective traffic.

1, don’t waste every IP

on your website

to tell you the truth, it’s not easy to get people to visit their website, but we only want people who are related to our business, and there’s no need for some spam traffic. Some people in the promotion of the time, through some remarkable words to pull some traffic, and when visitors open web site greatly disappointed, quickly put your site closed, no real significance of this traffic, but also increase the rate of jump out of your page. In fact, whether in doing optimization, or in doing some external promotion, do not try to rely on some of the edge of the words to produce traffic.

2, to reduce the site’s garbage flow, we must start from specialization,

especially for enterprise stand for, this is very important, because many companies want to get him some customers and orders from the network, so when the optimization of enterprise station, the content of the page must be professional. The website has some traffic is related to the eye is the editor, when they What one says is plausible. said, how to draw the eye makeup in the search is likely to do myopic eye treatment, that is the probability is much? Why should focus on this, it is better to concentrate on "treatment of myopia"!

also can introduce your website in some related websites and forums. By the way, take the link and link to your website through effective keywords. Also some people use the blog marketing way to give the website to do promotion, at present I am in the research, and so on has the result to discuss with everybody again.

in fact, many ways to promote their website, but we should emphasize that, from the long-term development of the site to consider, website promotion must be true and effective traffic!

Behind App’s security vulnerabilities, is the complex black production chain

Abstract: such a wide variety of large quantities of APP have brought convenience to our lives, but also brought security risks. Spam messages, WAP websites, rogue software, trojan virus software are threatening people’s security all the time.


recently, according to relevant media reports: instant messenger tool WhatsApp web version of the threat vulnerabilities exist, through this loophole, hackers can spread dangerous malicious programs to infect the user’s computer. Due to the huge number of whatsApp users, 200 million users nationwide are expected to be threatened by the vulnerability.

said, security vulnerabilities on the WhatsApp can easily be exploited by hackers with a WhatsApp account hacker can the BAT files will be sent to an easy job to do in the name of the electronic name card to the user, as long as the point to open the unknown user name card will automatically start the file in the malicious program. Hackers through this malicious program, you can infect the user’s computer, or steal the user’s personal information.


although WhatsApp official in the first time on the vulnerability was repaired, but according to its side revealed that all versions before V0.1.4881 has been affected by the vulnerability. Officials advise users to update the latest apps as soon as possible to avoid infection and loss.

APP security risks again into the eyes of the people.

APP security risks

APP application market so broad, just for IOS and Android these two operating systems APP market, the user involved in the surface is difficult to measure, not to mention there are other platforms.



IT’s home survey data on the number of APP in 2014

, this is only 2014 data, I believe that according to this trend, the market now APP should be more. Such a large number of APP, when the security risks appear, presumably its impact is also huge and far-reaching it.


although Apple claims to have its own operating system, security is strong, but in the APP security vulnerabilities have not been spared.

2014, IOActive Ariel, a researcher at · Labs, a foreign research institute, has tested 40 mobile banking App on Apple’s iOS platform. Sanchez. The results show that almost all of these APP have not implemented basic security measures, and security vulnerabilities are likely to occur any time.

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