Why a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learners lack of execution Two steps to fix

Answer: because the


here, I gave all Shanghai dragon friends saying: "when you work, when you are in hesitation and doubt their own pay, do not know how many people are to give up, insist!" in addition, today Sunday saw an article today’s headlines at home inadvertently, though this article is about how to lose weight in the title, but in fact there is no weight loss method, but to teach you how to insist on doing one thing, I read, I feel very interesting, like talking about success.

I use the method of this article in Shanghai Longfeng learning, feeling quite effective. The Shanghai dragon impatient person, as long as the way to do it, you will certainly greatly enhance executive power. I apply the method described in this article in the Shanghai dragon, is the following two steps:

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a very hard work, most of Shanghai Longfeng beginners lack of execution, just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon, feel very interesting, passionate, in fact, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng lofty ideals and high aspirations! Learners fail to adhere to two months to give up, which is the main reason for the lack of executive force.

the real ideas written on the note, when you do in the future Shanghai dragon feel tasteless, feel ready to give up, to take the note out repeatedly, ask yourself: "I want to give up a comfortable now? Or do you want to work hard now obtain future lasting rankings?" when you come the joy of success, to return to.

answer 2: if you do not send the article, the site’s ranking may be worse.

want to do one thing, you must love it. And to keep the original passion, so how can we have enthusiasm, to Shanghai dragon to insist on as an example, take the paper out and answer the following two questions and record:

second, constantly stimulate their forward

first, find the reason to insist on, determined

? ?

1 is the solitary dry and tasteless, and time consuming.

for Shanghai dragon first month, mainly to do in the station optimization, this time it is difficult to have ranking. Second months inside and outside the station optimization combination, the chain of words generally only from the soft start, because the site at the beginning of the establishment of no weight, willing to exchange Links website weight is not high, the effect is not ideal, so after two months long repeating the same work, there is no ideal ranking, really people suffering.

1, why I can not adhere to the

2, what if I no longer send the

maybe you why not send the article, can be other Shanghai Longfeng difficulties, whether you are what kind of reasons you have to truthfully write down. In order to better understand, I will answer:

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