Interpretation analysis of the influence of anti chain changes

(1) love Shanghai algorithm changes, it is difficult to deep, I will not say.

(2) followed by the love sea index database and database connection, in fact the chain first into the index library, through the audit will determine in the database, the database will not enter the chain normally lost, if you get the data and query tools by domain:…… data inconsistencies… Well prepare data fluctuate at any time, because now a part of the chain may not directly delete audit.

this week work summary, that found that the chain is reduced, we can query, according to common sense, to reduce the possibility of anti chain is very low, basically because the anti chain is by my own hands personally, and the quality of the individual did not feel bad, but before the chain around the main industry forum posts or blog or love Shanghai intimate quiz quiz, but in fact, the chain did reduce. Of course, I in the process of sending mail, this has lasted more than 1 months, advise you here in the next, bulk mail cannot be estimated, software company 800RMB buy, only sending and collecting mail function, the second is the bulk of the tracking number, but I accept to add your own email address address and several times, I did not receive mail, but also in the analysis of 51 sites in the background, I don’t see any mail from the mail address, so the success, we simply fail to grasp, only know that it has no effect.

(3) reverse links to the web page or the quality of the site itself. The quality depends on the weight of the website you link, the survival rate of the stability of the site on behalf of your link. If the site itself is a waste site, this would reverse link does not exist, it will only reduce the quality of your site, the second is the site open speed stability.

summary: do or do long-term, steady progress, good user experience, pay attention to originality, can obtain the user’s favor, win back, and get the love of Shanghai trust. This paper is composed of soft ship training: www.163wen贵族宝贝, Adsense git Princess reprint please bring the original link, respect the original exchange, QQ:1025347625

(4) is a factor worth considering, there is no hyperlink text URL is not a chain, now many webmaster also put it in the anti chain, because love Shanghai really in the chain, but it can not guarantee the stability of our love, Shanghai is doing fight it, so data fluctuation is reasonable.

well, the chain has really decreased, through their own data search, I found, mainly for several reasons:

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