HR Qiu Yongsheng Shanghai dragon novice job.

also has some problems in the work of the Shanghai dragon recruitment, small Q has been a profound reflection on what is called Shanghai Longfeng proficiency? What is the Shanghai dragon master? Then the Shanghai based Phoenix

how to improve their level of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to expand their ideas, which are worthy of working in the company to work in Shanghai Longfeng thinking, these are important factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng occupation career.


assistant always complained to me, the company.

dedicated to Shanghai dragon industry before graduation students hope that the whole point of things to their own points, small Q is very admirable, they have a cavity of passion and ambition, have strong power, but do not know what skills they need, in order to meet the requirements of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, year year depressed like a headless fly like the chaos hit (small Q was so confused, often want to learn something, but do not know what is important and what is not important, what should learn to what extent, do not know the cause of uncertainty, uncertainty in decision paralysis, finally abandoned a lot of time in anxiety.).

internship? Many people must get relevant internship experience in Shanghai Longfeng resume, this can explain how the problem??.? I once interviewed a friend, he said Shanghai dragon is promising, want long-term development in Shanghai Longfeng industry, see his resume the Shanghai Dragon said, two years working experience, more than one site in the search engine optimization home page, the article the principle of the search engine was published in the media, I think it is very interesting, ask him: there is a news station in my hand, search engine weight drop right, how to analyze and gradually restore the weight yet, instead he was dumbfounded, just told me that, for various reasons, the search engine does not meet the standard, what are the specific, but can not say……

A lot of

later learned the students after graduation, has been Beijing Shanghai dragon related work, two years of work experience is true, but not in editing, the Commissioner of the chain of these positions, for the understanding of search engine just to stay in the chain, perhaps for the hair of the chain of skills, he is very skilled, but screening for the website keywords and layout, but do not understand, just listen to the leadership of the organization of work……

gold nine silver ten, is often the recruitment season, when this car to recruit people HR miserable, people looking for work there is a mess. The vast majority of graduating students until graduation is not clear, what they really want to go, or that they need, what kind of ability to have their right to choose the candidates in the season.

a year, two years of work experience in Shanghai dragon means what? Quantification can so simple? For even a few months is "Shanghai dragon experience" some people can really learn a lot of things, but for two years’ working experience in Shanghai dragon "some people may only know simple approximate nowhere, outside chain……

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