In the Sina blog on the blog the chain

– page set

, a chain of

is added to the list of components, add keywords and link


: final renderings

blog there is no need to worry the chain, because the love of Shanghai is not included, do come to do up, wait for many visitors, blog high level, to seconds or the time included the appropriate to do outside the chain, multiplier.

custom components The old

3. update frequency to a fixed

Two, the maintenance of

this is common sense, according to the Wuhan Shanghai dragon.




2. Links (component

1. eat hot tofu

blog We must improve the data



1. soft outside the chain and message chain

this is not what to say, insert text links in the message, the basic skill of Shanghai dragon.

The new

do blog the chain, the first step is to choose a blog, than to choose, is not to say that the better the brand blog. I like the goal is to find a singing wife, it was said: "Luo Dan, you go, in fact, I love Han Hong……" The two major search engine preference on the blog is different, the Alibaba and NetEase such as Google love blog blog, Sina blog and Shanghai love love love Shanghai, love Shanghai blog, Shanghai dragon Er more, so take Sina blog as an example.

is used to do outside the chain, but also to the real data, picture what are filled up, don’t look very fake. For example, I have to find a girlfriend dating, or even huntuo, at least if a person, you can’t go to the clothes shop to move a plastic model for my date.

home these days, fully demonstrated his talent is a parody of, imitate a vegetable, sit up and take notice! Basically do not get up. Yesterday to return to Wuhan, quickly put the chain. Blog, forum, is currently the chain method of Shanghai dragon er the main forum to promote, said before, there is no Ctrl V. Just say the chain blog.

Sina blog is to add Links, specific methods are as follows: click Page Setup: custom components – components – add a list of keywords, add links to save. Personally think that this should be a Sina blog outside the chain of the highest weight. As shown in figure


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