Methods attract spiders summed up the solution to the new sites included problems

due to some new website, love Shanghai included less poor, so many webmaster headache, exhausted all methods, the effect is still not ideal. To solve the problem after all, problems, and coping methods, following after their do stand experience, summarizes several methods to solve the problem, new sites included.

is often seen on the Internet, netizens said, "content is king, the chain for emperor" slogans, Xiao Bian realized the importance of the content on a website, above all, there is no good website content, basically even garbage station, there is no doubt that everything is going to experience the punishment from the user. This is the king. So, we made the article on the website, originality and readability, can attract readers come next time reading, or income favorites, in this respect, can make the original web site content and a good user experience, this website can be counted as fresh blood, new nutrition. Like this, if you love Shanghai not included, the sun rises from the west is not strange. Love Shanghai more and more focus on user experience, pay more attention to the original, this is all obvious to people. So do the dumpster friends, your website is not included, or included, or included, and to eliminate, reason to believe she was clear.

, a web site content

site links, important as much as the external links, we can not be overlooked, he can also enhance the website weight, can also be understood as a concentrated weight, enhance the keywords ranking, and for the love of Shanghai included, and the spider climb, as a guide, double action. So, why, so we usually have the website related Sitelinks, usually in the form of anchor text, you should always true, not perfunctory, do a website, it should pay attention to the details, this website is competitive in the industry. At the same time the love of spiders in Shanghai will be more love, will become more frequent in our website. The problems included also smoothly done or easily solved. However, such a thing, how many webmaster seriously.

three, outside the chain

Construction of

has included a railway station, the chain is not less than two, a good quality of the chain, we can solve the problems included, outside the chain, not only solve the problems included, but also enhance the weight of the website, the chain, is also one of the main lessons every webmaster the. But do the chain, attention is also very much. A high quality of the chain, n chain top garbage, so we do when the chain, must pay attention to the quality of the number, do not blindly pursue, especially mass tools, this kind of thing less better, I define it as the site killer. It does not have a website, if long-term use of mass tool to the construction of the chain, your site will not be right down, I will let you play. Overall, the health of a large proportion of the site outside the chain station. The >

two, a station link problem


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