The love of Shanghai know some unknown little secret

love Shanghai index tool is a very good keyword analysis tool, it can find out the daily search volume keywords, we can identify which keywords is an easy job to do flow according to the tool, which is worth us to do the key word search volume, but a lot of people respond Shanghai index tool provided is love no, for example the keywords website search volume is around 1800 to 3300, when we put the key words do love Shanghai first, even if the words no love Shanghai auction, the daily search volume tends to be a lot less, according to the actual observation of most of the owners, IP may only search every day 30% of the index, that is to say if we put this website keywords to the first love of Shanghai is our site The flow may be only 540 to 990 or so, many owners believe that this is a relationship with some people’s search habits, such as the construction site in the search keywords love Shanghai news, or in the web search only don’t click caused by the actual flow of website and the Shanghai index deviates from the great love.

read the national key index, we look at the search area is also a situation how, if we want to know how the Shanghai side, every day this talent search keywords website, we can choose the area in here to set out, the area for Shanghai, so he is out of the results Shanghai is the website of the search index, we can see from the hot trend of search, it is about 160 to 310, as shown in figure


from the comparison of two graphs, we can make a lot of people to correct the mistakes of the past, always think that love Shanghai index of this tool is not too accurate, of course, in addition to this, there are a lot of love can make us to the place of great help in website optimization Shanghai index tools, such as the Shanghai area distribution index in search of love the map from the colors we can easily distinguish, the city is the construction site search keywords, the first in Beijing, Shanghai in fifth, and there are many areas is not what people search, such as Qinghai and Tibet, search volume is less than 60, while the US Open Shanghai love this keyword index analysis of the construction site, found that the search volume is so big, but in Qinghai Tibet city even if you put these keywords do.


actually, we entered into a misunderstanding, we think the search volume index of Shanghai love is the word search volume, but it is not so hot, love Shanghai trend index, he is by the search volume added to, when we enter the key word of website, keywords trend see and search volume is national, it is the search volume added up by each city in the country, by comparing the two figure we can know very clearly, first national:


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