Website optimization needs from the user point of view


user experience Optimization and search engine optimization is essentially complementary to each other, the search engine on the web crawl mode, the value judgment on the website, all from the perspective of the user, any improvement of user experience, is to improve the search engine. Optimization of search engines, but also will benefit users.

will flow into real customers, enhance corporate image and visibility, and search engine optimization is brought to the site flow, flow into the determinants of customer or user, if the user that web content and services cannot be satisfied, the optimization to bring traffic can not be transformed into effective and stable the customer, this optimization has no meaning.

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, a user experience and search engine optimization

The ultimate goal of the site is In fact,

website is designed for the user, so the focus of website optimization is the user can quickly obtain useful information, the website provides the service satisfaction, and the search engine is to provide relevant content and retrieval information for the user, to guide the user to enter the site, so the search engine can be optimized from the site structure, keyword, website content and links and user related aspects.

site structure and layout determines whether the user can obtain the required information quickly and easily, so the request page display speed, convenient for users to find the information you need to search engines.

in website design requirements in line with the W3C standard, to promote the use of DIV+CSS written pages, the page size is less than 15K, so it can accelerate the download speed, reduce the waiting time of the user, the search engine is friendly. Website design should pay attention to structure and clear navigation, the layout of the page to take into account the user’s browsing habits and convenience etc..

search engine optimization from the point of view, usually website directory is best not more than three layer, which is beneficial to the search engine spiders crawl the web, use plain text or more favorable than the picture format, static pages more easily than dynamic pages included, the page code should be streamlined, while building a site map, convenient search engine spiders searching website. >

two, to the user experience optimization strategy of

In fact, there are many

1, the website structure optimization strategy

and site optimization related factors, such as links, domain name and URL, I want to say: the success of the website optimization strategy is to start from the beginning of the construction site, and throughout the whole process of website construction. Website optimization is to pay attention to the details of each problem, but no matter what details should follow the "starting from the user’s point of view this principle.

website optimization is not a simple search engine optimization, but also to the user experience optimization, because the site search engine optimization sound performance more obvious, so many people will website optimization and search engine optimization equate in website optimization is still the core user experience optimization.

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