Noble baby analytics several useful flow segments

Traffic sources


I once wrote an article about the block optimization, recommend everyone to see, after the first two steps of the flow out of our segments, each search engine of Shanghai Longfeng traffic statistics, but this is not enough, we need to know every search engine traffic in Shanghai Longfeng, respectively, by what types of URL traffic, for example, love Shanghai, the website of the important directory with the AA, BB, CC directory, we want to segment the love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng flow of the three directories below URL, such as the website of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love flow down, you can clearly know is AA drop directory or BB, CC directory, directory, combined with the included URL, on site traffic declined to make a scientific judgment


3, distinguish each directory feature of URL Shanghai Longfeng flow

1, we must first subdivided into direct input, recommend, search engine traffic

2, distinguish each search engine traffic Shanghai dragon

on the site, basically Google summarizes the three main types of traffic sources, we do Shanghai Longfeng flow optimization, the first thing is to make search engine traffic from search engine traffic, and is divided into random flow (organic) and paid traffic (paid), we also need to the two flow out, so that we can continuously record the real Shanghai Longfeng flow. When the flow changes, we will do the analysis and adjustment.

in site analysis tools, analytics tools basic nobility baby is one of the most powerful and most professional, you can think of the basic problem, Google are thought of in advance, we can analyze the use of our website GA, below A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team 贵族宝贝 Shanghai Dragon Phoenix.Admin5贵族宝贝/ on how to use GA to segment our flow, so as to make scientific decision in Shanghai dragon.

in the last step, we distinguish the web site of the Shanghai dragon flow, but it is only a general data, including all search engines in Shanghai Longfeng flow, we should refine data to segment each search engine of Shanghai Longfeng flow, at least is an important source of search engine traffic, this problem will be more sure, for example if the web site of the Shanghai dragon overall flow down, we can clearly know which search engine of Shanghai dragon flows down, just a search engine traffic down or all search engine traffic decline, combined with peer Shanghai Longfeng flow, we can estimate the flow decline in which one and a decline in reason.


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