Keywords ranking on the first page only need three points (a)

planningThe design of


. The degree of attraction: such as the title of my blog: "in 2014 the case of search engine optimization of prospects: Links how to change?" the title of this is to attract users to click; because I grab the user looking for information that desire; everyone is when writing articles must reflect the importance of the article in the title on a little more work to do; everyone in the Links article; I will use a "2014 search engine optimization is one of the future" because some users are aware of the Internet a lot of writing about Links article, why I want to see you; because the time is now 2013, everyone want to know what is the optimization of 2014; love Shanghai algorithm will be how to change these! Everybody is looking for a desire. You do not believe you can see the number of reading 300 Doyle

Many people know that The attraction of

as everyone knows in website design plays a crucial system; outstanding content if site layout is not very good, so the user visiting sites do not know the site is what to say; for example: the marketing page allows users to see what things to sell what products;

2. content

is the new sites for ranking requires a certain period of time, usually one and a half months can be very good to be loved because of love of Shanghai released rankings; Shanghai needs some time to trust website. So how are we in this time period to save time?

!The content of

I see that Shanghai dragon blog, which is Shanghai Longfeng paper. We need to let the user know what the website is! So that users do not because they do not know what the site is immediately closed.

when a new station did not do a ranking ranking process is the need to rely on the chain to help; we need more to get the chain voting number, such as: the promotion of soft paper, Post Bar guide, B2B platform, blog, forum, some chain into a high weight >


most of Shanghai Longfeng staff are doing some garbage, not related to content; leading to site is down right. We only need to provide some content users can solve the contents of looking for information; then we do it:

The 1. page The chain guide

as my blog page:

. And the title is consistent; as I said: "2014 is the search engine optimization of prospects: Links how to change?" Links aspects; so I took out a little dry cargo, the truth about how to change the Links, for those Links it is good for your site those who are not; and he changed some viewpoints and so on.


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