The latest of several mining methods recommended in 2014 long term


A few days ago

love Shanghai auction (promotion)

drop-down box and relevant search results search


this is the most effective mining long tail word, the real user consultation is the best method of conversion, most sites will be set up to the window, the user can timely solve the problems encountered, can narrow the distance between the user and user related issues, consulting as long tail word is again good however, the conversion rate is very high. Problems related to user consultation, can pick out key words from then on, finishing, you can order a original articles of their own.


Zhang Yugan will be frequently used usually in site optimization, can tap the potential.

can exploit the long tail word through third party tools, the owners are familiar Chinaz webmaster tools, love stand tools. Chinaz complete function, is popular. Love station users, can query the 500 long tail word.

third party tools (love station)

love Shanghai first to have a promotion account, can not go to registration, but also verify the site permissions. There is a promotion – search keyword tool, you can enter a keyword, will come out a lot of long tail word.

from competitors

Zhang Yugan to the company staff training about several mining method of the long tail word, 1, love Shanghai drop-down box. 2 and third party tools. 3, love Shanghai for promotion. Shanghai dragon to do this, we must master the long tail word optimization techniques, early to learn how to mining the long tail word. Regardless of small or large portals cannot do without the long tail word, site traffic is a major source of the long tail word, long tail word can enhance the flow of the conversion rate, compared with a clear goal, the customer is prone to impulse buying. But for many of the newcomers Shanghai dragon, often do not know how to dig the long tail word, following Zhang Yugan recommended in 2014 the latest of several long term mining method.

can take the "customer service software" mining

drop-down box is the user search volume is high, the relevant search is the search engine users search according to the recent frequent word vote out. For example, we love Shanghai in the search box enter "love Shanghai", for a few seconds, there is a drop-down box, the user search volume is relatively high, the user demand can directly enter the drop-down box to search these words. Then pull down will search the long tail word Related words, search is often these users have the relevant search at the bottom, love Shanghai recommended 10, search engine based on user search volume number recommended.

competition website is currently mining the long tail word webmasters in the use of a method. Your site key word library is limited, can be mined from the rival key thesaurus, can analyze all the keywords ranking with rival site webmaster tools. Those words do not, can be used for reference.

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